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World Police and Fire Games Day Four

Wesley Beins (SGP) bridges to his shot.

FAIRFAX — Day 4 of the Pocket Billiards competition from the World Police and Fire Games has concluded. Competitors squared off in a quadruple-qualifying bracket in 8Ball. 
The discipline was staged according CSI/BCA rules. The key parameters included open on the break, establish suit, call pocket, call safe, and ball-in-hand fouls. 
“It was refreshing to field questions from spectators about our pro-am guidelines,” offered sport coordinator Eric S. Townsend. “Most in the United States are familiar with a less structured pub version of the game that lacks design and even rewards mistakes,” added Townsend.
The tournament format again earned rave reviews, as administered by Pennsylvania 9Ball Tour’s Dan Madden. Entrants were given up to four losses before being eliminated. The no loss and first loss brackets raced to 4, while the two and third loss brackets raced to 3. 
“Most of these competitors play above my skill level,” admitted Kieran Mussen, a fireman from Perth, Australia. “Your tournament runs smoothly and keeps players in the hunt” recognized Mussen.
The field was narrowed to a final grouping of 8 players in medal contention. They were: Wesley Beins (Singapore), Doug Moreau (Canada), John Griffin (Ireland), Genadijs Kaminiskis (Latvia), John O'Sullivan (Ireland), Joe Rodriguez (USA), Michael Grosso (USA), and Chris Gloerson (USA). 
The slate culminated in the medal ceremony for straight pool, a celebration made special by visits from delegates of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. Gifts from Shaun Wilkie, a top 10 world-ranked straight pool player, added an intimate touch to the proceedings. Wilkie crafted congratulations to each of the medalist on autographed glossies, plus provided a copy of a recent magazine feature. Both are suitable for framing.
Matches resume tomorrow from Breakers Sky Lounge in Herndon, Virginia at 9am. Medal winners will be awarded at 3pm. Enjoy this great event through the live stream available on the away channel at

World Police & Fire Games Day One

Photo courtesy Paul Helms

FAIRFAX — Day 1 of the Pocket Billiards competition from the World Police and Fire Games is in the books. Competitors battled in a quadruple-qualifying format administrated by Dan Madden.


The field has been narrowed to the final 8 players for Day 2, and they are: Wesley Beins (Singapore), Eric Cloutier (Canada), Doug Moreau (Canada), Genadijs Kaminskis (Latvia), John O'Sullivan (Ireland), Joe Rodriguez (USA), Michael Grosso (USA), and Jordan Greenhaw (USA). 


“I was pleasantly surprised today by the quality of play representing these games,” offered commentator George Hammerbacher, who’s witnessed many of the top amateurs in recent years through his work for the Action Pool Tour (USA).


In addition to the police and fire matches, players who have been eliminated will have the chance to warmup for the next event (straight pool) with Lucasi-sponsored pro Shaun Wilkie. He will also provide a talk at day’s end, sharing 9Ball tips and experiences from his billiard career.


“I'm happy to be considered and given the opportunity to participate in this event. Thanks goes to Eric Townsend for inviting me to join his team,” added Wilkie.


Matches resume tomorrow from Breakers Sky Lounge in Herndon, Virginia at 12 noon. Medal winners will be awarded at 6pm. Enjoy this great event through the live stream available on the away channel at


Ochoa Breaks the Ice

Manny Chau, Sylver Ochoa and Raul Escobedo

This past weekend the Lone Star Event hosted its second 9-ball stop of the year at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas with 73 Amateur players and 52 Open players in attendance. Participants came from all over including Tyler, Temple, San Antonio, and Austin to take the Lone Star plunge. Open side notables included Joey Barnes, James Baraks, Manny Chau, and Sylver Ochoa. Amateurs included Calvin Trimont, Robert Hitchcock, Rocky Esquivel, Robert Odom, Steve Espinosa and many more. 

