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Dunbar chalks up his first regional tour event, winning Stop #3 on NE 9-Ball Series

(l to r): Cody Porter, Tyler Dunbar & Jeff Yerxa

As Tyler Dunbar entered the Bangor Bash, Stop #3 on the New England 9-Ball Series’ 2019-2020 tour, held on the weekend of October 12-13, he was looking to collect what he hoped would be his third cash prize in a regional tour event. According to our records, he’d collected his first cash prize in January, when he finished in the tie for 9th place at the 10th stop on the NE 9-Ball Series’ 2018-2019 season. Two months later, he finished third at a Joss NE Tour stop in Portland, ME. Working from the lower (Fargo Rate) bracket, Dunbar went undefeated through to the hot seat, before giving up the opening set of a true double elimination final to Jeff Yerxa. Dunbar won the second set to claim his third cash prize as he won his first major title. The $2,000-added event drew 43 entrants to Rack City in Bangor, ME.
Following lower bracket victories over Becca Ellis, Kasandra Lam, Kyle King and Ben White by an aggregate game score of 26-9, Dunbar arrived at a winners’ side semifinal against Phil Walton. Cody Porter, in the meantime, who’d finished 7th in the Joss NE Tour stop in which Dunbar had finished third and like Dunbar, was looking for his third cash win in a regional tournament, faced Ross Webster in the other one. Webster had just sent Jeff Yerxa to the loss side 7-4.
Dunbar advanced to the hot seat match with a shutout over Walton. Porter and Webster battled to double hill before Porter prevailed to join Dunbar. With the higher-ratEd Porter (583) racing to 8, Dunbar (481) claimed the hot seat 5-3.
Over on the loss side, Yerxa opened his run to the finals with a 6-2 victory over Joash Neault and followed with a 6-3 win over Michael Levitt, to draw Webster, coming over from the winners’ side semifinal. Walton drew a rematch versus Jason Seavey, whom he’d sent to the loss side in a winners’ side quarterfinal and who’d won two straight double hill matches against Mark Pulsifer and Ben White to earn the rematch.
Yerxa advanced to the quarterfinals 6-4 over Webster. He was joined by Seavey, who’d wreaked his rematch vengeance on Walton 5-2.
Yerxa then chalked up two straight, double hill wins (7-4) against Seavey in the quarterfinals and Porter in the semifinals (both racing to 5) for a shot at Dunbar in the hot seat. With a 119-point differential in their Fargo Rates, Dunbar (481) started the first set of the true double elimination final against Yerxa (600) with four on the wire in a race to 9. Dunbar added three to that four, but Yerxa chalked up the nine he needed to claim the first set.
The race was reduced in the second set, with Dunbar awarded three on the wire in a race to seven. Dunbar chalked up the four racks he needed to claim the event title, while allowing Yerxa only two racks in his quest for 7.
Tour director Marc Dionne thanked the ownership and staff at Rack City, as well as sponsors Predator Cues, USAPL New England, BCA Pool League, Fargo Rate, Bert Kinister, AZBilliards, Inside English, Professor Q-ball’s National Pool and 3-Cushion News, Delta 13 Racks, MJS Construction, Bob Campbell with Lease Fundings, Master Billiards and OTLVISE Billiard Mechanics of America. The next stop on the NE 9-Ball Series (#4), scheduled for this Saturday, Oct. 19, will be a $500-added event, hosted by Yale Billiards in Wallingford, CT.

Astle goes undefeated to win Stop #6 on the New England 9-Ball Series

Jeff Yerxa, Eric Nickerson and Aaron Astle

Eric Nickerson went at Aaron Astle twice during the sixth stop on the New England 9-Ball Series on Saturday, November 5; once in the hot seat match, and again in the finals. They fought to double hill both times, and Astle chalked up the deciding game both times to claim the event title. The $1,500-added event drew 35 entrants to Rack City in Bangor, ME.
Astle downed Ben Harvey 4-2 in one winners’ side semifinal, as Eric Nickerson sent Steve Smith to the loss side, double hill in the other. As the higher ranked player, Nickerson had to win seven games, before Astle chalked up four in their hot seat match. Astle did so and waited on Nickerson’s return from the semifinals.
On the loss side, Harvey picked up Ross Wheaton, who’d defeated Mark Pulsifer 4-2 and Jenn Brown 5-1 to reach him. Smith drew Jeff Yerxa, who’d eliminated Jordan Labbe 5-6 (Labbe racing to 8), and Chad Bazinet, double hill.
Harvey and Yerxa advanced to the quarterfinals; Harvey, 5-1 over Wheaton and Yerxa, 5-4 over Smith (racing to 6). Yerxa eliminated Harvey 6-3 in those quarterfinals, and then, in a straight-up race to 6, was himself eliminated 6-3. 
Nickerson came out gunning in the finals. He reached the hill ahead by 6-1. Astle, though, responded with three straight to claim the event title.
Stop #7 on the New England 9-Ball Series, scheduled for Sunday, November 20, will be hosted by Maxamillian’s Billiards in Tyngsboro, MA.
The New England 9 -Ball Series would like to thank everyone for their support in running this event and all its sponsors: Ozone Billiards, Molinari, Bert Kinister, AzBilliards, Inside English, Professor Q-ball’s National Pool and 3 Cushion News, Delta 13 Racks, Bob Campbell, Championship Cloth, and OTLVISE Billiard Mechanics of America. Many of these events would not be possible without their help.