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Yapp Wins Seybert’s Michigan Open Again; Fisher Is Women’s Champion

Aloysius Yapp and Kelly Fisher

Aloysius Yapp successfully defended his Seybert’s Michigan Open title with a 4-2, 4-1 win over Robbie Capito in the final, and Kelly Fisher won her fourth Pro Billiard Series event with a shootout victory over Wei Tzu Chien in the women’s final at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek.

Fisher, previously a Pro Billiard Series winner in Austria, Las Vegas and Germany, came back from losing the first set against Wei to win a high-quality final by shootout and admitted that, given the way she played earlier in the week, she hadn’t been expecting to take home the title.

Yapp had defeated Chang Jung-Lin by shootout in his semi-final earlier on Saturday but didn’t allow the final to go that far as he took every chance offered to him to earn the trophy for a second successive year.

Capito had reached the final with a 4-0, 4-1 win against Vitaliy Patsura in the semi-finals earlier on Saturday and when Yapp missed a jump to the 1, it was Capito who had the first opening of the match, and he took full advantage to clear for the first rack.

However, a dry break presented Yapp a shot on the 1 and this time it was the Singaporean who took a rack on his opponent’s break.

A break and run took Yapp into the lead for the first time but he broke dry in the fourth. Capito had a clear shot at the 1 but after finding perfect position, missed a simple 3 to the middle. He would get another chance when Yapp left a long effort at the 3 and Capito made a tough shot down table.

At the recent Predator Canada Open, Capito was in the corner as partner Chia Hua Chen took the title, and this time it was roles reversed as ‘Amber’ was supporting Capito from the bleachers. She watched on as he made it 2-2 but Yapp regained his set lead when Capito overhit a 5, which had only required the feintest of touches to find the middle pocket. Yapp then completed the set, despite breaking dry, after executing a jump shot on the 1.

The Singaporean continued his run into the second set, taking the first rack and then cutting the 4 with plenty of speed to land perfectly on the 5 as he doubled his set advantage to 2-0, and another break and run took him to the hill before Capito could register a rack.

Capito finally got an opening when Yapp left him sight of the 4, but after making the 5, the cue kicked the 7 to the side rail. A glance off the 10 helped Capito line up position for the 7, but he overhit it and the cue ran into the 8. A thin cut made it to the left corner but Capito then needed to jump the 10 in order to make the 9. He executed that shot superbly, and then made a difficult, high-pressure 10 to give himself hope.

However, unable to afford a mistake, Capito came up dry on his break again. Yapp had a clear shot at the 1 but missed a 2/7 combo he called. Yapp didn’t have to wait too much longer; a chance to seal the title for a second consecutive year came after Capito played an aggressive bank but left a straight 3.

It was a nervy runout at times from there, but Yapp completed it to earn the $20,000 prize and keep hold of his Seybert’s Michigan Open title.

The final of the women’s event was a fitting finale to a high-quality event, with Wei and Fisher both in fine form as they battled for the $13,000 title.

After Wei took the first rack of the opening set, a brilliant 8/10 carom had Fisher level. Wei’s lead was reinstated after Fisher’ dry break left an open table, and 2-1 soon became 3-1 after Fisher scratched when making the 6 ball in the fourth rack.

A great bank to make the 4 got Fisher on her way to 3-2 and the Brit, gold medal winner at The World Games this summer, got the better of a safety battle in the sixth rack to tie the set at hill-hill.

Fisher had the advantage of the break but, despite making the wing ball, found herself with the cue tied to the 9. Wei took out a difficult 1 down the rail to earn herself an opening and followed it up with a long 3. The 6 presented another challenge but Wei found no problems in completing the rack to take the set and a big step towards the title.

A high-quality final showed no sign of abating in the second set. Both players won two of the first four racks but when Wei snatched at the 3, it clipped the 8, missed the pocket, and Fisher cleared to lead 3-2.

Breaking for the last time, Kwikfire Fisher took the 1 down and had nice position on the 2. She had work to do in the rack and played the 5 nicely along the top rail to gain position on the 6 and from there completed a controlled clearance to win the set 4-2 and take the final to shootout.

