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Cue and Table Magazine is Now Free

When I first started this magazine I struggled with the decision of whether to make it subscriber based, or FREE. While there were several FREE magazines out there on pool and billiards, I wanted to try and grow a magazine with subscribers so that I didn’t have to scramble if a big advertiser decided to pull out. While having a subscriber based magazine sounded like the solution, it had its own set of challenges – The biggest was just getting our name out there. It’s funny, but that challenge allowed me to see why making the magazine FREE was the best option, and would actually create a win/win/win situation.

First, by making the magazine FREE, it allows us to get our name out by word of mouth. Not only is word of mouth the BEST advertising in the world, it’s also the cheapest! The second win will come in the form of increased readership. Now people that read our magazine can easily share, and/or even print out the magazine to pass it along to their friends. The magazine gets great exposure, and it allows us to get feedback from a broader base on how to make it even better. The third win comes for the advertisers. Cue and Table magazine has created a unique niche by focusing on equipment, and what better place is there to advertise equipment in than a magazine dedicated to promoting equipment?

Thanks again for your readership, and please help us spread the word about Cue and Table Magazine by liking us on Facebook, and following us on twitter!

Mike Long
Cue and Table Magazine