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Seaver Wins 3 In A Row At Tiger’s “Cues For The Cure!”

Stephanie Mitchell, Michell Monk, Kelly Cavanaugh, Vanessa Seaver & Jeannie Seaver

For the third time in a row this year, Jeannie Seaver went undefeated to win the Tiger Florida Tour’s 11th Annual “Cues for the Cure” breast cancer awareness fundraiser. Thirty-two women played in pink at this $1,150-added event which benefitted Susan G. Komen, Florida. 
The event was a modified double elimination format, playing down to four on each side.  Four players from the loser’s side drew back into the winners’ side into a final single elimination board.  On the winners’ side, Seaver got past Amanda Mungeon, Denise Reeve and edged past Nicolle Cuellar in a double hill match to get to the Final Board.  Also making it to the Final Board on the winners’ side – Lisa Cossette, sending Marge Soash west, followed by Sonja Chbeeb and Kelly Cavanaugh; and Michell Monk got past Gianna Fiore, Dawn Logan and Deanna Frost. Vanessa Seaver also made it to the Final Board undefeated, winning over Stephanie Mitchell, Jennifer Berzinski and Deb Teichert. 
The final four from one-loss side – Kelly Cavanaugh, Nicolle Cuellar, Jeri Bouvette and Deanna Frost – redrew into a single elimination bracket race to seven.  In a blind draw, Cavanaugh drew Monk, Cuellar drew Vanessa Seaver, Bouvette matched up with Jeannie Seaver and Foster played Cossette.  Cavanaugh advanced to the semi-finals with a win over Monk 7-5, Vanessa Seaver ended the day for Cuellar 7-4, Foster stopped Cossette 7-4 and Jeannie Seaver said good night to Bouvette 7-2.  That left Jeannie Seaver against Deanna Foster in the semi-finals, with Seaver wining 7-3.  Kudos to Foster who made the money for the first time! Cavanaugh won the match against Vanessa Seaver 7-4, ending the potential match up of the Seaver sisters as in 2016.  In the Final match, Jeannie Seaver cranked it up to win the final match over Cavanaugh 7-4.  This win also secured the TFT Tour Champion title for Seaver, back on top again!
It was great to see so many new faces and players from the past, several players from around the state and out of state, and two young 9-Ball future stars, Giana Fiore and Sophia Mast.  All players received Cues for the Cure T-shirts. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this a great event – we could not have done it without your support!  All monies raised from the raffle and games benefits Susan G. Komen, Florida.  
In particular, we thank our title sponsor Tiger Products; Simonis Cloth; Stich It To Me; The Bay Area APA; Relocations & Estate Sales by Dixie; Boynton Billiards; AZ Billiards; Great Lakes Billiards, Bill Dunsmore and Susan G. Komen, Florida.  Of course, a huge thanks to Stephanie Mitchell for all her hard work in helping to make this a successful event and for hosting this event again. Thanks to the staff at The Corner Pocket for their great service! Thanks to Nicolle Rasmussen for her hard work on the T-shirts! Thanks to Jerry Sotelo for running another great tournament!
Portions of the matches can be viewed at
Results – $1150-added
1st Jeannie Seaver $650
2nd Kelly Cavanaugh $400
3d/4th Vanessa Seaver $225
3d/4th Deanna Foster $225
5th/8th Michell Monk $150
5th/8th Nicolle Cuellar $150
5th/8th  Lisa Cosette $150
5th-8th Jeri Bouvette $150
The top APA players -$50 each:
1 – 3 winner – Dixie Sutton
4 – 5 winner – Erika Pennington
6 – Christina Rodriguez Miller
Winner of the M&Ms – Stephanie Mitchell
Winner of the Hershey Kisses – Giana Fiore
The Tiger Florida Tour is a NAPT-recognized Division II Women’s Regional Tour.

