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Danny Hewitt & Dave Mills Take Joss Stop At Salt City Billiards

Salt City Billiards in Syracuse NY was our host for stop #4 of the Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour's current 20th season with Danny Hewitt taking top honors in the main event. Hewitt's road to the finals was a relatively easy trip with wins over Dave Johnson 9-1, Rohit Aggarwal 9-2, former NYS Champ Alan Kiehle 9-6, Joe Darigis 9-4, Spencer Auigbelle 9-6 and Hendrik Drost 9-3 for the hot seat. His opponent in the finals, Martin Daigle, had a much tougher task at hand. Having lost a hard fought hill-hill 1st round match to Bucky Souvanthong, things were not looking good. But, that loss seemed to trigger a winning attitude as Daigle proceeded to knock off opponents one by one to the tune of 9 wins in a row for him to reach the finals verses Hewitt. Daigle's victories included wins over Lance Kellogg 9-2, Bruce Carroll 9-1, Dwight Dixon 9-3, Dave Grau 9-3, Joe Darigis 9-4, Ed Saur 9-7, Bruce Nagle 9-8, Spencer Auigbelle 9-3 and Hendrik Drost 9-4.

In the true double elimination format it appeared that Daigle had not lost any steam, winning the first set of the all Canadian finals over Hewitt 9-6. The set was somewhat close early on but hewitt was always slightly behind and seemed to have a little trouble getting his game in gear. The second set however was much different as Hewitt simply dominated Daigle to the tune of 9-2. Hewitt collected $1,000 while Daigle settled for second money of $700 and Drost earned $550 for a great 3rd place finish.

Our $20 entry fee Sunday second chance tourney saw Dave Mills come back from an early loss for the win. That event saw Jason Hall defeat Jerome Rockwell for the hot seat. Mills then beat Rockwell and went on to defeat Hall two sets in the final by scores of 3-2 & 3-2. Mills collected $280 for first, Hall $180 for second and Rockwell $120 for third.

The lucky winner of our $1,500 custom engraved Joss Cue raffle was a local player, Charles Maitland.

We are fast approaching our mid season championship "Turning Stone Classic XXVII 9-Ball Open" on January 5-8, 2017. If you would like to compete in this world class event, I suggest you contact Mike Zuglan immediately to avoid being left out. The event is limited to the first 128 paid entries and Always fills months ahead. If just coming to watch, spectator admission is Free once again. Mike Zuglan can be reached at 518-356-7163.

Main Event results:

1st – Danny Hewitt –  $1,000
2nd – Martin Daigle – $700
3rd – Hendrik Drost – $550
4th – Spencer Auigbelle – $400
5/6 – Bruce Nagle & Aaron Greenwood – $300 each
7/8 – Ed Saur & Marco Kam – $200 each
9/12 – Bucky Souvanthong, Joe Darigis, Ron Casanzio & Mark Creamer – $100 each

Second Chance results:

1st – Dave Mills – $280
2nd – Jason Hall – $180
3rd – Jerome Rockwell – $120
4th – Nate Marshall – $80
5/6 – Lance Kellogg & Russ Randall – $40 each

The picture includes Frank Delconte, owner, Martin Daigle 2nd place Dan Hewitt 1st Jennifer Delconte, owners wife 
Front Meane Daigle Nichole Delconte (daughters)


Sossei and Davis earn Joss Tour Wins

Salt City Owner Frank Del Conte, Spencer Auigbelle and Jeremy Sossei

Jeremy Sossei turned in a dominating performance going through a field of 37 players undefeated to win the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour stop at Salt City Billiards in Syracuse NY.


On his way to the hot-seat match, the closest Sossei allowed an opponent was Bucky Souvanthong who managed five racks before Sossei won the match 9-5. The hot-seat match turned out to be more of the same as Sossei scored a comfortable 9-3 win over Spencer Auigbelle.


On the one loss side, Auigbelle and Souvanthong battled to hill-hill before Auigbelle dropped the case nine ball to earn a rematch with Sossei in the finals.


