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Khanh Ngo Claims Undefeated Victory at Dog House Billiards – TWCWT First Stop of 2024

Becky Simi, Khanh Ngo, Dar Domingo and Revelina Um

Since its inception in the early 1990’s, The West Coast Women’s Tour has established a strong following of some of the top players across the region, while building opportunities for players of all levels to compete. With a history spanning three decades, the backbone of the organization (originally known as the Western Women’s Regional 9-Ball Tour) was founded by players including Julie Hunter, Linda Silva, and Christina Piona, while Emilyn Callado later took over the reins. 

While the tour was historically held across Northern California as well as parts of Nevada, the locations now focus on the greater San Francisco Bay Area. After Emilyn Callado stepped down from leadership a little over ten years ago, the West Coast Women’s Tour has since been led by director Cony Mendoza, alongside WPBA pro Eleanor Callado, who serves the tour as treasurer. In 2024, the tour will be traveling to seven different locations to set up battle amongst some of the toughest ladies on the West Coast. Last year, some of the most notable players on the tour included current and former WPBA members Nicole Keeney, Kim Cuarisma, and former tour director Emilyn Callado. 

To kick off the 2024 season, on Saturday, May 4, TWCWT was hosted by a first-time sponsor for the tour, Dog House Billiards in Cotati, CA. This event drew in a field of forty players from around Northern California and featured $500 in added prize money contributed by room owner Ron Schisler. In its seven years of operation, Dog House has become known as one of the top locations for leagues in Sonoma County, and by sponsoring TWCWT, will help support the progression of women’s pool in the area. 

While the forty players arrived for registration at 10am, the tournament was nearly derailed after an unseasonable storm knocked out the power at 9:30 that morning. Luckily, the power was restored shortly after 11am, and the action was able to get underway. For this opening tour stop, the match format was comprised of one set of 9-ball and one set of 8-ball per match. If each player scored a set for a 1-1 tie, a shootout would determine the winner. 

The story of the tournament would be dominated by one of TWCWT’s veteran players, Khanh Ngo. Hailing from San Francisco, Ngo came away from the 2023 season with the #1 points ranking on the tour and made her mark as the undefeated champion at Dog House Billiards. To move into the final, Khanh Ngo defeated Shawn Modelo, Gaby Benuto, Nicole Keeney, Revelina Um, and Becky Simi. As noted by Ngo, her toughest fights were against Nicole Keeney and Shawn Modelo, who were the only two players to force closely-contested shootouts along her route to victory. 

One of the other impressive performances of the day came from longtime Bay Area player Dar Domingo. Although Domingo only won a single match in the winner’s bracket, she caught fire on the loser’s side and won six straight matches, capped off with a quarterfinal victory over veteran player Revelina Um. In the semifinal, Domingo’s run would end, after a close battle against Becky Simi that ended in a shootout against. This win earned San Mateo-based Simi a rematch in the final against Khanh Ngo. However, the second meeting for these two players ended in similar fashion, as Ngo remained in top form to secure a 2-0 win and take the title. 

Along with the main event, a second-chance tournament is also held at each stop. In this single-elimination tournament, Lyndee Russell came out on top. Kacie Ragen took the runner-up spot while Cinthia Minnear and Kathy Acherzer finished tied for third place. 

The West Coast Women’s Tour would like to acknowledge Dog House Billiards for hosting Stop #1 and providing excellent equipment, as well as contributing a cue which was raffled during the event. Special thanks go out to our sponsors: Adam Sickles, Robbie Lyng Custom Cues & Repair, and Diablo Valley Pool League. 

The next stop on the West Coast Women’s Tour is set to be held on June 29 at Hard Times Billiards in Sacramento. For more tour details and announcements, visit


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Fefilova Beats Fisher as Seybert’s Michigan Open Begins

Margaret Fefilova

Fedor Gorst, Kristina Tkach and Margaret Fefilova all made winning returns to the Predator US Pro Billiard Series at the Seybert’s Michigan Open on Wednesday, with Fefilova defeating Kelly Fisher 4-1, 4-3 in one of the best matches of the day.

Gorst, Tkach and Fefilova are all competing in their first Predator US Pro Billiards Series event since the ban on athletes from Russia and Belarus was lifted in the summer. The Seybert’s Michigan Open has divisions for both men and women and is played alongside the CSI Michigan State Championships at the Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek.

