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2024 UK Open Pool Championship – Kaci’s Title Defence Comes To An End

Pijus Labutis

Eklent Kaçi’s title defence comes to a shocking end at the BetVictor 2024 UK Open Pool Championship at the Telford International Centre. Unlike Capito, Fortunski, Makkonen, and Labutis who advance into tomorrow’s semi-finals live on broadcasters worldwide, including DAZN, Viaplay, and Sky Sports in the UK.



Defending champion Eklent Kaçi began the day with an impressive battle against American hall of famer Shane Van Boening, securing a decisive 10-5 victory. Kaçi then went on to encounter Spanish Open semi-finalist Pijus Labutis, who had previously stopped Mickey Krause with a 10-6 win in the Last 16 stage.

Unfortunately for Kaçi, his title defence came to a devastating halt against Labutis, who prevented the Albanian from gaining any momentum during the racks. A golden break comfortably propelled Labutis to the hill, where he swept the table to reach 10-5, bringing an end to Kaçi’s reign.

Filler’s masterclass persisted as he continued his rack win streak from the previous night, dominating Wiktor Zielinski with a commanding 6-0 lead. Filler’s execution of safety shots left Zielinski with little opportunity to gain ground, concluding the match 10-3.

In the subsequent round, Filler faced off against the emerging talent Robbie Capito, who had defeated Fedor Gorst in a dramatic 10-8 showdown the round before. Despite Filler’s strong performance earlier, he encountered challenges against Capito, who began with an impressive 6-0 advantage. Filler regained momentum, seizing opportunities presented by his opponent’s mistakes and bringing the match to a hill-hill climax. Unfortunately, a crucial error in potting the 4-ball in the final rack proved costly for Filler, allowing Capito to secure the victory and advance to the semi-finals.

The Last 16 saw a double KO, with both Ko Pin Yi and Ko Ping Chung getting knocked out of the tournament by Tobias Bongers and Mieszko Fortunski, respectively. Bongers and Fortunski then faced off in the following round, but it was Fortunski who emerged victorious with a convincing 10-4 win over Bongers.

Mosconi Cup Team USA captain Skyler Woodward also met his match in the Last 16, as Petri Makkonen defeated the last remaining American 10-7. The Finnish competitor then went head-to-head with the two-time World Pool Champion, Albin Ouschan, establishing an early lead in the match.

However, Makkonen’s missed shot on the 9-ball in rack 12, followed by a scratch on the break in rack 17, allowed Ouschan to mount a comeback and bring the match to a thrilling hill-hill scenario. Unfortunately for Ouschan, a dry break dashed his hopes, enabling Makkonen to clear the table and secure his place in the semi-finals tomorrow.

JS Junior Open Bracket

The JS Junior Open finished today, showcasing a thrilling final match between Sonny Haegmans and Maks Benko. In a showdown filled with tension, defending champion Benko emerged victorious with a 9-4 triumph. His win secured the top prize of $2,500, amidst the buzz of excitement at the Telford International Centre.

Juniors aged 17 and under all came to Telford hoping to make a name for themselves as an up-and-coming superstar. With host Shaw watching on and welcoming, action was fast-paced as they competed for their part of the $10,000 prize fund.

The last day will be broadcasted live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland with fans in the USA and Brazil able to watch on DAZN whilst those in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland, Netherlands, and Iceland can watch live on Viaplay.

See where to watch in your country here.

Tickets are available from £22 to enjoy the action of the thrilling last day at Telford International Centre. Secure your ticket here

Session Times – UK time
Sunday, 12 May– 12 pm – 4:30 pm / 6 pm – 9:30 pm

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Dynamic Billard Lasko Open 2021 Underway

Abled meets disabled, young meets old, the Eurotour has always thrown up some interesting scenarios since its inception in 1992 and the Dynamic Billard Lasko open was no different.

Slovenia’s David Slacek has played the last two wheelchair European championships and introduced the EPBF to this lovely location. It was therefore heart-warming that he displayed such courage to take on the abled bodied and he did not let the Locals down beating Bulgaria’s top women player Kristina Zlateva 9-4 in today’s early round. Unfortunately, Davids run came to an end when he lost his next two matches to Greece’s Nik Ekonopolous 9-1 and Russia’s Aleksander Chernyshov 9-5.

Then came the young, Maks Benko, the 11 year old Slovenian was full of emotion as he took down veteran Dutchman Peter Knuever in a thrilling 9-8 match watched by his coach Mitja Gradisnik. Mitja was instrumental in bringing the European Youth championships to Slovenia last week to give his young players experience and boy did that work as Maks enjoyed his first ever Eurotour match, and a victory to go with it. After losing his second match against Austria’s Patrick Kiesel 9-3, Maks faced Sweden’s Kai Kraft but the day seemed to get the better of him losing 9-6. 12 hours of pool is a tough day for the pro’s, let alone a 11 year old but we’ll be seeing more from this young talent in the future.

Also during the day, we were treated to a world championship match-up when the current U19’s world 9-ball champion, Spain’s Jonas Souto took on two time world champion, Germany’s Thorsten Hohmann. Some excellent cue ball control by Souto and Thorsten not getting his breaks right gave the Spaniard a comfortable 9-6 win sending Thorsten the long route via the losers side.

Moritz Neuhausen, Germany’s rising star showed why so many people think he’ll make the German team in the very near future as he outplayed Russia’s Ruslan Chinakov 9-1 and now meets Serbia’s experienced Andreja Klasovic Friday at 10:30 local time.

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