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Barnes goes undefeated to win stop #5 on Tiger Florida Tour

Stephanie Mitchell, room owner Leslie McElroy, Jeannie Seaver and Jessica Barnes

Jessica Barnes took down the Tiger Florida Tour's current top-ranked player, Jeannie Seaver, in the finals of the $500-added fifth stop on the tour, held on Saturday, June 6. The event drew 22 entrants to The Corner Pocket in Largo, FL.
Utilizing a modified double elimination format, the 22 entrants played straight double elimination until there were two competitors left on each side of the bracket. At that point, it became a single elimination tournament, with two semifinals, and a final match.
Barnes path to the victory went through Becky Yel, Toni Curry, and Shanelle Lorraine before meeting up with McElroy for the first time. Seaver, after an opening round bye, defeaTed Deanna Fost, and Nicole Cuellar, before drawing Leslie Blaikie. Barnes sent McElroy to the loss side 7-5, as Seaver downed Blaikie 7-2. Barnes and Seaver then awaited loss-side results.
Over on the loss side, McElroy and Mitchell both met up with the players that had sent them to the loss side. McElroy picked up Marlene Houldsworth, whom she'd sent to the loss side in the second round (they'd each received byes in the first round). Houndsworth moved over and embarked on a four-match, loss-side streak that included back-to-back, double hill wins over Lyn Remsen and Shanelle Lorraine. Blaikie drew room owner Stephanie Mitchell, who, after being defeated by Blaikie in the third round, moved over and defeated Michell Monk and Cassidy Mulligan, both 5-3.
Both event quarterfinals went to double hill, before Mitchell and McElroy wreaked their vengeance on Blakie and Houndsworth and advanced to the event semifinals. In those semifinals, Barnes defeated McElroy a second time, 7-5, while Seaver downed Mitchell 7-1.
Barnes claimed the event title 7-3.
Tour director Mimi McAndrews thanked Stephanie Mitchell and her staff at Corner Pocket for their hospitality, as well as sponsors Tiger Products, Ozone Billiards, Simonis Cloth, Discount Mugs, Boynton Billiards, and Great Lakes Billiards. Stop #6 on the Tiger Florida Tour, scheduled for July 11, will be hosted by Capone's in Spring Hill, FL

Seaver goes undefeated to win Tiger Florida Tour

Jeannie Seaver, Stephanie Mitchell (room owner) and Crystal McCormick

Jeannie Seaver became the second player to win a stop on the newly-named Tiger Florida Tour (formerly, the Flamingo Tour), with an undefeated run on Saturday, July 12. The $400-added event drew 33 entrants to The Corner Pocket in Largo, FL.
For the third time in a row on the tour, Crystal McCormick was one of the event finalists, this time facing Seaver, instead of April Wallen. McCormick defeated Lyn Remsen, Vanessa Seaver, and Cassidy Mulligan to move among the event's final eight winners, and a re-draw to single elimination competition. Seaver, in the meantime, had received an opening round bye and then defeated Diane Chauliac, Stephanie Mitchell, and Kelly Cavanaugh. Also advancing from the winners' side of the bracket were Wallen and newcomer Amanda Newton. The four to advance from the losers' bracket were Sabra McArthur-Beahm, Helen Caukin, Jeannie Seaver's sister,Vanessa, and Maridana "Mike" Fitzgerald.
In the quarterfinal matchups, McCormick survived a double hill battle against McArthur-Beahm, as Caukin ended Wallen's hopes for a third straight win on the tour with a 7-5 victory. By the same score, Newton defeated Fitzgerald. Jeannie Seaver defeated her sister, Vanessa 7-3.
In the semifinals that followed, McCormick moved into her third straight final on the tour with a 7-1 victory over Caukin. Jeannie Seaver and Newton battled to double hill before Seaver prevailed to face McCormick in the finals. Seaver defeated McCormick 7-2 in the finals to complete her undefeated run and claim the event title.
Tour director Mimi McAndrews thanked room owner Stephanie Mitchell and her staff for their hospitality, as well as title sponsor Tiger Cues, Ozone Billiards and Boynton Billiards. The next stop on the Tiger Florida Tour, scheduled for August 9, will be hosted by the Wally's in Lakeland, FL.