Having won the lag, Wei was first to shoot and found the heart of the pocket from the spot. Fisher did exactly the same but Wei’s second clipped both jaws and returned up table. Fisher seized the advantage with her second shot, piling the pressure on Wei, who missed again with her third.

That meant Fisher needed one successful shot to win the title. However, she then missed for the first time herself. Wei would still have to make her fourth shot and hope Fisher missed again for the shootout to go to sudden death, but it didn’t go that far as Wei missed for a third time, crowning Fisher a Pro Billiard Series champion for the fourth time.

“I am a bit in shock,” said Fisher. “I got to the final and that was unexpected of me this week. I never got settled until my last match last night against Angeline Ticoalu, that was the first match where I felt I got flowing, so I had a battle all week just trying to find myself, find my game, let alone expecting to go on and win it.

“Once I got that gear it carried on today, thankfully. Today, I performed really well against Karen and pretty steady in the final. Wei came up with all different shots, put me under pressure and I held it together through the shootout.

“I am really ecstatic to win and get another title under my belt. These events, the excitement they create, I really like; when we have a shootout and the crowd is crammed around the table. The format is tough on the players but it is the future to put this sport on the map. It has been a great event and I am looking forward to the next one.”

Fisher had beaten Karen Corr 4-1, 4-0 in an impressive semi-final performance, while Wei had reached the final with a shootout win over Allison Fisher. The Duchess of Doom won the first set 4-1, but Wei took the second 4-2 before winning the shootout 2-1 to reach her second final of the month.

The next US Pro Billiard Series event is the Fargorate Ohio Open, October 19-22 in Wilmington, Ohio.

Brackets and scores for the Men’s event can be found at

Brackets and scores for the Women’s event can be found at: 

The Seybert’s Michigan Open is streamed for free on Billiard TV,  the World Billiard TV YouTube channel and at

Go to Billiard TV to watch 24/7 Billiard Videos on any device
Follow @probilliardseries on Facebook, @probilliardseries on Instagram or @PBilliardSeries on Twitter to follow the next events.

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Sanchez-Ruiz moves closer to Mosconi Cup selection with undefeated win on home felt in Spain

Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz

Going into the PRP Nineball Open last weekend (Sept. 14-18) at the Exe Boston Hotel in Zaragoza, Spain, the struggle for a 3rd place spot on the Mosconi Cup’s European team, defined, as of August 31, by the Nineball World Rankings, was something of a race between Austria’s Mario He and Spain’s Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz. Both made it undefeated through two separate knockout rounds of the 128-entrant field in Spain. They both went on, undefeated to the finals where Sanchez-Ruiz prevailed to claim the event title, his fourth major title of the year.

With the USA’s Shane Van Boening and Germany’s Joshua Filler holding the top two spots in those Nineball World Rankings and being too far ahead in the rankings to be unseated, each Mosconi Cup team will select two more from the list at the conclusion of the final three ranking events; The Euro Tour Dynamic Billiards Slovenia Open in Lasko, Slovenia (Oct. 1-3), the Sandcastle 9-Ball Open at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ (Oct. 6-8) and the US Open Pool Championship at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, NJ (Oct. 10-15). With Austria’s Albin Ouschan, who did not compete in Spain, currently in the #3 position in the World Rankings and in the driver’s seat to claim a second spot on the Mosconi Cup team, the third selected seat continues to be a struggle between Sanchez-Ruiz (currently #4) and He (#5). Though at the moment, Sanchez-Ruiz has a commanding lead and seems likely to draw the third pick, it might well continue into next week’s Slovenia Open and depending on whether the two opt for a trip to New Jersey afterwards, it could end up on this side of the Atlantic. 

Sanchez-Ruiz and He emerged from separate brackets to advance to the PRP Nineball Open’s final draw of 32. Sanchez-Ruiz, after being awarded an opening round bye, defeated two of his fellow countrymen, Manuel Fernandez and Gabriel Carral 9-2 to qualify for the single-elimination Phase Two (well over 50% of the field was from Spain). He was joined from the winners’ side of the bracket by countrymen Jose Alberto Delgado and Jose Castillo, Lithuania’s Pijus Labutis, Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski and Mieszko Fortunski, Marc Bijsterbosch from the Netherlands and Hungary’s Oliver Szolnoki. 