Match play commenced at approximately 3pm on Saturday after 125 players were auctioned off. The Amateur division winners' side final 8 saw Jason Pearce defeat Steve Lindgren 7-1, Raul Escobedo oust Calvin Trimont 7-4, Victor Rojas best Sonny Bosshamer 7-1, and Karl McClendon defeat Rocky Esquivel 7-2. On the one-loss side it was Bobby Perez making a great comeback with 6 straight wins after a second round loss to Steve Lindgren. His end came at the hands of Will Felder 5-3. It was Mikey Frost over Charlie Buckner 5-3 and David Massie over Eric Olivo which moved them into 9th -12th position on the one-loss side along with Felder and Perez. It was Felder and Rojas who dueled for 3rd after Rojas was dealt a blow by MCclendon 7-5 on the winners' side. Pearce sent Escobedo west 7-4 and earned himself a first-time hot seat match up with McClendon. Pearce secured his place 7-3 while Rojas defeated Felder 5-3. McClendon overcame Rojas but fell to Pearce in the final.

The Open division winners' side final 8 saw Andy Jethwa skim by Manny Chau 9-8, Raul Escobedo best Bill Fuller 9-3, Sylver Ochoa defeat Brent Thomas, and James Baraks glide by Brian Rosenbaum. On the west side, Danny Lee defeated Thomas, Joey Barnes bested Brian Rosenbaum, Chau sent home McClendon, and Mike Alonzo eliminated Fuller. Upsets included Barnes and Chau who suffered winners' side blows from Jethwa by the same score of 9-8, but when the smoke cleared it was Ochoa over Escobedo for the hot seat 9-6. On the one-loss side, Barnes and Escobedo were stopped short by Chau 7-4, 7-2, respectively. Ochoa made quick work of Chau and finished the event undefeated by a final score of 9-2.

Other winners included Courtney Peters and Loretta Lindgren who split the $100 Top Lady prize awarded in the Amateur division. Nick Calderaro, Houston's hottest young up-and-comer took home first for his efforts in the Junior division held on Sunday. Rocky Esquivel, Steve Espinosa, and Brittany McCombs all took home a Poison Cue from the Poison Cue Raffles. Congratulations!

The Lone Star Tour would like to thank its sponsors,,,,, the APA of North Harris County, Roger Allen Cue Repair, Gulf Coast Billiards,, and James Walker who donated two T-Shirts to our Junior event winners. Our tour referee, Derrell Montgomery, did an outstanding job of keeping the event running smoothly as well as John Newsome who took over the tournament command post on Sunday. 

The next Lone Star Event is April 14th-15th at Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar. We would love for you to join us! Here is another chance to qualify for the Poison by Predator Tour!

For information on how to become a Lone Star Tour Sponsor, host an event, or general information, please call Kim White-Newsome at 713.825-1411.

1st Sylver Ochoa $600/$1000
2nd Manny Chau $420/$700
3rd Raul Escobedo $280/$500
4th Joey Barnes $120/$200
5th-6th Andy Jethwa, James Baraks $70
7th-8th Danny Lee, Mike Alonzo $50
9th-12th Brent Thomas, Brian Rosenbaum, Karl McClendon, Bill Fuller $35

1st Jason Pearce $570/$750
2nd Karl McClendon $400/$500
3rd Victor Rojas $250/$300
4th Will Felder $100/$115
5th-6th Mikey Frost, Raul Escobedo $70/$50
7th-8th Calvin Trimont, Bobby Perez $50/$30
9th-12th Steve Lindgren, David Massie, Sonny Bosshamer, Rocky Esquivel $35
13th-16th Charlie Buckner, Eric Olivo, Dee Davis, Brent Thomas $25
17th-24th John Doty, Pedro Medina, Joe Rodriguez, Jay Russell, Danny Lee, Robert Bell, Grady Cooper, Jason Watson $10

Top Ladies
Courtney Peters $50
Loretta Lindgren $50

1st Nick Calderaro $50 + Shirt
2nd Ron Esman $25 + Shirt