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Swiss Open Day Two similar to Day One

Niels Feijen

Day two of the Swiss Open in Gstaad was just like day one in that there were very few suprises. All four groups saw the favorites advancing into the final 32 with little difficulty.

Niels Feijen from the Netherlands and Imran Majid (United Kingdom), who arrived one day later in Gstaas after missing the train to the venue, dominated the fifth group and Switzerlands Ronald Regli didn’t disappoint his local fans in group six.

Sascha Specchia (Switzerland) who is part of the organization team for this event had little problem in group seven. Sandor Tot from Serbia made it a little more exciting for the fans by beating David Pascasi (Italy) 9-7 to advance.

Last not least, Murat Ayas (Switzerland) and Dominic Jentsch from Germany made their way through the winners round in group eight.

The final round of 32 players will start on Saturday with a great slate of thrilling matches from the very beginning. Be sure to check out the livestream on

Final 32:
Arji – Hardegger
Majid – Grütter
Gavenciak – Nawawat
Jungo – Jenisy
Ayas – Facquet
Stolka – Thomen
Trabelsi – Gharbi
Jentsch – Pascasi
Sarafimoski – Regli
Brand – Feijen
Bodlovic – Specchia
Griess – He
Ernst – Hybler
Yuksel – Tot
Baechler – Tschudi
Hollenstein – Souquet