Seaver secures top ranking spot with undefeated day on the Bay Area Amateur Tour

Stephanie Mitchell, Mary Lou Mendez, Jeannie Seaver, Jeff Mendez, and Lisa McElroy

Jeannie Seaver shut out 72-year-young Mary Lou Mendez twice to win her second of three stops on the Bay Area Amateur Tour on Saturday, July 21. As a result, Seaver moved into the top spot in tour rankings. With two stops to go on the tour, Seaver finished five ranking points ahead of Lisa McElroy and Cassidy Mulligan, tied for second place. The $400-added event drew 16 entrants to Stix in Palm Harbor, FL.

Seaver went into the tournament ranked at the bottom of the top five players on the tour, and was one of only two among those five who made it to the winners’ side final four. She faced the other, Echo Pinkley, who entered the stop in fourth place. Mendez, in the meantime, squared off against Deanna Foster. Seaver sent Pinkley west 7-2, as Mendez was busy downing Foster 4-3. Seaver shut Mendez out and sat in the hot seat to await her return.

Pinkley moved over to meet up with McElroy, who’d been sent to the loss side by Mendez, and defeated Jessica Barnes 3-2 (Barnes racing to 6), and shut out Jamie Toennies 3-0. Foster drew Mulligan, who’d been sent west by Seaver, and then, shut out Barbara Ellis and given up only one rack against tour director Stephanie Mitchell. Foster chalked up the fourth of five shutouts among the event’s final 12 against Mulligan, and in the quarterfinals, faced McElroy, who’d ended Pinkley’s day 3-1. 

In those quarterfinals, McElroy again gave up only a single rack, defeating Foster 3-1, and turning to a grudge match semifinal against Mendez. For the second time, Mendez defeated McElroy with a tie score. In their first meeting, Mendez had won 4-4, with McElroy going to 6, and in their second, Mendez won 3-3, with McElroy racing to 5. Though a victory on this year’s tour has eluded her, McElroy has finished third twice and second, once, which has left her in second place in the overall tour rankings.

Though Seaver would shut Mendez out for the second straight time in the finals to capture the event title, Mendez chalked up her best finish on the tour, ever. She had previously finished in 7th place in a November 2011 tour stop. 

The event scrambled the rankings of the top five players on the tour. Seaver moved from fifth place to first, while seventh place finisher, Jessica Barnes, who’d held the top stop previously, dropped to fourth. Mulligan came into the tournament in second place, just ahead of McElroy, and the two finished, tied for second. Echo Pinkley rounded out the top five, dropping from fourth to fifth on the heels of her 5th place finish. The women will have two more chances to re-arrange that list. The tour will stop at Stroker’s in Palm Harbor on September 1 and hold the tour’s Grand Finale at Capone’s in Spring Hill on October 20.

Foster wins season-ending round robin tourney over BAAT tour champion Cavanaugh

Kelly Cavanaugh

It was more banquet than billiards. At an end-of season Bay Area Amateur Tour gathering on Saturday, December 10, which featured the banquet, a gift exchange, and prizes for the tour’s top 10 players, a round robin tournament with eight players was held. Won by Deanna Foster in a final battle against Kelly Cavanaugh, the tournament did not add ranking points toward the tour championship, which was won by Cavanaugh. In addition to the $75 second prize, Cavanaugh went home with a trophy as the tour champion, a $500 Tiger cue, and other cash and prizes.

The round robin 9-ball tournament drew only eight entrants, who were divided up into two groups – Foster, Mitchell, Terry Cockrell, and Tracey Mullen in one, and Cavanaugh, Tammy Gillis, Heather Pulford and Sabra MacArthur-Beahn in the other. Foster won all three of her matches to enter the finals. Each of the other members of the first group won a single match. Cavanaugh won all three of her matches among the second group, while MacArthur-Beahn won two of her matches to finish in third place, overall. Foster faced Cavanaugh in a final race-to-6 and defeated her 6-2 to take home the top tournament prize.

Cavanaugh finished the BAAT season as the tour’s champion, in spite of the fact that she failed to win any of the tour’s eight stops. Each of those eight stops, though, featured a different winner, which spread the ranking points out in a way that ultimately benefited Cavanaugh, who finished second once, third three times, and fourth twice. Second place in the rankings went to Chris Field, who also did not win any of the eight events, though she placed second twice, third once and fourth twice. 

