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West State Billiards Steps Up For Kids to Play Pool in School

California's largest retail/wholesale billiard and game-room distributor, West State Billiards in Fullerton, CA took the opportunity this month to donate at least $1,000 worth inventory to a group of children who are actively learning to play pool at a San Diego County middle school program. The program which, was started in October 2016 by Steve Strange; a retired Navy Corpsman and PBIA billiard instructor conducts his 'off hours' billiard program on campus, during lunches and after school and utilizes four pool tables under the roof of one large classroom. Steve took on the project of starting this youth program at a Middle School in Bonsall, CA to offer students the chance to discover cue-sports in a classroom environment.
The contribution of brand new cues, cue tips, cue cases, racks, bridgeheads, chalk, cue holders and Tiger Products billiard towels from West State Billiards was a coordinated effort between POV Pool Media and Steve Strange to make sure that the much needed equipment was provided, free of charge. The 'hand off' of the equipment was made possible by Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau and took place at Shooters Pool Hall in Riverside, CA. In addition, West State Billiards went one step further by enlisting the services of Brian Esparza to re-cover each table at the Bonsall school with Simonis Cloth that was donated earlier this summer by Ivan Simonis at Simonis Cloth.
When asked about his program, Steve Strange states, "It is now almost one year since this youth billiard program started and they are loving and learning all about the game. Never in my life, have I witnessed up to 25 students 'run' to the class each day with excitement which, they do on a daily basis."
‘Expanding the youth program…’
Steve Strange is also setting his sights on expanding this program to yet another Bonsall School which, has expressed interest in adopting. That said, Steve's efforts are in constant need of help and support from anyone willing to help, in the form of professional instruction, volunteer outreach services, exhibitions, team youth programs and opportunities to compete in outside events. Steve tells us that, he has been working hard to coordinate with the non-profit, 'Billiard Education Foundation' to officially endorse and adopt his youth program to accept monetary donations and to further expand the program to other cities in the United States.
If you are interested in providing additional support/services or simply wish to send a note of thanks to Steve Strange, West State Billiards or to encourage the BEF (Billiard Education Foundation) to get involved, you can contact them directly through emails below:
·      Steve Strange:
·      West State Billiards:
·      Billiard Education Foundation:
To learn a little more about this Youth Billiard Program, you can also listen to Steve Strange's interview on Amercian Billiard Radio which took place earlier this summer.
Click on this link and scrub to 3:08 minutes:
POV Pool Media would like to personally thank Donny Wessels and West State Billiards for making this contribution possible.