In the other Phase 1 bracket, Mario He (also awarded a bye) defeated Spaniards Amalia Matas 9-4 and Mayte Ropero 9-7 to be among the winners’ side competitors to advance. Germany’s Ralf Souquet was on that list, too, as were Poland’s Konrad Juszczyszyn, Switzerland’s Ronald Regli, Spain’s David Alcaide and Jonas Souto, Estonia’s Denis Grabe and, also in the running for that 3rd spot on the Mosconi Cup team, behind He, Alex Kazakis from Greece.

Sanchez-Ruiz’ toughest battle advancing to the event’s quarterfinals came in the opening round of the single-elimination Round 2, when Francisco Diaz chalked up eight racks against him. From there, it was relatively smooth sailing through Ivan Nunez 11-3 for Sanchez-Ruiz to arrive at his quarterfinal matchup versus Delgado. He, on the other hand, began his single-elimination advancement with two double hill matches against Portugal’s Sara Rocha and Spain’s Iker Echeverria, which he successfully negotiated to face Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Sanjin Pehlivanovic. Three competitors lurking behind Sanchez-Ruiz and He on the rankings list, appeared in the other two quarterfinals. Kazakis, immediately below He on the list, faced Denis Grabe (in the 20s on the list), as Szolnoki, immediately below Kazakis, met up with Zielinski, immediately behind him.

Sanchez-Ruiz downed Delgado 11-5 and in the semifinals, picked up Zielenski, who’d eliminated Szolnoki 11-8. He defeated Pehlivanovic 11-2 and drew Kazakis, who’d eliminated Grabe 11-7.

Assuring their spots on the rankings list, Sanchez-Ruiz and He advanced to the finals; Sanchez-Ruiz 11-5 over Zielinski and He 11-2 over Kazakis. 

It was clear from the outset of the finals that Sanchez-Ruiz and He were playing for more than bragging rights at their local pub. He broke the initial rack and ran the table to open the scoring. Sanchez-Ruiz broke and won the second to create the first of only two ties in the race to 13. 

Sanchez-Ruiz won the next four to go ahead 5-1, at which point the two of them embarked on a series of runs that narrowed that lead down to between two and three racks. He got within a single rack three times in that stretch, at 6-5, 7-6 and 8-7, but He’s win of rack #15 opened the door for Sanchez-Ruiz to head on out on a four-match run that put him on the hill, ahead by five at 12-7. 

He, though, came right back and matched Sanchez-Ruiz’ longest run of the game at the start, winning five racks to force a single deciding game. He broke, but left himself with a low-percentage shot at the 1-ball, sitting north of and at a sharp angle to a side pocket. He played safe and began a two-ball safety battle that took up nearly half of the final match-time. Sanchez-Ruiz broke it up after He had given him an opening on the 2-ball that also opened the table. Sanchez-Ruiz ran them from there and claimed the event title.

The battle for the two remaining European Mosconi Cup slots (not counting the coach’s two wild-card picks), moves on to Lasko, Slovenia.

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Black Widow Appears at Cancer Symposium; Scheduling More Appearances

Olympic Gold Medalist and 17 time National Champion Cross Country Skier Kikkan Randall, Business Executive and former WNBA President Donna Orender, Jeanette Lee and Olympic Medalist and National High Jump Champion Chaunte Lowe

Although still fighting cancer, The Black Widow Jeanette Lee was back out doing one of the things she does best, representing the world of professional pool to the world. Lee recently participated in a Title IX celebration and symposium on behalf of the Jimmy V Foundation, a prominent cancer charity. The topic was the courage of women in the face of the challenge of cancer. Jeanette gave a speech, performed a billiards demonstration,  attended the Wine Celebration Gala and participated in a round table symposium with other cancer warriors.

Lee’s participation in this event was a great sign of both her level of celebrity stature and as to how strong she is feeling after what has so far been a 20 month battle with ovarian cancer. Lee takes an ongoing, daily chemo treatment with Lynparza which appears to be working exceedingly well, considering that her cancer is “in as much remission as it can be”. Lee commented on how it felt to get back out representing the world of pool, “It was great fun and very fulfilling.  I very much want to use my battle with ovarian cancer to help others and the Napa gala and symposium did exactly that.  I drew strength from it myself.  The Jimmy V Foundation does great and very visible work and I value my association with them.”

