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Abismo wins double elimination final to stop Gutierrez and go undefeated on Omega Billiard Tour

Daniel Herring, Denny Sneed, Friday Abismo and David Gutierrez

Back in June, after a somewhat protracted absence from the pool scene, Houston’s David Gutierrez returned to the fold, so to speak, to win the sixth stop on the Omega Billiard Tour, going undefeated through a field of 85. Two and a half months later, on the weekend of September 9-10, at the ninth stop on the tour, Gutierrez rebounded from a loss on the winners’ side to challenge Friday Abismo in a true double elimination final. They battled to double hill, twice, with Gutierrez winning the first set and Abismo winning the second to claim the event title. The $1,700-added event drew 92 entrants to Speed’s Billiards & Games in Arlington, TX.
Abismo navigated his way through five winners’ side matches against Jesse Wilcoxson, Kiengchay Phoutthavong, Mark Szabo, Viet My and Steve Raynes to arrive at a winners’ side semifinal match against Daniel Herring. Gutierrez, in the meantime, won three winners’ side matches, against James Thorpe, Robin Barbour and Tony Top before being sent to the loss side 5-5 by Charley Elders (Gutierrez racing to 9). Elders followed him over when he was defeated by Juan Parra, who moved into the other winners’ side semifinal against Denny Sneed.
Abismo defeated Herring 7-2, as Sneed sent Parra west 7-1. Abismo claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Sneed and waited for Gutierrez to complete the seven-match, loss-side winning streak that would put him into the finals against Abismo.
On the loss side, it was Parra who drew Gutierrez, four matches into his sloss-side streak, having most recently downed Jersey Jack Lynch 9-5 and Oscar Araujo 9-3. Herring picked up Carl Bodeker, who’d been sent to the loss side by Sneed in a winners’ side quarterfinal and defeated Viet My 7-5 and Tony Sulsar 7-4.
Gutierrez defeated Parra  9-4, and in the quarterfinals met up with Herring, who’d eliminated Bodeker 8-5. Gutierrez was gaining momentum at this juncture, and took the quarterfinal match 9-3 over Herring. He got his shot at Abismo in the hot seat with a 9-2 win over Sneed in the semifinals.
Abismo was granted two games on the wire in each of the two matches against Gutierrez in races to 9 for the double elimination final. Both matches went double hill, with Gutierrez winning the opener 9-8. Abismo kept battling and took the second set 9-8 to claim the event title.
Tour director Melinda Bailey thanked the ownership and staff at Speed’s for their hospitality, along with sponsors Michael Hoang of OMEGA Billiards Supply, and OB Cues. The next stop on the Omega Billiard Tour, scheduled for October 14-15, will be a $1,700-added event, hosted by The Hideaway in Dallas, TX.

Stanley comes from the loss side to double dip Sneed at Stop #3 on Omega Billiards Tour

Tony Sulsar, Denny Sneed and Rick Stanley

Denny Sneed sent him to the loss side, so it was only fitting that Rick Stanley came back from a three-match visit to double dip him in the finals and claim the event title. The $1,700-added event, Stop # 3 on the Omega Billiards Tour, drew 85 entrants to Pockets in Euless, TX on the weekend of March 25-26. 
Sneed's four-match jaunt to the winners' side semifinal against Stanley, saw him face opponents with increasing handicaps. Sneed (a "7") downed a "4" (7-0), a "5" (7-2), a "6" (7-5) and another "7" (7-1) to draw Stanley, a "9." Stanley came within a game of chalking up as many racks against Sneed (7) in the winners' side semifinal than all four of Sneed's previous opponents combined. The tie score, however (7-7), was not enough. Stanley moved to the loss side, as Sneed advanced to the hot seat match against Tony Sulsar ("8"), who'd sent Robby Cleland over 8-4. Sneed claimed the hot seat 7-5 over Sulsar and waited on Stanley's return.
On the loss side, Stanley's three-match trip back to the finals began against Phillip Palmer, whose eight-match, loss-side winning streak was about to come to an end. Wins #7 and #8 for Palmer came at the expense of Mark Szabo 7-4 and Cory Anderson 7-3. Cleland drew Mike Voelkering, who'd been sent to the loss side by Sneed in a winners' side quarterfinal match, and defeated Doug Winnett and Donnie Gregory, both 7-3. 
Stanley defeated Palmer 9-3, as Voelkering was busy eliminating Cleland 7-5. Stanley then eliminated Voelkering 9-1 in the quarterfinals, and though Sulsar put up a respectable fight in the semifinals that followed, Stanley advanced 9-6 to his rematch against Sneed in the finals.
Sneed was racing to 7, while Stanley was racing to 9. Stanley took the opening set of the true double elimination final 9-2. Sneed chalked up an extra rack in the second set, but Stanley won it to claim the event title.
Tour Director Melinda Bailey thanked the ownership and staff at Pockets, in addition to sponsors Michael Hoang of OMEGA Billiards Supply, and OB Cues. Stop #4 on the Omega Billiard Tour, scheduled for the weekend of April 29-30, will be a $1,700-added event, hosted by JR Pocket in Denton, TX. 

