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Woodward christens a new room and goes undefeated in Grand Opening event

Boo's Burgers and Billiards in Metropolis, IL opened in January of this year, though the absence of a liquor license until May had them serving soda pop. They decided to hold a Grand Opening Pool Tournament on the weekend of September 20-21, and asked Evelyn Dysart from the Midwest 9-Ball Tour to run it. Given its location, you might have expected Superman or at least Clark Kent to play, but they ended up with perhaps the next best thing; Skyler Woodward, who reportedly lives within a matter of miles from the room, and worked his way through a field of 51 entrants to go undefeated in the $1,500-added, handicapped event.
Woodward worked his way among the winners' side final four and faced Eugene Allen, as Billie Jamerson squared off against Mickey Hammond. Woodward sent Allen west convincingly 13-2, as Jamerson was defeating Hammond 8-7. Woodward got into the hot seat 13-6 over Jamerson and waited on what turned out to be the return of Mickey Hammond's brother, T.J. Hammond.
T.J. was at work on the loss side and after victories over Jeremy Brown 8-3, and Nate McGaha 11-6, he met up with Allen. His brother, Mickey, ran into Stewart McDermott, an elder pool player that everyone knew as "Mutt." "Mutt" had defeated Corey Martin and Brady Behrman, both 7-3.
A sibling quarterfinal was avoided, when T.J. downed Allen 7-9, and "Mutt" beat his brother 7-4. T.J. defeated "Mutt" 8-4, and got a shot against Woodward in the hot seat, with an 8-7 win over Jamerson in the semifinals. Woodward, though, completed his undefeated run with a 13-6 win over T.J. in the finals.