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Joseph Wright, Jr. goes undefeated to claim 1st Annual B & L Tournaments Senior Open

Brian Kilgore, Joseph Wright, Jr., Jimmy Varias and Lai Li.

Burtell and Kedia split top two prizes at concurrent 575 & Under Fargo event

This past weekend (Sun., Feb 5), B & L Tournaments held its inaugural Senior Open at Bank Shot Bar & Grill in Laurel, MD. Potential competitors were ‘carded’ to determine whether they had reached the qualifying age of 50, and according to Brian Kilgore (the ‘B’ in B & L), there was at least one person who was turned away because he would not be 50 until days after the start of the tournament. The event drew 46 entrants and requests for more of them, as well as requests to arrange for a similar Super Seniors event in the future.

Joseph Wright, Jr. joined the AZBilliards database for the first time as the undefeated winner of the inaugural event. Jimmy Varias, who’s been recording entries in his database on the site for a decade, was the event runner-up.

The single-day event was run concurrently with a Fargo Rate ‘575 and below’ event which drew 23 entrants and saw Danny Burtell and Harshit Kedia split the top two prizes. As the undefeated occupant of the hot seat at the time, Burtell became that event’s official winner.

The Senior Open was conducted on 16, 7 ft. Diamond tables, while the ‘575 and below’ tournament played out on the room’s three 9 ft. Diamonds.

Wright and Varias would meet twice on Wright’s path to the winners’ circle, which was almost sidetracked in his opening round, when Bruce Krumrine battled him to double hill. Wright survived and advanced through Scott Hurley, Steve Johnson and Paul Oh to arrive at his first meeting against Varias in one of the winners’ side semifinals. Wes Ormrod, in the meantime, received an opening round bye before sending Richard Davidson, Craig Rineman (double hill), Lou Wehage to draw Andy Lincoln in the other winners’ side semifinal.

Both battles for advancement to the hot seat match went double hill; Wright over Varias and Ormrod over Lincoln. Wright claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Ormrod and waited on the return of Varias.

On the loss side, Varias met and defeated Curtis Fleshman 6-4. Lincoln drew Scott Hurley, who was working on a seven-match, loss-side winning streak and chalked up his sixth with a 6-3 win over Lincoln. Varias put a stop to Hurley’s loss-side streak in the quarterfinals, defeating him 6-1 and then, eliminating Ormrod in the semifinals 6-2.

Varias came within a game of making it a double hill match in what proved to be the only set necessary in a true double elimination final. Wright edged out in front to win it and claim the B & L’s 1st Annual Senior Open.

Danny Burtell and Harshit Kedia.

Kedia wins eight on the loss side for right to face Burtell in a final that didn’t happen

Harshit Kedia played twice as many matches as Danny Burtell in the ‘575 and below’ event, occurring concurrently with the Senior Open. He lost his second-round match and went on an eight-match, loss-side winning streak that concluded when he and Burtell agreed to a split of the top two prizes. Had it not been for Kedia, the semifinals might have been a match between the ‘L’ in B & L (Lai Li) and the son of the ‘B’ in B & L, Lucas Kilgore (14). The ‘B’ and the ‘L’ of B & L faced each other, while the ‘L’ faced father and son, back to back.  

It was Burtell and Li who ended up facing each other in the hot seat. Burtell got by Chris Dietrich and Mark Somers to arrive at a winners’ side semifinal versus Niranjan Rayamajhi. Li downed Karlene Goodrich and Joshua Mohammed before running into ‘B’ (Brian Kilgore) in a winners’ side quarterfinal. The two battled to double hill before Li prevailed to face his son in the other winners’ side semifinal.

Burtell and Rayamajhi battled to double hill before Burtell advanced to the hot seat match. Li downed Lucas Kilgore 4-1 to join him. Burtell sent Li to the semifinals 4-1 and claimed the hot seat.

On the loss side, Harshit Kedia, with three notches already on his loss-side belt, met up with Brian Kilgore. A double hill match ensued, eventually advancing Kedia to wins over Judie Wilson and (for advancement to the quarterfinals) Rayamajhi, both 4-1. Lucas Kilgore drew Francis Cabalza, who’d defeated Greg Roberts and Joshua Mohammed, both double hill, to reach him. He eliminated Cabalza 3-3 (Cabalza racing to 4) to join Hedia in the quarterfinals.

