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Efren Reyes Set to Appear in Northeast and Oklahoma

Pool fans in the Northeast will have what might be their last chance to see one of the greatest cue artists that we have ever seen, as Efren Reyes’ 2022 Northeast Tour stops in Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut.

The first stop will be on January 15th at the Red Dragon Billiards Club and Training Center in Harvard, Ma. Fans interested in attending can contact Roy Pastor at 978-660-3677 for more information.

Reyes will make two stops in Maine on January 16th and 17th. The stop on the 16th will be at American Pool & Billiards in Portland, Maine and the 17th stop will be at TJ’s Classic Billiards in Waterville, Maine. Reyes will be playing Mike Dechaine in challenge matches on both nights. Fans can contact Jerry Guitard at 207-776-0215 for info on the American Pool & Billiards stop, and Howard Fogg at 207-478-0858 for info on the stop at TJ’s Classic Billiards.

Finally, the tour will end on January 19th at Yale Billiards in Wallingford, Ct where Reyes will face young gun Lukas Fracasso-Verner in an exhibition match. More information on this stop can be obtained by contacting Bobby Hilton at 203-631-2428.

If exhibition matches aren’t your thing, Reyes will face Red Door Den Training Center instructor Greg “Spanky” Hogue in a $4000 one-pocket challenge match at the Red Door Den Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma January 10th. This match will be streamed on Facebook for only $4.99 with commentary by Sean King. Fans can check out the stream at

Reyes is widely thought of as the “Greatest Of All Time” when it comes to professional billiards, and his appearances in major events are becoming rarer and rarer. Fans are encouraged to lock up their spots at these exhibitions as soon as possible.

Next Batch of Players, Along With Call for Players, Announced For Cue It Up Online Event

Neight Mindham, with the Cue It Up Podcast, has continued to announce players for his upcoming virtual event. The event also has a title sponsor and will now be the “Poison VG 10-Ball Championship”. 

The latest players to join the field for this 32 player virtual event are Jeffrey De Luna, Nick van den Berg, Wojtek Szewczyk, Nick Malaj, Danny Olson, Demetrius Jelatis, Chip Compton and Greg Hogue. 

The event will kick off on September 29th and run until October 13th, with 32 players competing for a first prize that is expected to be $6000. 

Mindham has also announced that his field is not full. Players interested in competing in this unique online event can contact him on his Facebook page to enquire about entering the event. 

Hogue avoids second ‘nightmare’ to go undefeated on Midwest 9-Ball Tour

Johnson takes two against Subelka to go undefeated in short-field Ladies event.
One week ago, on the weekend of April 9-10, Greg Hogue made it to the hot seat during a stop on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour, only to have the person he'd defeated in that match (Chip Compton) come back from the semifinals and defeat him twice in a double elimination final. The scenario was described here as a hot seat occupant's "worst nightmare."
On the weekend of April 16-17, Hogue, at a $2,000-added event that drew 34 entrants to Astros in Lawrence, KS, found himself in the hot seat for the second week in a row, re-living the 'nightmare,' as it were. This time, Hogue sent Dustin Gunia to the semifinals, but this time, Hogue woke up. Although Gunia would force him to play a deciding 17th game in the opening set of a potential double elimination final, Hogue won that deciding game, and after (one presumes) an enormous sigh of relief, claimed the event title.
In a concurrently-run, $500-added Ladies event that drew only 7 entrants, Kerri Johnson defeated Morgan Subelka twice to claim that title. Johnson defeated Subelka in the hot seat match 7-5. On the loss side, Deb McWhirk came off a quarterfinal victory over Jacelyn Booher to challenge Subelka in the semifinals. Subelka earned a second shot against Johnson with a 7-3 victory over McWhirk. Johnson completed her four-match, undefeated run with a 7-4 victory over Subelka in the finals. 
The first match between Hogue and Gunia in the Open event, vying for the hot seat, followed a 9-1 victory by Hogue over Steven Wyatt, and a 9-3 victory by Gunia over Mike Goscha. Hogue claimed the hot seat, double hill, and waited, as (no doubt) thoughts of a week ago played out in his head.
On the loss side, Wyatt picked up Dave Matlock, who'd gotten by Rafael Munoz 9-4 and Toby Noll 9-6 to reach him. Goscha drew Sharik Sayed, who'd eliminated Lance Schofield 9-7 and Taylor Anderson 9-6. Matlock and Sayed handed Wyatt and Goscha their second straight losses – Matlock 9-6 over Wyatt and Sayed 9-1 over Goscha – and advanced to the quarterfinals.
Sayed gave up only two racks to Matlock, and advanced to the semifinals against Gunia. Gunia shut Sayed out in those semifinals, which almost certainly gave Hogue something to think about as he prepared for the opening set of the true double elimination final. Though Gunia would once again force a deciding 17th game, Hogue won it to claim the title.