Jeanette did all of this, including bi-coastal flying, and was able to handle it all physically without undue fatigue.  That has emboldened her and her management, to have her do more things.   In a measured way, very conscious of her condition and with an eye towards making sure she does not create any fatigue, Jeanette will be doing more things publicly.   She will be making appearances at upcoming events including the WPBA Sledgehammer Open in support of her late friend, Helena Thornfeldt and the BCA Hall of Fame induction in support of the enshrinement of her long-time friend and coach, Jerry Briesath.  She will also be making herself available for commercial outings and exhibitions on a limited basis.

“I am not ready or capable at this time to compete at the highest level but I still want to be out there with the players and billiards fans.  I simply feel good being around their energy,” commented Lee. Lee’s manager, Tom George, commented, “For Jeanette, being out in the public eye and interacting with her fans is very therapeutic.  We will be careful not to get her overly tired but will be selectively scheduling public and corporate appearances.  Her long-term health remains our guiding priority.”  Mr. George can be reached at

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Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships Youth – Final Medal Table

Jolien Schuurman and Yannick Pongers

After eight days of glorious pool and hundreds of exciting matches, the Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships concluded with the destination of the 56 medals determined. Top of the medal table were the Netherlands with five gold medals out of a total of seven. The dynamic duo of Yannick Pongers and Jolien Schuurman won two each (both 8 and 9 ball) and Mika Van Berkel made it five as the Dutch team swept gold in the 8-ball division.

In second place was Germany who took four golds as well as two silvers and six bronze medals. Felix Vogel (17 10 ball), Yuma Dorner (U19 straight pool), Dennis Laszkowski (U19 10 ball) and U19 Team were where the gold medals went.

Finally, Poland took third spot with a total of ten medals, with three of those being gold. Their successful athletes were Dominika Pawelczyk (Girls’ 10 ball) as well as two team golds in the Girls’ and U17 divisions.

In total, 15 countries from the 28 in attendance achieved one medal or more.

Gold Silver Bronze Total
Netherlands 5 1 1 7
Germany 4 2 6 12
Poland 3 2 5 10
Estonia 1 x 1 2
Serbia 1 x x 1
Finland x 4 2 6
Austria x 3 1 4
Northern Cyprus x 1 2 3
Switzerland x 1 1 2
Slovakia x x 3 3
Ukraine x x 2 2
Croatia x x 1 1
Italy x x 1 1
Slovenia x x 1 1
Sweden x x 1 1

Results from the 14 separate events at the Dynamic Billard European Pool Championships Youth are available at

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Lunda Takes It Down

Evan Lunda

The world famous Buffalo’s Billiards in Jefferson, LA – a suburb of New Orleans – was the site of the latest Champions Challenge featuring Josh Roberts and Evan Lunda.

Starting this past Thursday evening, the game was one pocket – races to six, best out of seven sets with $20,000 in the middle. 

Josh has had a very solid year starting off with wins in both the Iron City Open One Ball One Pocket Championship and the Iron City Open One Pocket Championship in Birmingham, AL. He followed that with a runner-up finish to Fedor Gorst at the Derby City Classic One Pocket Championship , finishing second to Tony Chohan in the US Open One Pocket Championship in Las Vegas, NV and a third place finish among the best of the best in Buffalo’s Pro Classic One Pocket.

Anyone who has followed Evan for the last few years has seen a marked improvement in this young man’s game. In 2021, he claimed the title at the Racks On The Rocks Classic One Pocket Championship in West Peoria, IL, placed fourth at the US Open One Pocket Championship in Las Vegas and finished third  at the Diamond Open One Pocket Championship in Aiken, SC. This year, he notched a fourth place finish at the Derby City Classic One Pocket Championship and came in fifth in Buffalo’s Pro Classic One Pocket.

Going into the match, Roberts was a heavy favorite but Lunda started out strong winning the first set 6-2.  Down 5-2 in the second set, Josh fought back to tie it up at five apiece but Evan pulled it out with a 6-5 win.

