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Who is Gareth Potts, the new AZB Leaderboard #1?

Gareth Potts win the first big payout of 2014!

Some of you may be confused to see that Gareth Potts, a name not familiar to many of you, has replaced Shane Van Boening atop the AZB Leaderboard on the front page.

This because the Leaderboard is the way we track the yearly earnings of players. In this way we can do yearly recaps of how well a player does in any one calendar year.

The leaderboard resets at zero every January 1st and whomever wins the first event of the year will find themselves atop the Leaderboard. Unlike the ranking lists, this is not a ‘rolling’ calendar, it is fixed.

In 2014 the only pro event we have had this year is the World Chinese Eight Ball Championships where an invited field of players squared off on 9-ft snooker tables to play 8-Ball. English 8-Ball (Blackball) champion Gareth Potts won this event, Han-Qing Shi of China finished second and Darren Appleton finished in third.

So our leaderboard at the moment basically consists of the finishers in this one event. Everything will change after DCC and then again after every major event in the world. At the end of the year those who played the best throughout the year will be atop the Leaderboard.