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Derby City Day Four

Francisco Bustamante

The One Pocket event at Derby City began Monday and there are a few surprises to report. Sharp-shooting Mike Dechaine was bested by Lance Cowles. Marc Vidal fell to Nicholas Hickerson and Dee Adkins went down under the weight of Justin Richardson. But the story thus far is not upsets, it is the number of players who are at the top of their game who ran into very tough matches early in the event.

Warren Kiamco had to fade Mark Tadd and won. Rob Saez defeated John Schmidt (who is running centuries at 14.1 every day). Ralf Souquet really hit a tough one but he pulled through against Francisco Bustamante. Efren Reyes got past Shannon Daulton and Rodney Morris survived his encounter with Stevie Moore. Huidje See beat Evgeny Stalev and Mike Dechaine handled Chris Szuter. Niels Feijen got past Alex Pagulayan in the first round as did Francisco Bustamante over Dennis Orcullo. These top-gun matchups will get more and more frequent as the chaff falls out of play.

The Fatboy Challenge Ten Ball competition kicks off at midnight on Tuesday night. What a field! Here are the first round matchups:

1) Huidje See V Mike Dechaine
2) Shane Van Boening V Francisco Bustamante
3) Lee Van Corteza V John Morra
4) Brandon  Shuff V Dennis Orcullo
5) Stevie Moore V Ralf Souquet
6) Warren Kiamco V Johnny Archer
7) Darren Appleton V Rodney Morris
8) Alex Pagulayan V Mika Immonen

We will give you the results of this competition on Wednesday. Full results on all competitions may be found at