Third set saw both players scratching and clawing with most games going down to the wire. At 5-5, the case game was no different but again, Lunda prevailed.

As with almost every game played in the previous sets, each game in this one went down to the last ball but this time, it was all Evan as he finished the set with a strong 6-1 result and claimed the cash.

Congratulations to Evan Lunda, Buffalo’s Billiards Action Palooza Champions Challenge winner! Tough loss for Josh Roberts as he gave it his all… would like to thank Buffalo’s owner, James Leone (“Buff”), his general manager Steve Tesvich (“Bullseye”) and their staff for hosting the event.

We’d like to thank Buffalo’s house pro, Tony Chohan, for his topnotch commentary as well as “Lil John” Macias, One Pocket Hall of Famer Jeremy Jones and our own Ray Hansen.

We’d also like to thank our fans and sponsors. They include JB Cases, Hanshew Jump Cues, EnviroAssessments, Lomax Custom Cues, Aramith, Diveney Cues, Simonis, Durbin Custom Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, CR’s Sports Bar of Minneapolis, MN and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

And don’t go far!!! In a few days, Buffalo’s will again host another $20,000 One Pocket Champions Challenge featuring Corey Deuel and Roberto Gomez! Dates are August 5th-7th! Hope to see you there!

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Cheung Is Snooker Gold Medalist

Cheung Ka Wai

Cheung Ka Wai 3–1 Abdelrahman Shahin

754-15 (68), 13-59 69-18, 65-29

Cheung Ka Wai won Hong Kong’s only Gold medal of The World Games Birmingham 2022 when he defeated Egypt’s Abdelrahman Shahin 3-1 in the snooker final.

The 23-year-old had played consistently all week, dropping only two frames in the tournament to take gold in his first World Games.

Shahin had a promising opening at the start of the final but that came to an abrupt end at just 15 when the Egyptian missed a black off the spot. That allowed Cheung to take advantage and the man from Hong Kong made 68 to win the opening frame, his highest break of the week coming at the perfect time.

Shahin levelled when he doubled a red to the side to leave Cheung requiring snookers. He conceded after failing to make a color after making the final red.

Cheung responded with a 23 to open the third frame and further contributions of 30 and 16 saw Cheung’s lead restored. Shahin would need to take the fourth to stay in the match but, trailing by 23, broke down on a break of 28. Cheung was 16 ahead when the frame got down to the colours and doubled the yellow only to miss the green leaving him 21 ahead with 22 remaining.

However, Shahin could only manage the green before Cheung was back at the table and he made no mistake taking the brown from its spot. The blue to the middle took him to the pink which was on the baulk line, and a straight shot took him to World Games gold.

“I didn’t know that it is the first gold medal for Hong Kong so I’m very happy to get the gold medal,” said Cheung. “I’m very proud to represent Hong Kong at The World Games.

“It’s my first time to play and the atmosphere was really exciting. I’m very happy with the performance out there.

“I think the final performance was quite nice and I held my nerves and tied to not given any chance to my opponent. I’m happy for my performance in that atmosphere.

“I didn’t play at my best during the week. I was really nervous in every match and this is a short match at best of five. I did quite well to win every scrappy frame.

“I didn’t know that it is the first gold medal for Hong Kong so I’m very happy to get the gold medal.”

Shahin said; “I feel very good, but I also wanted to win the gold medal. This is my first time to play the World Games so it is a good result.”

The match schedule and results are at

Follow @wcbsbilliards on social media for full coverage of the billiards program from our team in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Cheung And Alobaidli To Meet In The World Games Semi-Finals

Cheung Ka Wai

Ahsan Ramzan 1-3 Cheung Ka Wai
59-10, 28-60, 60-67, 53-59

Umut Dikme 1-3 Ali Alobaidli
8-54, 26-84, 68-25, 61-87

Cheung Ka Wai will meet Ali Alobaidli in the semi-finals of the snooker division of The World Games after both players won their quarter-final matches 3-1 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA on Friday.

