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Harshit Kedia Wins Northern Virginia Amateur Tour Season Opener

Harshit Kedia with Christopher Wilburn (NVAT Director)

SPRINGFIELD VA – The inaugural event for the Northern Virginia Amateur Tour (NVAT) is in the books. 56 players from the Mid-Atlantic region competed in BCA regulation, true double-elimination 10 Ball. The event completed in two days (January 19-20) as planned.
Sweet 16 results (Day 2) were as follows: 13th-16th Place: Alex Espinal (Fargo500), Larry Peterman (Fargo530), Richard Thompson (Fargo530), Eric Townsend (Fargo515); 9th-12 Place: Bob Landsman (Fargo530), Zach Sykes (Fargo450), Jamie Brogdon (Fargo585), RJ Davis (Fargo275); 7th-8th Place: James Hendershot (Fargo550, $60 prize), Robert Nijkamp (Fargo575, $60 prize); 5th-6th Place: Giulietta Dahl (Fargo335, $95 prize), Dennis Ryan (Fargo530, $95 prize); 4th Place: Tuan Chau (Fargo639, $160 prize); 3rd Place: Chris Funk (Fargo588, $270 prize); 2nd Place: Andrew Tu (Fargo575, $445 prize); 1st Place: Harshit Kedia (Fargo 503, $740 prize).
For complete results by matchup:
All players were welcomed and competed in “weighted” races based on Fargo rating. If a player was unknown to Fargo, s/he was given a starter rating by the tournament organizers based on available data (BCA average, TAP or APA handicap, or historic tournament results).
Fargo’s app ( was then used to create “hot” races that aided the lower-rated player in a matchup. No race exceeded 10-2. The majority of races were even to 5. As expected, the results brought into question a few player ratings. These cases will be evaluated closely and adjusted as necessary.
NVAT results are converted to points. Players on the tour are ranked according to performance only, with no current reward for participation. Scores are reported to Fargo.
The event continuously streamed a match from the featured table via Twitch, a platform new to billiard tournament directors. The broadcast experienced minimal interruption.
Prior to the first breaks, NOVA BCA’s Donnie Rogan was honored for his efforts in promoting billiards in Northern Virginia. The calcutta (player auction) produced $990 for 1st Place, $420 for 2nd Place, $170 for 3rd Place, and $70 for 4th Place.
The next event will be held March 23-24 from Hard Times Café at 6362 Springfield Plaza in Springfield VA. Players will compete in BCA regulation, true double-elimination 8 Ball. 
NVAT Founder & Director: Christopher Wilburn (NOVA Action)
NOVA BCA Representatives: Brian Cheung, Eric Townsend 
Sponsors: Baltimore City Cues, S & T Billiards, Ransome Cue Repair, Inky Shirts, Phoenix Chimney, House of Vape, Printing Productions, Hard Times Café.