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Sylver Ochoa wins again, at the fifth event of the 2015 Viking Tour

The fifth “2015 Viking Tour” presented by Bogies West Billiards in Houston Texas was held on July 11, 2015. The next $500 Added 9 ball event will be August 15, 2015.


For the hot seat, it was Sylver Ochoa vs. Marc Garza with Marc Garza winning 7-3 to claim the hot seat. Marc Garza defeated George Clausen 7-4, Kenny Price 7-3, and Garrett Sitz hill-hill to Claim the hot seat. Sylver Ochoa defeated Chase Rudder 7-4, Erik Renteria 7-2, and Ernesto Bayaua 7-4 before losing to Marc 7-3. Ernesto, after losing to Sylver 7-3 on the winner’s side defeated Chase Rudder 5-3, Eric Renteria hill-to-hill on the one loss side before losing to Sylver 5-3 to end up in 3rd place.


This set up Sylver Ochoa and Marc Garza to battle for 1st Place.  Sylver defeated Marc 7-3 in the first set.  Then, in the 2nd set, Sylver defeated Marc 5-3.  Sylver Ochoa was crowned Champion of the fifth event of the “2015 Viking Tour”.  This is his second consecutive 1st place!  He was  awarded the first place cash prize and a new beautiful Viking Cue.