Cheung came back after losing the first frame but responded with four visits totaling 60 points to draw level. Ramzan had the chance to regain the lead in the third but missed the last red to end of a break of 40 and leave Cheung 39 behind with 35 remaining. A seven-point foul gave Cheung the chance to clear the colors for the match lead and he did just that.

Ramzan, the 16-year-old IBSF World Champion from Pakistan, had another major opportunity in the fourth but needed to clear to the black. However, his break ended at 32 giving him just a one-point lead with the black still in play and Cheung took his chance to wrap up the match.

The player from Hong Kong will face Qatar’s Alobaidli in Saturday’s semi-finals. Alobaidli took the first frame 54-8 against Dikme and breaks of 37 and 31 then took him two ahead. However, the German responded in the third, and the fourth was a battle of attrition. The frame concluded with over 30 minutes spent on the colors as both players drew fouls from their opponent. Ultimately Alobaidli was 11 ahead with the final four colors remaining and he cleared to the blue for victory.

“I am delighted but it wasn’t easy,” said the Qatari. “I played pretty solid to 2-0 up with just a couple of misses, and he didn’t have a chance. He took the third frame and then the last one was scrappy. I was 40 points down and tried to get back into it and that is what happened. We were about 30 minutes on the colors, but it went my way.

“This is snooker, it isn’t only about potting; you have to have an A-game, B-game, C-game and D-game and I can do that. If it takes time then I will take the time to get through.

“I lost to Cheung in the Asian six reds a few years ago in a deciding frame, so I know it was going to be a good match.

“All this practice over all these years is paying off. Tomorrow I have to relax and enjoy the day, because you see the pressure that everyone has.”

The Olympic Channel is live streaming The World Games and billiards will feature on July 16 and July 17 when the finals take place. A full streaming schedule and links are at The match schedule, results, and live scores are at

Follow @wcbsbilliards on social media for full coverage of the billiards program from our team in Birmingham, Alabama.

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WCBS Allows Russian And Belarusian Athletes To Compete Under A Neutral Flag

The WCBS Board unanimously decided to lift its ban on Russian and Belarusian Athletes from competing in WCBS and its Member Federation Competitions.

Athletes from Russia and Belarus can now compete in Billiards Competitions under a Neutral Flag.

The decision of the WCBS is endorsed by its three members, the IBSF (International Billiards & Snooker Federation), the UMB (Union Mondiale de Billard), and the WPA (World Pool-Billiard Association).

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Souvanthong over Casanzio for fifth Joss Tour Win

Ron Casanzio, Mike Zuglan and Bucky Souvanthong

While the main storyline all year on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour has been the performance of Bucky Souvanthong, winning four tour stops and competing in the finals of two others, one other storyline has been the rivalry between Souvanthong and Ron Casanzio. Casanzio won the first stop on the tour this season at East Ridge Billiards, defeating Souvanthong in the finals. Souvanthong returned the favor, defeating Casanzio in the finals of stop 4 at Diamond Billiards in Rochester. These two competitors renewed their rivalry, facing off against each other three times at the Brickhouse Billiards tour stop on March 19th and 20th.

Souvanthong and Casanzio made it through the field of 50 players undefeated on Saturday. Casanzio had wins over Ryan Smith, Mike Armstrong, Geoff Montgomery, and Sean Zeng, while Souvanthong had wins over Dennis Gaetano, Bill Goodman, Aaron Greenwood, and Len Gianfrate. Casanzio’s day one performance was notable for the dominating fashion in which he put away his opponents. Two of Casanzio’s four wins were 9-0 shutouts, and the three racks he gave up to Zeng was the most anyone got against him on day one.

Sunday kicked off with Souvanthong and Casanzio facing off in their first matches of the day. It was another battle between these two players, won by Souvanthong this time, 9-7. Souvanthong then defeated Mark Creamer for the hot-seat 9-6.

On the one-loss side, Casanzio ran into familiar opponents as he handed Greenwood and then Zeng their second losses of the day. He went on to send Creamer home in 3rd place with a 7-3 semifinal loss.

If Souvanthong thought the finals would be easy, he received a quick reminder that Casanzio had other plans, as Casanzio crushed Souvanthong 9-1 in the first set of the double-elimination finals. The second set was a different matter though, with Souvanthong scoring a quick 7-2 win for his fifth win on the Joss Tour season.

