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Double hill, double dip gives Banks, Jr. Midwest 9-Ball One-Pocket title; Fusselman wins Ladies Event

Mike Banks, Jr. came from the loss-side to meet and double dip hot seat occupant Chip Compton to capture the One-Pocket title of the Midwest 9-Ball Tour’s stop on the weekend of November 12-13. Banks would go on to finish in the tie for fifth place in the 9-Ball event, which was still in progress, as of 10 p.m. (EST) on Sunday night. Peggy Fusselman went undefeated to capture the $500-added Ladies Event title, which had drawn 15 entrants to Shooter’s in Olathe, KS. The $1,000-added One-Pocket event drew 38 entrants to the same location.

Banks, Jr. and Compton both advanced to the winners’ side final four in the One-Pocket event, but only Compton advanced to the hot seat. Banks was sent west by Will Freeman, as Compton was busy sending Tommy Tokoph over, both by 3-1 scores. Compton gained the hot seat by the same score, sending Freeman to the semifinals from which he was destined not to return.

As if moving to the loss-side wasn’t bad enough, Banks, Jr. moved over and ran right into Nick Varner, who’d shut out Robb Saez and survived a double hill battle against Gary Lutman to reach him. Tommy Tokoph drew Joey Gray, who, after being sent west in a double hill battle against Banks, Jr., had defeated Jody McLaughlin, double hill, and shut out Mickey Brandt.  The quarterfinal proved to be a Banks, Jr./Gray re-match, as Banks, Jr. downed Varner 3-1, and Gray survived a double hill battle against Tokoph.

Banks, Jr. then defeated Gray a second time, this time 3-1, and turned to face Freeman in the semifinals. A shutout victory there, gave Banks, Jr. a shot at Compton in a true double elimination final. Both sets went double hill, and Banks, Jr. won them both to snatch an undefeated day and event title from Compton.

Fusselman won the Ladies event with a 7-2 finals victory over Linda Brown. Brown had survived a double hill battle against Julie Guzman in the event semifinals. Guzman, as well, had survived a double hill win versus Lorraine Jessepe in the quarterfinals.

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