Compton takes (last) two out of three against Hogue to win Midwest 9-Ball Tour stop

Chip Compton and Greg Hogue

It is, of course, a hot seat occupant's worst nightmare. After all the effort, time, energy, and sometimes a lot of waiting to arrive at 'last winner' status, a loss-side opponent (more often than not, someone already defeated previously) steps up to the plate in the finals and negates (at least, psychologically) all that work by snatching an event title away. On the weekend of April 9-10, at a stop on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour, Greg Hogue was the hot seat occupant and Chip Compton was the nightmare. Compton took two out of three against Hogue to win the $1,900-added event that drew 51 entrants to Jamaica Joe's in Midwest City, OK.
On the Ladies' side, Tara Williams avoided the 'nightmare' by downing Brittany Maynard twice to go undefeated and claim that title. The $600-added Ladies tournament drew 16 entrants.
Compton and Hogue met first in the hot seat match. They'd both defeated opponents 9-6 to get there; Compton, defeating KC Massey and Hogue, downing Jacob McMichael. Seemingly hooked on the 9-6 idea, Hogue defeated Compton to claim the hot seat and waited on his return from the semifinals.
On the loss side, Massey picked up Daniel Herring, who'd defeated Lawrence Sanders 9-4 and Bobby Coston 9-5 to reach him. McMichael drew Joey Gray, who'd been sent to the loss side 9-1 by Compton in a winners' side quarterfinal, and defeated Jeff Williams 9-5 and Norman Small 9-4. By identical 9-7 scores, Massey and Gray advanced to the quarterfinals over Herring and McMichael.
Gray downed Massey 9-3 in those quarterfinals to earn himself a re-match versus Compton in the semifinals. Gray put up more of a fight the second time around, chalking up six racks, but Compton prevailed for his own second and then, deciding match against Hogue in the hot seat.
Compton took the first of the two, double elimination matches 9-3. Hogue fought back in the second set, but a single game away from a double hill game, Compton finished it at 9-7.
Tara Williams' path to the winners' circle in the Ladies' event went through Brittany Maynard twice. She downed her in the hot seat match 7-4. On the loss side, Renee Young defeated Rachel Peterson 7-1 in a quarterfinal match that set her up to face Maynard in the semifinals. Maynard prevailed 7-5 for a second, and potentially third shot against Williams in the hot seat. Williams rendered the second set point moot with a shutout over Maynard in the finals.
The next stop on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour, a $2,500-added event, scheduled for this coming weekend (April 16-17), will be hosted by a new-to-the-tour room – Astros, in Lawrence, KS. On the long weekend of June 2-5, the Midwest 9-Ball Tour will play host to another Mosconi Cup qualifying event, the latest of which, in Raleigh, NC, drew 128 entrants and featured the sport's top opponents. The event will feature a One Pocket tournament, and, as the Mosconi Cup qualifying event, a 9-Ball tournament.

