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Sanchez comes back from semifinals to down Shlemperis on Predator Tour

Dave Shlemperis, Juan Guzman, Mrs. Guzman, Junior Sanchez & Tony Robles

Dave Shlemperis put up a good double hill fight in the finals of the Predator Tour's Amateur event on the weekend of November 9-10, but it wasn't enough. Junior Sanchez came back from the semifinals to avenge an earlier loss in the hot seat match and won the $500-added event that had drawn 64 entrants to Steinway Billiards in Astoria, NY.
They got into their first match, following Shlemperis' victory over Meshak Daniel 7-3 and Sanchez' 7-5 win over Keith Adamik. Shlemperis took the first of his two against Sanchez 7-5 and waited in the hot seat for his return.
Daniel and Adamik moved west and had their weekend ended in their first, loss-side matches, both double hill. Daniel came up against Jorge Bivanco, who'd gotten by Manny Stamatakis 7-4 and Steve Persaud 9-5. Adamik's final match came against Juan Guzman, who'd been sent west by Shlemperis, and then defeated Tony Ignomirello 9-6 and Luis Novas 8-4.
Guzman, making short work of Bivanco in the quarterfinals that followed, gave up only a single rack, and turned to face Sanchez. Sanchez won the semifinal fight against Guzman 7-4 to earn his second shot against Shlemperis, and then took full advantage with a double hill win in the finals that earned him the event title.