Gorst and Tkach both earned 2-0 wins in their opening matches to advance to Thursday’s play, when Gorst will face Tony Robles and Tkach will be up against Japan’s Kyoko Sone.

“It was a bit overwhelming at first because I haven’t been playing in big tournaments for a long, long time,” admitted Tkach after her 4-0, 4-1 win against Nicole Keeney. “I am very happy and excited to be participating again on the big stage.”

Fefilova also started the day with a 2-0 victory, against Lonnie Fox-Raymond. That pitted her against Fisher in the final match of Wednesday’s play on the TV table. Fisher, a three-time Pro Billiard Series champion, had also won 2-0 earlier in the day, with her victory coming against Canada’s Leanne Lini.

Fefilova won the first set 4-1 over Fisher, and in the second had it tied at 2-2 after a kick caused her opponent to scratch on the break. The 25-year-old was finding more success on her break than the Brit but an over-cut 9 gifted Fisher a 3-2 lead.

Safety was the order of the first half of the following rack but when Fefilova took on and missed a risky 5-ball bank, Fisher was at the table. She looked set to take the match to shootout, only to shock the crowd by missing the 10. The pressure and tension was telling as both players missed efforts at concluding the rack – some tougher than others – before Fefilova finally removed the final ball to tie the set at 3-3.

That meant Fefilova would break to win the match, and she kept Fisher away from the table with a brilliant runout to claim a big scalp and remain on the winners’ side of the women’s event.

“I knew to beat Kelly, a great opponent, I had to deliver my best game,” said Fefilova. “Every time I was at the table I had to deliver, that was my goal and I am happy with the win. I enjoyed being out there. When I go out to play I just feel grateful to be here, so it is a good feeling.”

Earlier in the day, Ukraine’s Vitaly Patsura defeated Tyler Styer 4-3, 4-3. “I didn’t show my best game because I was feeling the pressure playing on the TV table,” said Patsura. “I am happy to play the event which beautiful equipment in a beautiful arena.”

The 25-year-old recently beat Alex Pagulayan to win the Texas Open and a rematch awaited in Battle Creek after the Canadian had won in straight sets against Jeffrey Buna earlier in the day. Patsura took the first set but Pagulayan won the second to take the match to a shootout, which the Ukrainian won to move into Thursday evening’s winners’ qualification round. Pagulayan must now win three matches to reach the last 16.

The day’s final match of the men’s division on the TV table saw Thorsten Hohmann taking on German compatriot Moritz Neuhausen. Hohmann took the first set 4-1 and looked to be cruising to victory, in stroke and 3-0 up in the second. However, some awkward cueing at 3-1 required the bridge and resulted in a missed 5, which allowed Neuhausen to cut the lead to 3-2. The current World Under-19 Champion then kept Hohmann in his chair to tie the set at 3-3 with an impressive runout under pressure.

The deciding rack came down to the last three balls but a mis-played safety on the 8 by Hohmann left the youngster with a straight shot and an easy out to force the shootout. By then, momentum in the match had made a seismic shift, and it showed; Hohmann missed his first two from the spot while Neuhausen was perfect, even if his third and winning strike wobbled in the jaw before dropping.

Play continues from 10am local time on Thursday, with six more matches to be broadcast live on and the World Billiard TV YouTube channel.

Brackets and scores for the Men’s event can be found at

Brackets and scores for the Women’s event can be found at: 

The Seybert’s Michigan Open is streamed for free on Billiard TV,  the World Billiard TV YouTube channel and at

Go to Billiard TV to watch 24/7 Billiard Videos on any device
Follow @probilliardseries on Facebook, @probilliardseries on Instagram or @PBilliardSeries on Twitter to follow the next events.

