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Lim shuts down Monk in double elimination final to take Viking Cues’ Q City 9-Ball title

Reymart Lim

Reymart Lim capped off an already impressive year for himself with a comeback win at the Saturday, July 15 stop on the Viking Cues' Q City 9-Ball Tour. Sent to the semifinals after being defeated by Tim Monk in the battle for the hot seat, Lim came back to down Monk twice in a true double elimination final. The $250-added event drew 22 entrants to Q Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA.
Monk was no slouch in this event, either. Not only did he defeat Lim in their first meeting, he'd taken out former VA State 9-Ball Champion Eric Moore in a winners' side semifinal to get into the hot seat match. With Moore racing to 11, Monk defeated him 7-4 to advance to the hot seat match. Lim, in the meantime, had defeated Iris Cabatit 11-1 in the other winners' side semifinal. The Monk/Lim hot seat match came within a game of going double hill, but Monk hung on to win it 7-9 (Lim racing to 11).
On the loss side, Moore picked up Steve Hughes, who'd defeated Kenny Miller 7-7 (Miller racing to 9), and Nilbert Lim (friends with, but not related to Reymart) 7-4. Cabatit drew Randy Canipe, owner of Randolph's Billiards in Hickory, NC, who'd eliminated Jared Vogel 8-2 and Ryan Spalmaker 8-5.
Hughes battled Moore to double hill before Moore advanced to the quarterfinals. He was joined by Canipe, who'd downed Cabatit 8-1. In a straight-up race to 11, Moore took the quarterfinal rather handily 11-3, but then ran into a determined Reymart Lim. In another straight-up race to 11, Lim downed Moore, and turned to a second, and potentially, third shot against Monk in the hot seat.
Seemingly not happy with the seven racks he'd given up to Monk in the hot seat match, Lim bore down and gave up less than half that amount over the two sets of the true double elimination final. Monk chalked up two in the opening set to Lim's 11. Lim gave up only one in the second set to claim the event title.
Tour director Herman Parker thanked the ownership and staff at Q Master Billiards, as well as title sponsor Viking Cues, Delta 13 Racks, AZBilliards and Professor Q Ball. The next stop on the Viking Cues' Q City 9-Ball Tour, scheduled for July 22-23, will be the $1,000-added, North Carolina State 10-Ball Championship, hosted by the Brass Tap in Raleigh, NC.

Corr chalks up another one on the JPNEWT

Karen Corr

They've come at her from every angle; the hot seat/final route, where Karen Corr gets challenged twice by the same player; the three-match, loss-side route, in which a player loses a winners' side semifinal and wins three on the loss side to get a second chance at her, and most recently, the deep-from-the-loss-side route, in which a player comes from deep on the loss side (say, five matches or more) to challenge her in the finals.  
The occasion this time around, on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour, was the Q Masters Mid-Atlantic Women's 9-Ball Open, held on the weekend of August 15-16, offering a $6,000 prize fund, and hosted by the US Open's Barry Behrman at his Q Master Billiards facility in Virginia Beach, VA. Pretty much everyone on the 47-entrant roster was looking to deny Karen Corr her seventh straight win on the JPNEWT. Corr responded with a six-match, 35-8 performance that secured that seventh straight win, and for the third time this year, Briana Miller challenged her in the finals, choosing the only method of the three noted above that she hadn’t tried yet; the ‘deep from the loss side’ (seven wins) route.
Four matches in, with victories over Connie Eddins, Barb Yeager, Nicole Monaco, and Shanna Lewis, Corr had given up only three racks; one each to Eddins, Yeager and Lewis. At this point, in a winners’ side semifinal, she ran into a familiar nemesis, who’d challenged her three times in the finals this year – Tour director Linda Shea. In the meantime, Jia Li, who’d been runner-up to Corr earlier in the month, faced Kim Whitman, who would finish third for the third time this year.
Shea became the first player to chalk up more than a single rack against Corr, but moved to the loss side 7-2. Whitman, in the meantime, sent Li packing 7-4. Corr, apparently not happy with Shea’s second rack against her, gave up only one to Whitman, and sat in the hot seat waiting for Miller to complete her seven-match, loss-side run.
Following victories over Nicole Fleming and Borana Andoni, Miller had been sent to the loss side, by TruTV Hustler, Emily Duddy 7-4. She began her loss-side run with 7-4 victories over Kassandra Bein and Belinda Calhoun, and followed them with a 7-1 win over Iris Cabatit, and a 7-4 victory over Nicole Monaco. This set her up against Shea. Li, in the meantime, picked up Duddy, who’d survived a double hill match against Jacki Duggan and defeated Colleen Shoop 7-2. 
Miller downed Shea 7-2 and was denied a rematch against Duddy, when Li defeated her 7-4. Miller took the quarterfinal match against Li 7-4, and gave up only a single rack to Whitman in the semifinals. Corr completed her (yet again) undefeated run with a 7-2 win in the finals.