Gomez stops loss-side run by McMinn to go undefeated at Arkansas 9-Ball Open

Roberto Gomez

Last month, Roberto Gomez was in Round Rock, TX, mounting a loss-side run in the 2nd Annual Texas State 10-Ball Championships at Skinny Bob's Billiards. He got by Robb Saez and CJ Wiley to face Skyler Woodward in the event semifinals. He took that semifinal match to a case game, before Woodward advanced to double dip Dennis Orcollo in the finals. On the weekend of March 12-13, Gomez found himself in the hot seat at the Arkansas Open 9-Ball Championships, watching Shane McMinn mount an 11-win, loss-side campaign that took him into the finals. Gomez prevailed in a single-set final to win his first 2016 title. The $3,000-added event drew 128 entrants to Krome Billiards in North Little Rock, AR.
With his eventual challenger, McMinn, at work on the loss side, after a loss to Robb Saez, Gomez advanced to a winners' side semifinal versus Jeff Sullivan. Jon Demet and Joey Gray squared off in the other semifinal. Gomez got into the hot seat match with a 7-3 win over Sullivan and was joined by Demet, who'd sent Gray over 7-5. Staking his claim decisively, Gomez shut Demet out in the hot seat match and waited on McMinn.
With four notches on his loss-side belt already, McMinn defeated long-time rival Chip Compton 7-1 and Mike Delawder 7-2 to pick up Sullivan. Gray drew Saez, who'd eliminated Ryan Robinson 7-4 and Greg Hogue 7-2. McMinn and Saez advanced to a quarterfinal rematch; McMinn, 7-5 over Sullivan and Saez, 7-2 over Gray.
McMinn successfully wreaked his vengeance on Saez 7-3, and then downed Demet 7-5 in the semifinals. His 11-match winning streak came to an end in the finals, as Gomez chalked up a 7-5 win that earned him the Arkansas Open title.

Pinegar comes back from finals deficit to finish 2015 Music City 9-Ball Open undefeated

Jonathan Pinegar

With last year's winner (Robb Saez) in the broadcast booth with Ray Hansen on the PoolActionTV stream, Jonathan "Hennessee from Tennessee" Pinegar completed an undefeated run through a field of 122, on-hand for the 28th Annual Music City 9-Ball Open on the weekend of January 16-18, 2015. The $6,000-added event was hosted by JOB Billiards in Madison, TN and was launched on Friday night, with a $500-entry, winner-takes-all Midnight Madness event that saw Danny Smith defeat Robb Saez in the finals.
In the Open event, run concurrently with a 42-entrant ladies event (won by Teruko Cucculelli; separate story), Pinegar faced Justin Bergman twice; once in the hot seat and again in the final.
Pinegar had sent Justin Hall to the losers' bracket 11-6, as Bergman downed Shane McMinn 11-3. Pinegar took the first of two against Bergman 11-6 and waited in the hot seat for him to return.
On the loss side, McMinn drew Josh Roberts, who'd defeated Richie Richeson and Greg Hogue, both 11-7, to reach him. Hall picked up Danny Smith, who'd gotten by Josh O'Neal 11-3 and John Gabriel 11-8. Roberts handed McMinn his second straight loss 11-5, and in the quarterfinals, faced Hall, who'd ended Smith's run 11-9. Roberts took the quarterfinals 11-7 over Hall, before having his run ended by Bergman 11-8 in the semifinals. 
Bergman had his second chance at Pinegar, and came out gunning. He won five straight, sinking three combinations on the 9-ball (the fifth, a 1-9 combination), and running the table from the outset twice. 
Pinegar won the 6th rack to get on the board, but Bergman took the 7th. Pinegar used a 2-9 combination to open up a three-rack run to bring him within two at 6-4. In the match's first scratch off of a break, Bergman ran the table, but it proved to be his last. Bergman scratched breaking up rack #12, and turned the table over to Pinegar; for good, as it turned out.
Having lost five in a row at the start, Pinegar won 11 of the next 13, including three in a row to take his first lead at 8-7, and then, three more in a row to claim the event title.

