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Archer Survives Klatt to Take Chattanooga 8-Ball

Johnny Archer

Johnny Archer has won the inaugural Tennessee State 8-Ball Open held at Phil Windham’s Chattanooga Billiard Club. This was a true double-elimination final TD’d by Steve McDonald and Archer had a tough and determined Jason Klatt to overcome in an effort that required both available sets in the finals.

When the last eight players came in to work on Sunday the winner’s side of the charts was still populated by Johnny Archer, Robb Saez, Jeremy Jones, and Jason Klatt. The four representatives from the one-loss side were Ramil Gallego, Antonio Lining, Eric Durbin and Nick Varner.

All four tables were gong at once and two of the players from the one-loss side would be eliminated in this round. Both of these matches were close. Ramil Gallego defeated traveling partner Antonio Lining on the hill at 6-5. Then Eric Durbin ended the run of Nick Varner as he controlled the later stage of the match to win 6-4.

Our winner’s side matches found Johnny Archer besting Robb Saez 6-4 and Jeremy Jones missing nothing as he beat a newly more deliberate Jason Klatt 6-3. Klatt has noticeably slowed his pace but one cannot argue with the results he is getting. He is shooting extremely well as his finish here this week demonstrates.

Our 2:30 round featured the two one-loss matches that would drop our field to only four players. Robb Saez maintained both his table skills and his composure as he cooly won the case game to send Gallego home 6-5. Jason Klatt gave Eric Durbin little air or wiggle room and sent Durbin to the stands with a 6-2.

On the winner’s side we still had both Jeremy Jones and Johnny Archer. In this match Archer found a sure-fire way to beat Jeremy Jones – don’t let him to the table. Archer dominated with run outs and total control so complete that he beat his good friend 6-1 to claim the Hot Seat.

Now only Jones and Klatt were left to threaten Archer. They did battle in our Semi-Finals and gave us yet another epic hill-hill match. Klatt came out on top 6-5 and Jones was resigned to third place.

As mentioned, the finals between Archer and Klatt were true double-elimination. Klatt would have to beat Archer twice in order to win.  The first set saw Klatt go out to a two rack lead at 2-0 only to have Archer win the next two to tie us up. The real difference in this set was the break. Klatt was making balls and shooting while suffering only a single dry break in the entire match while Archer was dry on three of his first four attempts, turning the table over each time. Klatt played cautiously and made no fatal errors. He forced a second set with a double-hill 6-5 win over Archer.

The final set found better breaks from Archer with the exception of a single scratch in rack four. Klatt won the first rack but then Archer won four games in a row. Klatt was unfazed. He just replied by winning the next four racks to take the lead in the match 5-4 and stand on the hill. Archer never flinched. He just went to work, won the next two racks and claimed the Championship.

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Woodward takes down Van Boening twice to win Smokin’ Aces Bar Box 9-Ball Open

Warren Kiamco, Skyler Woodward, Corey Deuel and Shane Van Boening (Photo courtesy of Ray Hansen)

Skyler Woodward further cemented a developing reputation as one of the country's premier 9-ball players with a solid, undefeated performance in the Smokin' Aces Bar Box 9-Ball Tournament, held on the weekend of August 16-17.  With a $2,000 entry fee, a $20,000 first-place prize, and races to 21, Woodward joined an A-list of 16-only entrants that included Johnny Archer, Warren Kiamco, Rodney Morris, Corey Deuel, John Morra, Robb Saez, Alex Olinger, and Shane Van Boening, who had two shots at Woodward, and failed to stop him.
As Van Boening was working his way through Morris and Saez to arrive at a winners' side semifinal against Morra, Woodward was busy with Jonathan Pinegar and Kiamco, which set him up to face Shane Winters. Van Boening dominated his match against Morra, defeating him 21-2. Woodward, in the meantime, defeated Shane Winters 21-9. Woodward took his first of two against Van Boening 21-18 and sat in the hot seat, waiting for him to get back from the semifinals.
Deuel and Kiamco were waiting for Winters and Morra, respectively. Deuel had defeated Eric Durbin 21-10, and Saez 21-16. Kiamco had ended Justin Bergman's run and eliminated Chad Vilmont, both 21-16.  Deuel and Kiamco advanced to the quarterfinals; Deuel 21-12 over Winters and Kiamco surviving a long, grueling, double hill match against Morra, only one of two over the weekend (the other was Van Boening over Saez, second round, winners' side).
Kiamco had a much easier time with Deuel in the quarterfinals, defeating him 21-5, but he never did get a second chance against Woodward, who'd defeated him in the second round. Van Boening saw to that, downing Kiamco 21-11 in the semifinals.
Both Woodward and Van Boening had their chances in the finals, with each edging out to two- and three-point leads before the other fought back to tie things. Woodward's 19th game win, coming off the 18-18 tie was critical. Showing a lot of confidence, he dropped a three-pack on Van Boening to complete his undefeated run and claim the Smokin' Aces Bar Box 9-Ball Open title.
The event was produced by Pool Action TV, under the direction of Ray Hansen, in collaboration with Mike McKuin, owner of Smokin' Aces Barbeque and Billiards, and winner of the 2012 World Poker Open. The event was streamed on Pool Action TV throughout the weekend, with primary commentating from Hanson and Scott Rabon. Hansen thanked McKuin and his staff, as well as sponsors Pat DeViveney Cues, Mitchell Thomas Cues, Jumpin Jax Cues, Lemons Coin Machines, Roger Alford Heating and Cooling, Faries Construction, and Manny Perez of