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A pair of Mikes win 8-ball/9-ball events on Great Southern Billiard Tour

Shannon Daulton, Mike Grooms, Shannon Murphy and Mike Medley

Mike Grooms won the 8-ball event of the Great Southern Billiard Tour's most recent stop, while Mike Leek took top honors in the concurrently-run 9-ball event. The $800-added 8-ball tournament drew 32 entrants to the 7-ft., bar box Diamond tables at Michael's Billiards in Fairfield, OH, while the $1,000-added 9-ball event drew 43 to the 9-ft. Diamond tables on the weekend of February 21-23. Shannon Murphy, who played in both, finished in second place in the 8-ball event and third in the 9-ball. Brandon Williams, who also played in both, finished second in the 9-ball and third in the 8-ball.
Grooms' path to the 8-ball winners' circle went through Murphy twice. They met first in the hot seat match, after Grooms had defeated Steve Lavey 6-3 and Murphy had sent Jordan Grubb to the losers' bracket 8-5. Grooms downed Murphy the first time, double hill (6-7; Murphy racing to 8) and sat in the hot seat awaiting the re-match.
Lavey and Grubb moved over and picked up their second straight losses immediately. Lavey fell 3-1 to Julie Skripak, who, racing to 3, had shut out both Misha Ivanesco and Gary Link. Grubb was eliminated by Brandon Williams, who'd gotten by Kevin Tomlin 6-1 and Rick Giarmatti 6-2.  Williams won the quarterfinal matchup versus Skripak 6-1, but was eliminated by Murphy in the semifinals 8-4. Sitting in the hot seat, Grooms gave up only a single rack to claim the 8-ball title.
Mike Leek had to come from the loss side and win two double hill battles against Brandon Williams (third in the 8-ball event) to capture the 9-ball title. Leek and Williams played three altogether, and the middle match of the three fell one game short of double hill.
Leek first had to contend with Shannon Murphy, playing in his second winners' side semifinal of the weekend. He defeated Murphy 8-5 and in the hot seat match, faced Williams, who'd sent D.J. Holloway to the losers' bracket 7-4. Leek and Williams battled to double hill in their first of three, with Williams prevailing to sit in the hot seat.
Murphy moved over and picked up Jake Cooper, who'd defeated Jordan Grubb 7-5 and Dwayne Pearson, double hill (7-7; Pearson racing to 8). D.J. Holloway drew Steve Flick, who'd gotten by Anthony Rock 6-2 and Mary Valhamer 6-1. Murphy eliminated Cooper 11-4, as Holloway was finishing Flick's day 7-5. Murphy defeated Holloway 11-4 in the quarterfinals, and was then dropped into third place by Leek 7-5.
Leek and Williams played their second match in the opening set of the finals, with Leek winning it 7-5. In their final and deciding set, they fought to double hill before Leek completed his successful run to claim the 9-ball title.
Shannon Daulton thanked the ownership and staff at Michael's Billiards, as well as sponsors Nick Varner Cues & Cases, Delta-13, Ozone Billiards, Tiger Products, Andy Gilbert Custom Cues, Lomax Cues, and Universe Clothing.