Sky Woodward Nabs His First Omega Billiards Tour Title

Skyler Woodward

On the weekend of September 12-13, the Omega Billiards Tour was hosted by Clicks Billiards in Arlington, Texas.   The staff and owners treated the players well with great food and an amazing atmosphere, and they took care of all us all weekend long covering very long hours and we very much appreciate each and every one of them.  
The field of 80 players was full again of top players and by Sunday afternoon everyone kept their eyes on 2014 Omega Tour Champion, Nick Conner, and newly-crowned Texas Open Champion, Sky Woodward.  They seemed to be the players to beat in this $1,500-added tournament.
David Bell placed an impressive 3rd place (his highest finish yet) and Chris (Woody) Smith placed 4th – his highest finish yet as well.  Both players played great all weekend and earnt those top spots for sure.  Always tough to beat both Cory Anderson and Barry Emerson placed 5th/6th and traveling all the way from Houston (both) Mike Liang and Eric Hsu placed 7th/8th in the tough field of 80 players.  
Young gun Sky Woodward made his way to the hotseat with wins over Joseph Pruiett 9-1, Ed Redman 9-1, Mike Voelkering 9-4, Mark Szabo hill hill (9-5) Chris Smith 9-4 and Cory Anderson 9-0.  Nick Conner made his way to meet Sky in the hotseat with wins over Jay Murillo 8-4, Mike Liang 8-3, Frank Cherry 8-6, David Bell 8-3, and Berry Emerson 8-2.  The hoteast was a GREAT match and it would go hill-hill!  Sky would end up on top and sent Nick to the one-loss side where he defeated David Bell 8-4 for a rematch with Sky, this time in the finals.  Again, it was a fantastic match of great shots and skill and again it went hill-hill!  Would there be a second set in the true double elimination finals?  Nope – Sky would win the match hill-hill and seal his first place at this Omega Billiards Tour Stop!  Congrat’s to Sky for his great play in Texas the last week, and congrat’s to Nick for an impressive 2nd place against strong competitors (and the only one to get hill hill (twice) with Sky.  
Congrats to ALL the players and fans for a great event!
A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors Omega Billiards Supply, Predator Cues, Poison Break Cues, BCAPL/CSI, and Lucasi and Players Cues.  We would also like to give a big thanks to our additional sponsors, Hulsey Custom Cues, OB Cues, Irving Ink and Thread, Pro Billiard Service,, Billiards Digest, and
After eight stops this year (one more to go for the final point standings), Greg Sandifer has snuck to first place with 715 points, Daniel Herring is close by in second place with 710 points and Nick Conner has moved into the top 3 with 590 points.  Close behind is Cory Anderson with 555 points (4th) and Crispian Ng with 480 points (5th).  It’s a tight points race for the end of season Predator prizes!  And only ONE more event to go for the rankings!  
Tournament Director Melinda Bailey would like to thank Clicks owners and staff for their awesome hospitality all weekend!     
A big thank you also goes out to Michael Hoang, main sponsor of the Tour and owner of Omega Billiards Supply in Hurst, TX.  Michael and Omega Billiards Supply are well known for the huge booths at many large tournaments across the country. 
The next stop of the Omega Billiards Tour will be October 10-11 at Speeds Billiards in Arlington, Texas.  $1,500 added and limited to 80 players.   Still 1 more stops left before the $4,500-added Season Finale!  Pool is alive and thriving in Texas!   
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