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Beckley, Haddad and Keeney win at Four Bears Casino

Some of the best players in the country showed up to participate in the 21st Annual 4-Bears 8-Ball Classic, April 19th-22nd, 2012 held at the 4-Bears Casino in New Town, ND. 

Thursday’s $3,000 added 9-ball mini tournament didn’t turnout to be so mini with 86 players signed up before the 5 PM deadline. The field consisted of many of the top pros and amateurs from across the country. In the finals it was pros, Jeff Beckley who won the host-seat match and John Morra winner of the loser’s side match. Morra would have to win 2-sets races to 9 to win the title and was up for the challenge by winning the 1st set 9-4. In the second set, Beckley rallied back to win 9-7 and earn his first 4-Bears Classic title and a purse of $1,300.00. 

By Thursday’s 5:00 PM deadline, 128-players had maxed out the field abandoning some extra players, so the committee decided to open up the field so that ALL 149-players could participate in this year’s main event. 

In the $10,000 added 8-ball main event, players from 14-states and 4-Canadian providences which included some of the top rated professionals in pool; Shane Van Boening, Stevie Moore, John Morra, Brandon Shuff, Shane McMinn, Jeff Beckley, Jesse Engel and Mark Haddad

Jeff Beckley, Reno Open 8-ball winner and just winning the 9-ball classic had his eyes set on winning back-to-back-to back championships, which proved to be a little too much by exiting early with a 25th-32nd finish in the 8-ball event. However Beckley wasn’t the only professional to exit early, Shane Van Boening and defending champion Lee Huewagen also failed to make the money and/or the final 32-redraw.

Mark Haddad of Colorado and Jesse Engel of Minnesota paired up in the 8-ball championship final match. Mark who went undefeated though the winner’s side brackets and Jesse winning from the 1-lose side bracket, and once again just like the 9-ball event Jesse would have to beat Mark twice to win the title.  Jesse proved he had a shot at the title winning the 1st match 7-4. Mark’s strong play continued as he won the second set 7-4 to win the title, cash and was awarded an embroidered jacket for his efforts. 

The women’s division was just as tough which included some of the best players from North & South Dakotas, Montana and two top WPBA touring professionals Nicole Keeney and Melissa Little. But in the end it came down to Melissa and Nicole in the finals. And just like the men’s event Nicole would have to beat Melissa twice, in two-sets race to 5 to win the championships. The first TV match went to Nicole winning 5-3 and in the second match Nicole squeaked by with another 5-3 win over Melissa to win the championship and 1st place purse of $1,500. 00 

The committee would like to thank all of the players who played is this years championships, Big Truck from Texas for televising the Internet matches, all the vendors and sponsors. And a special thanks to our host; The Four Bears Casino and Lodge, including all of their employees and general manager Pat Packinuea.

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Morgan goes undefeated for Mezz Tour Win

The Mezz Pro-Am made its way to Mainline Billiards in Frazer Pa on Sunday March 4th with a strong field of 35 Players including such notables as Sean “Alaska” Morgan, Randy Schwager, Jeff Beckley, Matt Krah, Eddie Abraham, and Lee Holt..

Leading the top half of the bracket was Morgan with wins over Lou Loupy Patrikios 7-6, Ed Huckleberry 7-5, Tom Bow 7-4, and Eddie Abraham 7-2.  Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Randy Schwager with wins over Mark Horn 7-6, Bob Milane 7-1, Pam Cimarelli 7-2, and Jeff Beckley 7-3.

Playing for the hot seat was Sean Morgan vs Randy Schwager. This match was all Morgan as he won easily 7-3 sending Randy Schwager to the one loss side.  

Waiting for Schwager on the one loss side was Jeff Beckley, looking for a little revenge over the man who sent him to the one loss side.  Beckley would come up one game short of getting that revenge as Schwager won the match 6-5. 

The double elimination finals only went one set with Morgan scoring a 6-4 victory to take first place in the event.

I would like to thank all the players that came out to play and all of the sponsors.

USBTC wraps up with Jeff Beckley winning the 8-Ball Division

USBTC 8-Ball Champion, Jeff Beckley, at work in the TAR arena

CSI’s 19th Annual US Bar Table Championships concluded Sunday, with Jeff Beckley going undefeated in the 8-Ball Division.   The first year for the USTBC at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino was a rousing success.  It’s been a fantastic week of championship caliber pool, with outstanding performances in all three divisions: 10-Ball, 9-Ball and 8-Ball.

The 8-Ball Division kicked off on Friday, with 189 entries in the Men’s Division and 46 entries in the Women’s Division.  All tables were in play, as there were three tournaments being contested simultaneously, the Men’s and Women’s USTBC 8-Ball, and a WorldPPA handicapped 9-Ball Tournament.

Jeff Beckley, who hails from Indiana, had an impressive tournament run.  Jeff  finished undefeated, and notched wins over notable players such as Jose Parica, Larry Nevel, Francisco Bustamante and Robb Saez.  His win/loss totals were an impressive 45-18.

