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Billie Billing Wins Mezz ABCD NJ State Championship

Thomas Haas, Jaydev Zaveri, Billie Billing and Gary Serrano

The Mezz ABCD 9-Ball New Jersey State Championship made its way to Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ on August 21 to take their shot at winning this prestigious title. Although the field held such notables as Gary Serrano, Jaydev Zaveri, Scott Bannon, Vernon Nate, Eddie Rust and Isabel Perez, it was the veteran of the field, former WPBA star Billie Billing, who was standing tall in the winners circle. 

Billing had wins over Joe Palone (7-4), Megan Gazafi (7-5), Bostabo Ardon (7-6) and Justin Pelech (7-5) on her way to the hot-seat match. Her opponent for the hot-seat would be Jaydev Zaveri, who had wins over Kevin Rushing (7-5), Jimmy Gazafi Jr. (7-5) and Gary Serrano (7-6) to get him to the match. 

Billing made quick work of Zaveri, with a 7-3 win to send Zaveri to the one loss side. Gary Serrano was waiting on the left side of the board, looking to avenge his hill-hill loss from the right side. Serrano did exactly that, ironically by the same 7-6 scoreline. 

Both Billing and Serrano agreed to skip the formalities of the final match, and Billing was crowned the Mezz ABCD NJ State Champion. 

Tour director Jose Burgos expressed his thanks to Title Sponsor: Mezz Cues Miki,  Platinum Sponsors: Mezz USA, Zan Tips and Turtle Rack, Gold Sponsors: Billiard Life Clothing, Family Foot & Ankle Center of South Jersey and Bludworth Ball Cleaner and Silver Sponsor: Pool

Table 911.

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Miller and Dileo Split Norristown Mezz Stop

Wes Dobson, Ron Dileo, Mike Tuzzi, Rick Miller, and Kevin Farmer

The Mezz Pro Am Tour was back at Markley Billiards in Norristown, PA on July 16th for a Mezz ABCD 9-Ball Event.

The winner’s side came down to Rick Miller and Ron Dilio playing for the hot-seat. Miller had early wins over David Fitzpatrick, Hussain Alshola, Rob Kay and Kevin Farmer. Dilio’s path the hot-seat match included wins over Shawn Dobson, Gary Serrano and Mike Tuzzi. The hot-seat match was a battle, with Miller coming out on top 7-5.

Dileo’s stay on the left side of the brackets was not a long one, as he cruised over Mike Tuzzi 6-0 to earn another shot at Miller in the finals. Instead of playing out that final match, Miller and Dileo agreed on a split of first and second place.

Tour director Jose Burgos sent out his thanks to Brent Ross and his wonderful staff at Markley Billiards. Thanks also went out to Title sponsor Mezz Cues Miki, Platinum Sponsors Mezz USA, Zan Tip and Turtle Rack. Gold tour sponsors are Billiard Life Clothing, Family Foot & Ankle Center of South Jersey and Bludworth Ball Cleaner. Pool Table 911 is the tour’s Silver Sponsor.

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Serrano Over Burgos at Mezz 9-Ball Event

Tony Viesti, Ryan Killion, Gary Serrano owner Bob Milane and Jose Burgos

South Jersey Billiards in Somerdale Nj hosted the Mezz ABCD 9 ball event on Saturday June 11, 2022.  A strong field came out to play, including players like: Gary Serrano, Bob Milane, Ryan Killion, Rick Rosado, John Herrmann, Barry West and Larry Ingram to name a few.

Special thanks to Bob Milane & Tony Viesti and their wonderful staff for hosting the event. 

Leading the top half of the bracket was Jose Burgos with wins over Rich Daniels 6-2, Lacie Knecht 6-2 and Andrew Ray 5-0. Leading the bottom half of bracket was Ryan Killion with wins over Bob Milane 6-5, Gary Serrano 6-2 and Larry Ingram 6-5.

Playing for the hot seat was Jose Burgos vs Ryan Killion this was a one sided match that had Jose Burgos winning easily 6-2 and sending Ryan to the one lost side.  Waiting for Ryan Killion on the one lost side was Gary Serrano this was a rematch from earlier that day.  This time it was Gary Serrano coming away with the win 6-3 and a spot in the finals.

In the finals, it was Jose Burgos vs Gary Serrano. This event was a true double elimination in the first set it was all Gary Serrano as he won easily 6-1.  In the second set it was all Gary Serrano as well as he won easily 6-3 to win the event. Congratulations to Gary Serrano as the Mezz ABCD winner.

I would like to thank all the players that came out to play and all our sponsors.      

Title Sponsor: Mezz Cues Miki
Platinum Sponsors: Mezz USA, Zan Tips, Turtle Rack
Gold Sponsor: Billiard Life Clothing,  Family Foot & Ankle Center of South Jersey, Bludworth Ball Cleaner
Silver Sponsor: Pool Table 911

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