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Davis double dips Saunders for Tiger Classic Tour Win

Mike Davis

Twenty seven men and five ladies battled it out at Cue-Phoria in Orlando, FL on Saturday January 21st at the open stop on the Tiger Classic Tour.

A lot of great players showed up including Mike Davis, Tim Daniels and Julio Aquino. They all played great and had a good time shooting on the beautiful Brunswick tables. 

John Sanders set himself as the player to beat in this one after ending the winners side with a 7-3 win over Mike Davis and then a 7-4 win over Harry Nathan for the hot-seat. 

Mike Davis bounced back from the loss to Sanders and started laying waste to the one loss side. Davis eliminated Tim Daniels, Julio Aquino, Nick Applebee and then Nathan to earn his spot in the finals a chance at revenge against Saunders.

The first set of the double elimination finals went to Davis in a close 7-5 match, but the second match was all Davis as he cruised to a 7-0 win and first place in the tournament.

Cassidy Mulligan and Dan Lettau also won a raffle and free entry to the next tour event. Tiger tour will soon have more giveaways and contests available on the website as well. Thanks to all the players and the room owner for a successful tournament.