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Pam Takes on the Men: Winners of the Predator World 14.1 Qualifiers

Pam Cimarelli

Queens, New York-  Chicago, New York City, New Jersey, and Ohio produced 9 winners to add to the elite field in this Sunday’s start of the 72nd Predator World Tournament of 14.1. Players traveled from New Jersey to New York, New York to New Jersey, Georgia to Ohio, and so on to earn their way to the biggest straight pool event of the year. One unique standout will be Pam Cimarelli, the sole woman in the men’s field during the Predator World Tournament.

“I was really surprised to see so many new guys show up to play in the qualifier. Some I knew didn’t really have a chance to win, but they just wanted to be a part of the experience, which tells me the World Tournament has really gained alot of ground here. I run the straight pool leagues here, and I definitely noticed a spike in interest over the years. The World Tournament is helping keep 14.1 going in many places”, said Danny Barouty, one of the great 14.1 players and advocates in NYC. Barouty also ran the World Tournament Qualifiers for Amsterdam Billiards.

In New Jersey, Dennis Spears went undefeated including a nice 70+ ball run at Sandcastle Billiards owned by Ed Liddawi . Joey Kong got the 2nd place spot.

In Ohio, Mark Ritter won his second year in a row qualifier with John Crawford coming in second spot at Continuous Play Billiards owned by Joe Toth.

In Chicago, Tom Karabotsos won for the third year in a row with a 70+ ball run and Bob Cozzolino getting the second spot at John Lavin‘s Red Shoe Billiards  .

In New York City, Bob Madenjian won his second straight year qualifier with 14.1 newcomer “Alaskan”  Sean Morgan in second at Greg Hunt’s legendary Amsterdam Billiard Club.

And of course, New Jersey’s Pam Cimarelli won the Amsterdam Billiards Women’s Only qualifier and will be the lone female entrant in the 72nd World Tournament. 

“I’m so excited. I’m really at a loss for words. Excitement is all I feel! Allen Hopkins has been showing me some things at my poolroom and so has Jimmy Fusco who is like my uncle. I absolutely love playing the guys”, said Cimarelli who’s high run in straight pool is an incredible 142 balls.
And her reaction when Pam was informed that she was in Group 1 and would face the reigning World Tournament Champion Thorsten Hohmann?
“Oh wow! I will love it!”, she exclaimed. “He doesn’t intimidate me at all. Because he is such a gentleman.”
“She’s a real good ball pocketer, so she could surprise some people”, said Allen Hopkins, former World 14.1 Champion.

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