The finals would go one set with Auigbelle unable to better his three racks from the hot-seat match. Sossei scored another 9-3 win in the first set of the finals.


The second chance event on Sunday saw Phil Davis bounce back from an early loss to Lance Kellogg and not lose a match the rest of the way. Davis won five straight matches on the one loss side to get to the finals, where he defeated hot-seat holder Geoff Montgomery 3-2 and 3-2 in the two set final match.


Next up for the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be the Al Conte Memorial on November 8th and 9th at Hippos House of Billiards in Utica, NY.

Solvetti takes two out of three against Kellogg to win Western New York Tour stop

Travis Solvetti got into the hot seat, and then gave up the first match of a double elimination final to Lance Kellogg, before rallying to take the second set and claim the Western New York Tour stop title on Saturday, March 22. The event, hosted by Premium Billiards in Syracuse, NY, drew 16 entrants.
Solvetti defeated Angelo Innis in a winners' side final four battle, as Kellogg was engaged in a 6-4 win over Jared Zimmer. Solvetti took the first of three against Kellogg 7-5 and waited in the hot seat for his return.
Innis moved over to pick up Don Purdy, who'd defeated tour director Nick Brucato 8-3 and Jeff Montgomery 7-5 to reach him. Zimmer drew Brett Fenstermaker, who'd gotten by Ibo Eng 6-3 and Dano Veinot 6-4.  Innis got right back to work on the loss side with a 7-3 win over Purdy, as Fenstermaker was busy eliminating Zimmer 6-3.
Innis and Fenstermaker locked up in a double hill, quarterfinal fight, eventually won by Innis, who was then defeated by Kellogg 7-4 in the semifinals. Kellogg and Silvetti fought back and forth to double hill in the opening set of the finals, with Kellogg prevailing to force a second set. They came within a game of a second double hill set, but Silvetti edged out in front to win it 7-5 and claim the event title.

Tanner stops loss-side challenge by Davis to win Dishaw Custom Cues CNY Tour

It’s rare when opponents facing each other in an opening round of tournament play, face each other a second time in the event finals. That, however, is just what happened at the Dishaw Custom Cues CNY Tour stop on Saturday, March 17. Adam Tanner, a double-A player, sent Tim Davis, a B+, to the loss side 8-4 in the opening round, and met him again in a true double elimination final. Tanner won two of their three matches to take top honors in the event, which had drawn 15 entrants to Premium Billiards in Syracuse, NY.

Having dispatched Davis to the loss side, Tanner advanced among the winners’ side final four to to face another B+ player, Mike Zarelli. Marko Clark, in the meantime, squared off against Adam Osborne. Tanner got into the hot seat match with an 8-4 victory over Zarelli, and was met by Clarke, who’d defeated Osborne 7-4. Tanner got into the hot seat with an 8-5 win.

Meanwhile, Davis was embarked on a six-match, loss-side winning streak that would give him a second chance against Tanner. He got by two A players, Bobby Schroeter 6-6 and Gary Lloyd 6-2 to meet up with Osborne. Zarelli drew Lance Kellogg, who’d defeated Mike Renshaw 6-6 and Travis Salvetti 7-1. In the all B+ battle to determine the tie for fifth place, Davis and Kellogg defeated Osborne and Zarelli; Davis 6-3 over Osborne and Kellogg 6-1 over Zarelli.

Davis chalked up his fifth loss-side match with a 6-3 victory over Kellogg in the B+ quarterfinal match. A 6-5 victory over Clarke in the semifinals (Clarke needing 7), set up the true double elimination final re-match.

Davis battled to double hill in the opening set, and prevailed to force a second. Tanner, though, gave up only a single rack in the deciding second set, winning 8-1 to secure the event title.

Tour director Gary Lloyd thanked the ownership and staff of Premium Billiards for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Dishaw Custom Cues, Cue Shark, TotalPoolInfo, and Custom Logo USA.