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2015 US Bar Table Championships 8-Ball Matches Released on YouTube

CSI is pleased to announce that the 2015 US Bar Table Championships 8-Ball Division matches have been released on the CSI YouTube channel.  Twenty-One (21) matches featuring some of the best players in the world can be viewed in their entirety absolutely free!
The 2015 US Bar Table Championships were held February 16-22, 2015 at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, NV.  The matches were recorded in “The Kamui Arena” with high definition equipment and full-time commentary by Ken Shuman and other special guests. CSI would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our primary sponsors:
Kamui: “The Official Tip of the 22nd US Bar Table Championships!”
OB: “The Official Cue of the 22nd US Bar Table Championships!”
Below are the matches on this YouTube playlist:
Match 1: Alex Olinger vs Josh Roberts
Match 2: Dan Louie vs Jeremy Sossei
Match 3: Jayson Shaw vs Robb Saez
Match 4: Mark Tadd vs Justin Bergman
Match 5: Rory Hendrickson vs Jeffrey Ignacio
Match 6: Danny Olson vs Tristan Hansen
Match 7: Taylor Hansen vs Liz Lovely
Match 8: Oscar Dominguez vs Tim Baron
Match 9: David Gomez vs Mike Massey
Match 10: Nick Kruger vs Derek Pogirski
Match 11: Justin Bergman vs Josh Roberts
Match 12: Jayson Shaw vs Jeffrey Ignacio
Match 13: Skyler Woodward vs Joven Bustamante
Match 14: Jason Shaw vs Joven Bustamante
Match 15: Scott Frost vs Justin Bergman
Match 16: Shane Van Boening vs Corey Deuel
Match 17: Corey Deuel vs Steve Knoll
Match 18: Jeffrey Ignacio vs Sean McKay (Hot Seat Match)
Match 19: Justin Bergman vs Sean McKay (Semi-Final)
Match 20: Jessica Frideres vs Liz Lovely (Women’s Final)
Match 21: Justin Bergman vs Jeffrey Ignacio (Men’s Final)
2015 US Bar Table Championships 8-Ball Division Playlist: 
CSI YouTube Channel:
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Martinez comes from the loss side to down Gokhul in finals of the Chinook Winds 10-Ball Open

Rafael Martinez

Rafael Martinez, a wily veteran pool player if ever there was one, was coasting along pretty smoothly in the early going of the $10,000-added Chinook Winds 10-Ball Open, held on the weekend of October 11-12 in Lincoln City, Oregon. Through 25 games in the opening three rounds, he'd given up only five racks. Then he ran into Damian Pongpanik, who not only sent him to the loss side, but did so by shutting him out. Martinez moved to the loss side, won five and then beat Danny Gokhul twice in a true double elimination final to claim the title.

With Martinez at work on the loss side, Pongpanik moved into a winners' side semifinal against Pete Gates, as Gokhul squared off against Todd Marsh. Identical 7-4 wins by Gohkul and Gates put the two of them into the hot seat match, won by Gokhul, 7-2.
Martinez did not get the opportunity he no doubt fervently desired for a re-match against Pongpanik. After defeating Nick Kruger 7-5 and Darin Walding 7-2, Martinez drew Marsh, while Pongpanik squared off against Stan Tourangeau (another wily veteran), who'd defeated Michael F. Jensen 7-1 and shut out Bob Zack.
The two veterans chalked up identical 7-2 scores over Pongpanik and Marsh and met each other in the quarterfinals. Martinez gave up only a single rack in those quarterfinals, and then downed Gates 7-2 in the semifinals. 
Martinez was challenged in the true double elimination finals, but prevailed in both sets. He took the opener 7-5, and improved on that in the second set, winning it 7-3 to snatch the event title from Gokhul.