MacArthur-Beahn, who finished third in the rankings, won the tour’s opening stop in January, placed second in September, and finished fourth in March.  Tour director Stephanie Mitchell, finishing fourth, won the tour stop in June and placed third twice (both participated in all eight of the tour’s stops). The other six winners (and their finishing rank) were Alice Parnell (8th), Leslee Davis-Blaikie (tie for 11th), Brenda Anderson (13th), Cassidy Mulligan (tie for 11th),  Jamie Toennies (6th), and Jessica Barnes (7th). 

According to MacArthur-Beahn, the 2012 BAAT Tour will commence in January and feature what she described as some ‘structural changes.’ The complete schedule for the 2012 tour is expected to be ready and posted here by Christmas.

Barnes goes undefeated to win BAAT Grand Finale; Cavanaugh is tour champion

|8972|Jessica Barnes turned in her best performance on the 2011 Bay Area Amateur Tour, when she went undefeated to take top honors in the tour’s Grand Finale on Saturday, November 12. Kelly Cavanaugh, in spite of finishing in the four-way tie for ninth place, added 50 points to her tour ranking totals, and finished the season as the 2011 BAAT Tour Champion. The $800-added Grand Finale drew 17 entrants to Stroker’s in Palm Harbor, FL.

At the start of the tournament, the top three tour ranking spots were up for grabs. Cavanaugh entered the tournament at # 1, but was well within points-reach of Sabra MacArthur Beahn (#2) and Chris Fields (#3). Tour director Stephanie Mitchell was holding down the fourth spot, but was nearly 200 points off the tour ranking pace. Cavanaugh’s very presence at the Grand Finale meant that she couldn’t be caught by Mitchell. She could, however, be caught by MacArthur Beahn, only 65 points behind and Fields, 140 points off the pace.

Mitchell and Fields advanced to face each other among the winners’ side final four, with both Cavanaugh and MacArthur Beahn already working from the loss-side (MacArthur Beahn having been sent west by Barnes from among the final eight winners).  Also among the final four winners were Barnes, who came into the tournament at # 8, and Cortney Bernard, who came in at # 11. Mitchell sent Fields to the loss-side 5-3, as Barnes advanced to join her in the hot seat battle with a 6-2 win over Bernard. With Mitchell needing to win six games before Barnes reached five, Barnes gained the hot seat with a 5-4 victory and waited for what turned out to be Fields’ returns.

Fields moved over to take on Deanna Foster, who’d ended MacArthur Beahn’s day 4-3 (with Beahn needing 5) and in so doing, opened the door to Chris Fields for taking over the second spot on the final tour rankings. Foster went on to shut out Tracey Mullen, who came into the tournament at # 5. Bernard picked up Jamie Toennies, who’d come into the tournament at # 6. It was Toennies who, after being sent to the loss-side by Fields, put an end to Cavanaugh’s bid in this event, defeating her in a double hill battle. Toennies then shut out both Mary Lou Mendez and Cortney Bernard to set up a quarterfinal re-match for her against Fields.

As the quarterfinals got underway, MacArthur Beahn was still in second place in the tour rankings, 135 points ahead of Fields in third place. Fields’ second defeat of Toennies in those quarterfinals, a 5-2 win, closed the gap to within 10 points. 

Fields, though, went on to a second re-match, this time in the semifinals against Mitchell, who’d sent her west from among the winners’ side final four. Fields exacted her revenge with a double hill victory, and in so doing, secured second place in the overall tour standings.  Now, with Cavanaugh’s point totals already frozen at 830, and Fields at 640, the Tour Champion title was within Fields’ grasp. All she had to do was earn 35 extra points by putting an end to Barnes’ bid for an undefeated day.

With Fields needing to win one more game (a 5-6 race), Barnes ended Fields’ bid for the tour’s top ranking. She defeated Fields 5-3 to conclude her undefeated run and her best overall finish on the 2011 tour. The victory also moved her from eighth to seventh on the overall tour rankings for the year.