Kedia chalked up his seventh loss-side win, eliminating Kilgore in a double hill battle and then played what proved to be the event’s final match, the semifinals. That went double hill as well, eventually leaving Lai Li in third place. The arrangement was made to split the top two prizes and the B & L’s double-event day was over. 

Next up on the B & L Billiards Tournaments calendar will be the second in its 10-Ball Mini Series, at which players throughout the year will be amassing points for qualification to a Series Final in December, competing in a no-entry-fee event with a prize fund of $3,000, with a $1,000 prize fund for a consolation event. Stop #2 in the series is scheduled for this Sunday (Feb. 12) at Bank Shot Bar & Grill in Laurel, MD. In recognition of the fact that the event will play out during Super Bowl LVII, B & L is billing the event as the B & L 10-Ball Series Football Block Fundraiser. The event will help in raising funds for the end-of-season, no-entry-fee event. They’ve created a Super Bowl Block board with $20 numbers. Instant payouts will be awarded to winners at the end of each quarter. A live number draw for the chart will be held as soon as the block is full and all spots are paid for. Further information and links the board are available on B & L Billiards Tournaments’ Facebook page.

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Harshit Kedia Wins Northern Virginia Amateur Tour Season Opener

Harshit Kedia with Christopher Wilburn (NVAT Director)

SPRINGFIELD VA – The inaugural event for the Northern Virginia Amateur Tour (NVAT) is in the books. 56 players from the Mid-Atlantic region competed in BCA regulation, true double-elimination 10 Ball. The event completed in two days (January 19-20) as planned.
Sweet 16 results (Day 2) were as follows: 13th-16th Place: Alex Espinal (Fargo500), Larry Peterman (Fargo530), Richard Thompson (Fargo530), Eric Townsend (Fargo515); 9th-12 Place: Bob Landsman (Fargo530), Zach Sykes (Fargo450), Jamie Brogdon (Fargo585), RJ Davis (Fargo275); 7th-8th Place: James Hendershot (Fargo550, $60 prize), Robert Nijkamp (Fargo575, $60 prize); 5th-6th Place: Giulietta Dahl (Fargo335, $95 prize), Dennis Ryan (Fargo530, $95 prize); 4th Place: Tuan Chau (Fargo639, $160 prize); 3rd Place: Chris Funk (Fargo588, $270 prize); 2nd Place: Andrew Tu (Fargo575, $445 prize); 1st Place: Harshit Kedia (Fargo 503, $740 prize).
For complete results by matchup:
All players were welcomed and competed in “weighted” races based on Fargo rating. If a player was unknown to Fargo, s/he was given a starter rating by the tournament organizers based on available data (BCA average, TAP or APA handicap, or historic tournament results).
Fargo’s app ( was then used to create “hot” races that aided the lower-rated player in a matchup. No race exceeded 10-2. The majority of races were even to 5. As expected, the results brought into question a few player ratings. These cases will be evaluated closely and adjusted as necessary.
NVAT results are converted to points. Players on the tour are ranked according to performance only, with no current reward for participation. Scores are reported to Fargo.
The event continuously streamed a match from the featured table via Twitch, a platform new to billiard tournament directors. The broadcast experienced minimal interruption.
Prior to the first breaks, NOVA BCA’s Donnie Rogan was honored for his efforts in promoting billiards in Northern Virginia. The calcutta (player auction) produced $990 for 1st Place, $420 for 2nd Place, $170 for 3rd Place, and $70 for 4th Place.
The next event will be held March 23-24 from Hard Times Café at 6362 Springfield Plaza in Springfield VA. Players will compete in BCA regulation, true double-elimination 8 Ball. 
NVAT Founder & Director: Christopher Wilburn (NOVA Action)
NOVA BCA Representatives: Brian Cheung, Eric Townsend 
Sponsors: Baltimore City Cues, S & T Billiards, Ransome Cue Repair, Inky Shirts, Phoenix Chimney, House of Vape, Printing Productions, Hard Times Café.