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More U.S. Open 9-Ball News

Barry & Mr. Tiger Baker in conjunction with this year’s U.S. Open will conduct two amateur events during the week. First we will conduct a regional event at Q-Master Billiards and a regional Moose Club event held at the Marriot. This will surely bring more participants, fans, and our sponsors, vendors, and more people having a very good time. Details for both amateur events will be available very soon. The old saying “nothing ventured nothing gained” is so very true. 
This year’s event, as most know, is a W.P.A. sanctioned Tier II points event with over $70,000.00 added to the 39th annual U.S. Open. This year for the first time the field will max out at 128 players and by doing so we will be able to conduct the Open in one ballroom using only 9 tables and a floor plan for all to enjoy. Also this cuts the event from 7 full days to 6 days beginning on Monday October 13th and the final day, Saturday October 18th down to the final 4 players remaining. 
Over the years I’ve tried many new ideas which have been from very good to not so good but at least, regardless, I’ve never quit since having a full field of 16 players in 1976. We will just have to wait and see how everything goes this year and determine afterwards the plans for next year’s 40th anniversary. What’s most important to us all is to continue having our wonderful sponsors, our loyal fans, our loyal vendors, and players around the globe playing as usual. The players meeting, deadline, and draw will be Sunday October 12th at 4 pm and by 9 pm everyone will know when they play beginning on Monday October 13th at 11 am. By having over two empty ballrooms we will utilize both and Q-Masters open 24/7 from Friday October 10th through Saturday October 18th, 9 days total. 
The pro event will fill at 128 players and by saving 64 spots for the W.P.A. ranked players, 32 spots for billiard rooms across the land and 32 additional for anyone who wishes to play as usual. A word to the wise, don’t wait until the last minute to get in or you will be shut out. Again, 128 players will be the max for the year’s event. Players, send in a $250.00 deposit right away to secure your spot and send in the balance of $500.00 by October 6th to avoid a $50.00 late fee or send in the full amount.
Again, title sponsorship is up for the highest bidder as well as our arena sponsor, 2×3 feet advertising panels in the T.V. arena are only $1,000.00 made by Accu-Stats Video Production. There are 4 VIP seating sections, Capone and Jacoby have two. The other two, Q-Masters and the U.S. Open sections, can be changed to your company name by merely giving us one nice cue to raffle off for $1,000.00 all week long with the drawing just before the finals. 
I’ve been working very hard at Q-Masters and now, finally, I have the time it takes to get very busy for the Open with two months to go. I’ll be calling many of my sponsors, vendors, and a few new potential industry leaders or feel free to contact me through Roberta has been hard at work on things as well and don’t hesitate on getting VIP tickets, they’ve been selling very well.
P.S. This list of players is not complete thus far as many invitations have been sent to foreign players and billiard room qualifiers are to be determined.
Player List
Shane Van Boening
Earl Strickland
Efren Reyes
Waleed Alars
Edmundo Ambross
Maureen Dearie
Nikos Economopoulos 
Stephen Fleming
Denis Grabe
Frankie Hernandez
Suad Kantarevic
Alex Kazakis
Tommy Kennedy
Donald Moore
Jerome Rockwell
Randy Russell
Joe Scarborough
John Schmidt
Justin Bergman
Corey Deuel
Brandon Shuff
Justin Hall
Oscar Dominguez
Jeremy Sossei
Thank You All,