Sunday’s second chance tournament saw Bill Goodman turn in an undefeated run through the field of 13 players. Goodman had wins over John Reardon, Dave Copperwheat, Nick Coppola, Ron Ince, and then Josh Welsh in the finals. In addition to the $300 first prize that Goodman won in the second chance tournament, he also won the cue raffle for the weekend, winning a custom engraved Joss Cue.

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be at Utica Billiards on the Boulevard for the next stop on April 2nd and 3rd.

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Albin Ouschan wins Predator Cues Premier League Pool title

Albin Ouschan (Taka Wu/Matchroom Multi Sport)

Albin Ouschan has won the inaugural Predator Cues Premier League Pool beating Joshua Filler 7-5 in the final at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes live on DAZN in the USA, and networks worldwide including Matchroom.Live.


Filler got off to the quicker start of the pair as he rallied up the first four racks without reply after winning the lag, but the tide turned in the fifth rack as the German left the one ball over the pocket after jumping the seven to get Ouschan on the board. Ouschan kept plugging away though as he moved to level at 4-4. There was very little to separate the pair all week and when it came to the tenth rack, it could’ve been seen as another momentum swinger as Ouschan scratched off the break, but he ended up taking the rack to level at 5-5.

From then on, Ouschan found what made him World Champion a little under 12 months ago to seal a memorable win over close friend Filler 7-5.

Ouschan said: “After I saw him in the first four racks, the way he played tremendously. I thought I would be the spectator in the final. I think he tried to jump after the break, and I got in a good position. I had a crazy miss on the 4 ball, but I had another chance and finally, I had to take it. I tried to stay calm and collected and I know I can do it. That’s the toughest part. I am super happy.”

“It’s a tremendous tournament again by Matchroom. It fits me better. Well-deserved from Josh, I think overall he played the best of all. The pressure got him hard in the end. He will come back stronger for sure.”

Ouschan will return to Milton Keynes next month to defend his World Pool Championship crown: “If I would defend the World Pool Championship again, I would have no words for that.”

Filler reached the final after overcoming Jayson Shaw in the semi-final stage. The Team Europe Mosconi Cup teammates were doing battle for a fourth time in the tournament with Filler edging the head-to-head record 2-1. It was Filler who got the better start though as he swept home the opening rack before asserting a 4-0 lead, leaving Shaw with plenty of work to be done to find any route back into the semi-final. The German proved to be too strong in the end for Shaw to set up a huge final with World No.1 Ouschan.

Ouschan meanwhile found himself against five-time US Open champion Shane Van Boening who had moved into the semi-finals with relative ease despite being on the end of a whitewash loss to Ouschan earlier on in the day. Van Boening won the opening rack, but Ouschan soon took control to be on the hill at 6-3 but it was Van Boening who fought back to six apiece. In the penultimate rack, it seemed Ouschan had a 2-9 carom on to seal it, but he opted to play the table before being locked up behind the four ball. Van Boening duly levelled before Ouschan plugged his way through the final rack to win it 7-6.

Woodward’s chances of making the top four were brought to an abrupt end as the American struggled to get going in his final stage opener against Van Boening in a 5-1 loss but seemed to find some rhythm against Shaw despite a hill-hill defeat. The Kentucky Kid held a fantastic account of himself all week despite early setbacks and the two-time Mosconi Cup MVP finished in a flash to beat group topper Filler in his last contest to secure fifth place and $7,000, only missing out on the final four by rack difference.

Kazakis meanwhile snuck in late to the final six and knew it was always a tall order, especially after an opening loss to Filler but the World Pool Masters champion did hold a glimmer of hope after downing Woodward before Ouschan swiftly put him back into a fight for fourth spot. In the end, Kazakis settled for sixth and $6,750.

Predator Cues Premier League Pool sees 16 players compete in a league format with an increased prize fund of $100,000 guaranteeing each player $2,500 and the winner taking home $20,000.

The next event from Matchroom is the World Pool Championship at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes from Wednesday 6, April to Sunday 10, April where it will be Ouschan defending his title. Tickets are out on Monday, 28 February. Register here for ticket alerts.

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