Jeff started out the final day, with a hotseat match with Francisco Bustamante.  Jeff played solid and capitalized on a few uncharacteristic mistakes from Francisco.  Francisco was a favorite going in, as he had a very impressive run on Saturday.  Jeff sent Francisco to the losers bracket with a 5-3 win and then went back to his room to relax until his 7:00 match.
Meanwhile, Robb Saez was all business on Sunday.  His eyes were set on Jeff Beckley, but he would have to beat a host of champions to get there.   Robb started off by knocking out Rodney Morris 5-2, then sent Larry Nevel packing with a 5-0 win.  Next up for Robb was Oscar Dominguez, who was having a great tournament himself.

Oscar was sent to the losers side late Saturday night by Francisco Bustamante, in a match where Oscar would get only two shots.  Francisco broke and ran the first game.  When Oscar broke the next game, the cue ball got kicked in and Francisco ran out.  Then, Francisco broke and ran out.  When Oscar broke the next game, the cue ball was kicked in again, and Francisco ran out.  Francisco then broke and ran the final game, for a 5-0 win.  In all, Oscar had only two shots in the match, both break shots.
Oscar would give Robb all he could handle though on Sunday, and they went hill-hill with Robb needing to bank his last solid cross side and draw his cueball into the 8-ball, which was tied up on another ball.  It was a do or die shot, where any part of the shot going wrong would result in an easy out and a win for Oscar.  Undaunted, Robb drilled the bank and drew softly into the 8-ball, freeing it up for an easy shot to win the set.
Up next for Robb, was Francisco Bustamante.  Robb had everything rolling for him though at this point, and great play and a few rolls allowed him to move on to the finals with a 5-4 victory over “Django.”
The finals got underway at 7:00 pm with Robb Saez needing to beat Jeff Beckley twice.  Up until this point, it seemed destiny was on Robb’s side, but Jeff was not going to be denied.  First Jeff got an early lead at 3-0, then Robb crept back with a  couple of  games.   Jeff got to the hill first, and had a few opportunities to close out the match, but couldn’t cash in on them.  Jeff would need to keep his composure and put his missed opportunities behind him, if he wanted to end this in one set.  Jeff would keep it together, and with a straight in 8-ball down the rail, he won his first  USBTC 8-Ball Title.

Congratulations to Jeff Beckley with his 1st place finish and Robb Saez for finishing 2nd.  Francisco Bustamante finished 3rd and Oscar Dominguez came in 4th.  First paid $5700, 2nd paid $3300, 3rd paid $2000 and 4th paid 1200.
On the Women’s side, Stacy Allsup went undefeated and matched up with Melissa Little in the finals.  Melissa would need to beat Stacy two sets to come out on top, but fell short, losing the first set 4-2.  Congratulations to Stacy Allsup on her 1st place finish pocketing $875, and Melissa Little on her 2nd place finish and a $550 prize.
In the All Around Bonus, there was a three way tie for 1st place, between Shane Van Boening, Glenn Atwell and Jeff Beckley.  They split $3500 in added Bonus money provided by CSI.  On the Women’s side, Rebecca Wagner took home an additional $500 for 1st place and Stacy Allsup took home $250.
CSI would like to thank the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino for providing a perfect venue for the USBTC Championship.   Thanks to Ric, Bonnie and Ken Jones with Bad Boys Billiard Productions for all they do in setting up and running this great event.  Bad Boys would like to thank Bret Baker and Janet Okomoto for volunteering their time to assist them.   CSI would like to thank Bill Stock for assisting Bad Boys on the Tournament Directors staff and the long hours he’s had this year at DCC, Swanee and USBTC.

CSI would like to recognize Justin Collett and TAR for providing daily live streaming of the event with the high quality production we all have come to expect from them.

TAR would like to thank OB Cues for sponsoring the live streaming and Kamui Tips and AZBilliards for their additional support.  Also, Ken Shuman for his professional commentating all week on the live stream.  Special thanks to Andy Chen & Greg Koch (“CaliRed”) for their long hours running cameras for the live stream.
Most of all, CSI would like to thank the players, the fans, and the pool community for making this event a success.  CSI would especially like to thank their own CSI family at the home office, who put in all the hard work behind the scenes, that are required to put together these large tournaments.  On behalf of Mark Griffin and the entire CSI Staff, thanks to all of you for another successful and entertaining event.

Cannon rolls in Lexington

Daulton did not draw a bye the entire event

Shannon Daulton went undefeated including two wins over Travis Stamper to win The 2001 Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour National Championship. In a tournament that saw a number of players take advantage of the small fee to guarantee a spot in the tournament, and then not show up to play, which left some matches up to a toss of the coin as to which absent player would get credit for the win, Daulton was unlucky enough to not get one bye.
Daulton started the tourney with a 9-1 win over Bobby Renner, followed by a 9-6 win over James Myers. The six games that Myers won would be the most any player scored against Daulton. A 9-4 win over Jeff Beckley was followed by a 9-2 win over 1998 Tour Points leader Dee Adkins. Daulton then defeated Kirk Stevens 9-1 before notching back-to-back 9-5 wins over Sammy Monday and Jose Parica.
This set up the match for the hot seat where Daulton cruised to a 9-3 win over Stamper. Stamper moved to the one-loss side of the board where he eliminated Jose Parica by the score of 9-7 to set up the rematch with Daulton but Daulton was too much for Stamper as he cruised to a 9-4 win for the tournament.
Daulton collected $5,000 for first while Stamper settled for $4,000 for second. Parica and Jason Kirkwood filled out the top 4 spots.