Chau and Eaton go undefeated to take Open/Ladies events at Clicks Billiards 9-Ball Open

Manny Chau

The Texas Tornado (Vivian Villareal), and Clicks Billiards in San Antonio combined to present a dual event on the weekend of November 1-2, that was billed as both the Texas Tornado Tournament and as Clicks 9-Ball Open. A $3,000-added Open event, won by Manny Chau, drew 64 entrants, while the $1,500-added Ladies event, won by Gail Eaton, drew 32. Villareal, herself, figured in both events. She challenged Eaton twice in the ladies event to claim the runner-up title, and finished in the tie for fifth place in the Open event. The Ladies event ran a little late, offering Villareal and Eaton the opportunity to see the sunrise over San Antonio on Monday morning.
Both events featured the same players battling in both the hot seat and finals. In the Open event, it was Manny Chau and Greg Hogue. In the Ladies tournament, it was Villareal and Eaton. 
In the Open event, Chau had sent Jeff Franklin to the losers' bracket 7-2 in one winners' side semifinal, while Hogue was busy sending Villareal over, 7-1, in the other. Chau claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Hogue and waited on his return.
Villareal picked up her second straight loss, 7-4, against C.J. Wiley, who'd survived a double hill fight versus Eric Aicenina and defeated Daniel Coffman 7-2 to reach her. Franklin drew "Hillbilly" (Charlie Bryant), who'd eliminated Chris Jowers and Ricardo Nixon, both 7-2, before Franklin eliminated him 7-5. 
Wiley gave up only a single rack in his quarterfinal victory over Franklin, and then fought tooth and nail against Hogue, who eventually prevailed in the semifinals. Chau allowed Hogue only a single rack in the opening set of the true double elimination final, claiming the event's Open title.
 In the Ladies' event, the hot seat match followed Villareal's 7-1 victory over Tricia Moses, and Eaton's 7-5 win over Sophie Lopez. Eaton took the hot seat 7-5 over Villareal and waited (a long, long time) for her return.
Lopez and Moses moved to the loss side and picked up their second straight loss immediately; Lopez falling to Ming Ng 7-2 and Moses being eliminated by Helen Hayes 7-5. Ng took the quarterfinal match against Hayes 7-2, and was then narrowly defeated, double hill, by Villareal in the semifinals. Eaton took the opening and only set needed in the finals 7-4 to claim the title.

McMinn double dips Weast to capture Midwest 9-Ball title; Lovely wins Ladies event

Shane McMinn, Kathy McMinn- manager and Jim Weast

Shane McMinn came back from a double hill loss in a winners' side semifinal against Jim Weast to double dip him in the finals and claim title to the December 14-15 stop on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour. In a concurrently-run event, Liz Lovely went undefeated to claim the Ladies title. The $1,500-added Open event drew 49 entrants to Magoo's Billiards in Tulsa, OK. The $350-added Ladies tournament drew 14 entrants.
As Weast was at work on McMinn in the one winners' side semifinal, John Gabriel took on Joey Gray in the other. Weast survived his double hill match against McMinn, and faced Gabriel, who'd sent Gray over 7-4. Weast defeated Gabriel 7-4 to claim the hot seat. 
McMinn moved over to pick up Greg Hogue, who'd shut out Marlon Isbell and given up only a single rack to Jaron Williams. Gray picked up Joe Abrams, who'd gotten by Christian Young 5-2 and James Walden 5-3. A very familiar, Midwest 9-Ball battle was set up when McMinn downed Hogue 5-3 and Gray shut out Abrams. 
In the quarterfinals that followed, McMinn gave up only a single rack to Gray, and then, gave up only two against Gabriel in the semifinals. McMinn took the opening set of the finals 7-4, and then punctuated his performance with a shutout over Weast in the second set.
Liz Lovely's victory in the Ladies event went through Brittany Colbert, whom she defeated 5-3 in the hot seat match. Colbert moved to the semifinals against Rhonda Pierce, who'd defeated Debi Aldredge 4-2 in the quarterfinals. Pierce denied Colbert a second shot at Lovely with a shutout in the semifinals. Lovely completed her undefeated run with a 5-1 victory in the finals.

