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2018 “West Coast Swing!” of Pool: Dates and Venues Announced

In association with Family Billiards, California Billiards, Freezer’s Ice House and Point of View Pool Media, the highly anticipated, ‘West Coast Swing’ of pool tournaments and action are confirmed with dates and added monies. Now in its 6th year, ‘The West Coast Swing’ events are a coordinated effort between POV Pool Media the west coast’s most popular billiard venues with a mission to promote the best that cue-sports have to offer.
The West Coast Swing events and tournaments are regarded as a series of stepping stones for professional pool players and top amateurs, seeking the high-level competition and generous payouts whilst on the road to Las Vegas to play the CSI U.S. Open 10-ball and 8-ball Championship events, held annually at ‘Griffs’ Bar and Billiards. Each year, the West Coast Swing events follow the same rules of thumb: high-powered, multi-format pool tournaments featuring, top-level competition at the best venues in the western United States with the most respected tournament staff available.
This year’s ‘West Coast Swing’ events are sure to pack a punch with the addition of Freezer’s Ice House to the 2018 schedule, so we urge anyone with talent to ‘save the dates’!
Entry Forms for each event are also available here:
2018, ‘West Coast Swing’ Dates and Venues:
JUNE 30-JULY 1 / $3,000 Added / Cole Dickson 9-Ball @ Family Billiards, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
JULY 4TH-6TH / $5,000 Added / West Coast Challenge 1-POCKET @ California Billiards – FREMONT, CA
JULY 6TH-8TH / $15,000 Added / West Coast Challenge 10-BALL @ California Billiards – FREMONT, CA
JULY 11TH-13TH / $3,000 Added / The Ice House 1-POCKET CHALLENGE @ Freezer’s Ice House – TEMPE, AZ
JULY 13TH-15TH • $10,000 Added / The Ice House 10-BALL CHALLENGE @ Freezer’s Ice House – TEMPE, AZ
Download your entry form/s here: 
The 6th Annual Cole Dickson 9-Ball
The 2018 West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket / 10-Ball
The 2018 Ice House Challenge 1-Pocket / 10-Ball
The CSI US Open 8-Ball / 10-Ball
Also, introducing: The 2018 West Coast Cue-Maker’s Showcase!
And, if you thought the action was enough, we’ve also added more: with the support of several talented and respected cue-maker’s on our beautiful west coast, California Billiards will also be hosting the ‘West Coast Cuemaker’s Showcase’ featuring, Ariel Carmeli (, Eddie Cohen (, Kent Davis ( and Tiger Billiard Products (  We invite everyone to visit with us at California Billiards between July 6th-8th for a chance to see the ‘best of the west’ of cues and billiards products from these remarkable brands. 
The West Coast Swing are the “Stepping Stones” to Las Vegas!
The 2018 West Coast Swing tournaments and action will precede the CSI, U.S. Open 8-ball and 10-ball events at Griff’s Bar and Billiards in Las Vegas. We highly recommend that, if you plan to play the ‘West Coast Swing’ events that, you also compete in the CSI U.S. Open Championship events in Las Vegas. For more information on CSI’s U.S. Open events, visit: – for formats, entry fees and other criteria or visit CSI’s ‘contact page’ at: 
Sponsored By: West State Billiards, JB Cases, Carmeli Cues, Cohen Cues and KD Cues
For information at each venue:
Family Billiards, San Francisco, CA – PH: 415-931-1115
California Billiards, Fremont, CA – PH: 510-668-1670
Freezer’s Ice-House, Tempe, AZ – PH: 480-653-3053
Sponsorship Inquiries: