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Pavao goes undefeated on J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour

Ty Speedwell took Danny Pavao to double hill twice, but Pavao came out on top both times to claim the May 19 stop on the J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour. The $1,000-added event drew 27 entrants to Bo's Billiards in Warwick, RI.

They met first among the winners' side final four, with Pavao sending Speedwell west in their first of two double hill matches. Bill Cote defeated Bill O'Mara double hill, as well, to meet Pavao in the hot seat match. Pavao claimed the hot seat from Cote 5-1 and waited on Speedwell's return.
Speedwell moved over and picked up Tim Perry, who'd defeated Ranulf Tamba in a double hill match, and Kerry McAuliffe 5-2. O'Mara drew Choneyi Tenzin, who'd gotten by Charles Matarazzo 8-2 (Matarazzo racing to 4), and Roarke Dickson 6-1. Speedwell embarked on his three-match march back to the finals with a 5-2 win over Perry, as Tenzin was busy shutting out O'Mara.
The tour veteran quarterfinal went double hill before Speedwell prevailed to face Bill Cote. Speedwell shut Cote out in the semifinals for a second chance against Pavao. Pavao and Speedwell locked up in their second double hill match, and Pavao prevailed again to claim the event title.

Fredette goes undefeated in tightly contested J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour stop

The final five matches of the May 27 stop on the J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour were double hill battles that eventually led to the crowning of Dave Fredette as the undefeated event titleist. The  $425-added event drew 38 entrants to Bo’s Billiards in Warwick, RI.

All three of the matches among the winners’ side final four were double hill affairs. Fredette defeated John Korpusik and moved into the hot seat match against Bill Roberge, who’d defeated Andy Maynard. In a straight-up race to five, Fredette gained the hot seat 5-4 over Roberge.

Maynard moved to the loss side to pick up Mike Demarco, who’d gotten by Jason D’Angelo 5-2, and Danny Pavao 4-3. Korpusik faced Zack Thweib, who was in the midst of a six-match, loss-side winning streak that would take him to the semifinals. He got by Ranulf Tamba 5-2 and Van Sy 5-1 to face Korpusik. Maynard got back to his winning ways with a double hill win over Demarco, but it was Thweib advancing to meet him in the quarterfinals with a 5-1 victory over Korpusik.

 Thweib completed his loss-side streak by shutting out Maynard in the quarterfinals. He battled to double hill in the semifinals against Roberge that followed, but Roberge prevailed for a second shot at Fredette. As they’d done in the hot seat match, Roberge and Fredette battled to double hill in the straight-up, race-to-five finals, before Fredette completed his undefeated day.

Tour representatives thanked the ownership and staff of Bo’s Billiards for hosting the event.

Dupuis picks up last-minute win on J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour stop in RI

With a mandatory closing time creeping up on them during the latest stop on the J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour, on Sunday, January 15, Joey Dupuis and Nelson Oliviera played a quick, race-to-2 second set that handed Oliviera his second defeat and earned Dupuis the tournament title. The event drew 49 entrants to Bo’s Billiards in Warwick, RI.

From among the winners’ side final four, Dupuis sent Bill Roberge west with a 7-2 victory, as Danny Pavao was busy shutting out Steven Kang. Dupuis moved into the hot seat with a shutout over Pavao, and waited for Oliviera’s return.

Oliviera, in the meantime, was in the midst of an eight-game, loss-side winning streak that would get him back to the finals. With three in his rearview mirror, he defeated Roarke Dickson 5-1, and Ray Marotto 5-3, to pick up Roberge. Kang drew Richie Britt, who’d gotten by Jeff DeRosa 6-2 and Stacie Bourbeau 6-1. Oliviera downed Roberge 7-3, and was joined in the quarterfinals by Britt who’d eliminated Kang 5-3.

Oliviera dropped Britt into fourth place 5-2 and then shut out Pavao 6-0 in the semifinals. He took the opening set of what was to have been a true double elimination final 5-3. In light of an approaching closing time, the race-to-2 second set was devised and Dupuis won both games to secure the event title.

Tour representatives thanked Bo’s Billiards’ owners Joshua and Steve Soulliere for their continued hospitality over four years of association with the tour. They also thanked sponsors J. Pechauer, CueShark, Magic Rack (CSI) and Narragansett Beer. Next stop on the J. Pechaeur Ride the 9 Tour will be a $700-added event, scheduled for February 12 at Snookers in Providence, RI.

Jabterakes goes undefeated on J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour

Eli Jabterakes went undefeated on the J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour on Sunday, October 23, defeating Dave Wright twice; once among the winners’ side final four, and again, in the finals. The $150-added event drew 39 entrants to Snooker’s Billiards, Bar & Grill in Providence, RI.

They met first among the winners’ side final four, when Wright moved west following his first 5-4 defeat at the hands of Jabterakes. Nelson Oliveira, in the meantime, sent Kevin Bauccio to the loss-side 7-4 and turned to face Jabterakes in the battle for the hot seat. With Nelson needing to reach 7 games, Jabterakes gained the hot seat 6-5.

Wright moved to the loss-side to face Cleiton Rocha, who’d defeated Jeff Seal and Gary Rose to reach him. Bauccio picked up D.J. Hopkins, who’d gotten by Danny Pavao and T.J. Perrino. Wright downed Rocha 5-5 and moved on to the quarterfinals against Bauccio, who’d defeated Hopkins 5-4.

Wright then defeated Bauccio 5-4 and completed his three-match, loss-side journey with a 6-5 victory over Oliviera in the semifinals. Jabterakes completed his undefeated run with a single set, 5-4 victory over Wright in the finals.

Tour director Gloria Magnano thanked the ownership and staff of Snooker’s Billiards, Bar & Grill for their support and assistance, and welcomed tour newcomers Jeff Seal, Bobby Jones, Rick Gatta, Al Michaud, Anthony Disegna, Andrew Wilkinson, Mike Santoro, Mike Uttley, and Dave Venditti. The J. Pechauer Ride the 9 Tour will stop next at The Fan Club in Wareham, MA on Sunday, November 20.