King and Little win 2nd Annual Summer Heat 9-Ball Classic

Melissa Little went undefeated to win the Ladies portion of the 2nd Annual Summer Heat 9-Ball Classic, held under the auspices of the Midwest 9-Ball Tour and hosted by Jamaica Joe's in Midwest City, OK. Sean King gave up the first set of the double elimination finals, but came back to win the second and claim the Open title. The $2,000-added Open event drew 45 entrants, while the $500-added Ladies event drew 12.
King faced Chip Compton three times; the first, in a winners' side semifinal, as Mark Haddad and Richard Pierce squared off in the other. King sent Compton west in the first of their three 9-7, and in the hot seat match, met Pierce, who'd sent Haddad over by the same score. King and Pierce fought to double hill before King prevailed.
Compton moved over and picked up John Gabriel, who'd defeated James Walden 9-7 and survived a double hill battle against Ken Jennings to reach him. Haddad drew Shane McMinn, who'd gotten by Greg Hogue 9-7, and J.C Riley 9-3. Compton and Haddad advanced to the quarterfinals; Compton with a 9-6 win over Gabriel and Haddad 9-7 over McMinn.
Compton advanced to the semifinals with a 9-6 victory over Haddad, and then, denied Pierce a re-match against King with a 9-5 win. With momentum on his side, Compton took the opening set of the finals 9-1. King, though, came back in the second set to win it 9-5 and claim the event title.
In the Ladies' event, Melissa Little's undefeated run ended with two wins over Rhonda Pierce. They met first in the hot seat match, when Little sent Pierce to the semifinals 7-4. On the loss side, Debi Aldridge won the quarterfinal match over Michelle Davis 7-3, but was stopped by Pierce in a double hill, semifinal match. Little and Pierce fought to double hill in the finals, but Little survived to claim the Ladies' title.

Gabriel tops field of 150 at Midwest 9-Ball event; Little takes Ladies title

John Gabriel went undefeated on the Midwest 9-Ball Tour’s $3,500-added 9-ball event on the weekend of February 23-26, working his way through a field of 150 entrants at Shooter’s in Olathe, KS. Melissa Little also went undefeated in the $500-added Ladies event, which had attracted 20 entrants.

From among the winners’ side final four, Gabriel sent Chuck Raulston west 9-5, as Dustin Gunia was busy sending Mike Banks, Jr. over 9-4. Gabriel then took the hot seat match over Gunia 9-5, and waited for his return.

First up for Banks, Jr. on the loss-side was the winner of the concurrently-run One-Pocket event, Mark Haddad, who’d defeated James Baraks 9-6, and Anthony Garcia 9-3 to reach him. Chuck Raulston, in the meantime, squared off against Joey Gray (second in the One-Pocket event), who’d downed Gary Lutman 9-3, and Gordy Vanderveer 9-6. Haddad defeated Banks, Jr. 9-4, but a re-match of the One-Pocket semifinals was avoided when Raulston dropped Gray into the tie for fifth place 9-5.

Raulston took it a step further, dropping Haddad into fourth place 9-5, and turning to face Gunia in the semifinals. Gunia ended Raulston’s bid 9-2 for a second chance versus Gabriel in a potential, true double elimination final. Gabriel took the first and only set 9-5 to secure the event title.

Melissa Little and Nicole Keeney battled twice to crown the Ladies champion. They met first in the hot seat match, and fought back and forth to double hill before Little prevailed. Keeney moved over to the semifinals to face Kathleen Morast, who’d just defeated Carrie Williams in the quarterfinals 7-5. Keeney then shut out Morast for her second chance against Little. Little, though, came out strong in the opening set of what would have been a true double elimination final, and defeated Keeney a second time 7-2.

1st John Gabriel $2,400
2nd Dustin Gunia $1,750
3rd Chuck Raulston $1,000
4th Mark Haddad $750
5th Joey Gray $500
Mike Banks, Jr.
7th Gordon Vanderveer $350
Anthony Garcia
9th Jordan Davis $250
Gary Lutman
James Baraks
Brad Bent
13th Shane McMinn $200
Manny Chau
Greg Hogue
Taylor Anderson
17th Tom Jarboe $125
Patrick Brown
Bobby McGrath
John Bussey
Chip Compton
Glenn Atwell
Jeff Nelson
Anthony Asher
25th Dave Hathman $75
Jacob White
Dusty Meyer
Andy Craig
Mike Banks, Sr.
Dan Angstead
Robert Frost
K. C. Massey


1st Melissa Little $500
2nd Nicole Keeney $300
3rd Kathleen Morast $160
4th Carrie Williams $100
5th Angela Vallair $70
Julia Gabriel