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“Kwikfire” goes undefeated to win second straight WPBA title

Kelly Fisher

Fresh off her undefeated win two weeks ago at the WPBA’s Northern Lights Classic in Minnesota, where she faced Allison Fisher for the first time in a final match since 2016, Kelly Fisher came to the CSI/Predator US Pro Billiard Series’ Alfa Women’s Las Vegas Open, held this past weekend (March 31-April 3) and went undefeated a second time to capture her second straight WPBA title. Though Allison Fisher was, once again, ‘in the house,’ the two did not meet up at this latest event. Allison was eliminated in the opening round of the single-elimination final phase to which they’d both advanced. The event drew 64 entrants to the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The event was divided into two phases; an opening, 64-entrant, double-elimination Phase 1, followed by a 16-entrant, single-elimination Phase 2 that eventually crowned Kelly as the champion. The format was best-two-out-of-three races to 4. If the competitors were tied after two matches, a “spot shootout’ followed to determine the winner.

Kelly, who was in a 16-player, Phase 1 bracket that included eventual runner-up, Brittany Bryant, advanced to be among the eight winners’ side entrants in Phase 2 without having to play a third match. She played a total of 27 games against three opponents in Phase 1 and gave up only three of them, downing Sarah Kapeller (4-0, 4-1), Ashley Burrows (4-0, 4-0) and Cathy Metzinger (4-1, 4-1). To join Kelly in advancement to Phase 2, Bryant, in the meantime, had to play 44 games and lost 18 of them. She got by Anna Riegler and junior competitor Savannah Easton, both 4-2, 4-2, before facing Jennifer Baretta, who won the opening set 2-4. Bryant came back to win the second set and the “spot shootout,” both double hill.

Angela Ticoalu got by Jeannie Seaver, Nicole Keeney and Woojin Lee with an aggregate score of 24-15 to qualify for Phase 2, as did Susan Williams from the same 16-entrant section of the opening bracket. Williams sent June Maiers, Vang Bui Xuan and Joanne Ashton to the loss side to join Ticoalu in the winners’ side advancement to Phase 2.

Allison Fisher chalked up an even more impressive Phase 1 than Kelly had. She, too, advanced to Phase 2 without having to play a third match against any of her three opponents, downing Susan Wilbur, Veronique Menard and Naomi Williams and giving up only two racks (to Menard, in their second race-to-4). Kyoko Sone joined Allison in advancement to Phase 2 from the same 16-entrant section of the opening bracket, downing Sandy Badger, 13-year-old junior competitor Sofia Mast and Amalia Matas Heredia.

Rounding out the field of eight winners’ side competitors to advance to Phase 2 were Jasmin Ouschan and Line Kjorsvik. Ouschan got by two of her opponents without having to play a “spot shootout” third match, downing Tamami Okuda 4-2, 4-1 and Beth Fondell 4-1, 4-2, before splitting her first two against Mary Tam 1-4, 4-3. Ouschan won the shootout 3-2 to advance. Kjorsvik did not play a third, tie-breaking “spot shootout” against any of her first three opponents either, joining Ouschan in advancement after defeating Gigi Callejas (4-1, 4-2), Camille Campbell (4-2, 4-0) and Melissa Helland (4-0, 4-1).

After five losers’ side rounds, Kaylee McIntosh, Woojin Lee, Angela Janic, Heather Cortez, Melissa Helland, Mary Tam, Amalia Matas Heredia and Ashley Burrows joined the eight winners’ side competitors in advancement to Phase 2, which in some ways, was notable for those left behind as much as for those who advanced. Among those who failed to make the cut were long-time WPBA veterans (in no particular order) Stephanie Mitchell, Teruko Cucculelli, Monica Webb, Jeannie Seaver, Liz Cole, Kim Newsome, Emily Duddy, Dawn Hopkins, Loree Jon Brown, Janet Atwell and Caroline Pao. It should also be noted that while both 13-year-old junior competitors, Sofia Mast and Skylar Hess, failed to advance, one (Mast) fell to an opponent (Angela Janic) who was among the final 16 and the other (Hess) was eliminated by someone (Cucculelli) who arguably should have been. It was the first appearance for these two extraordinarily talented and professionally-composed young women and WPBA competitors should be on notice that these two will be back and barring any unforeseen life changes, for many years to come.

The Final Four in this event competed in plenty of time for those so inclined to turn their attention to the NCAA Final Four, which got started well after the four ladies in Vegas got underway at about 2 p.m. on Saturday. It was an International Final Four, which was absent representation from the United States.  Kelly Fisher, representing the UK was matched up against Austria’s Jasmin Ouschan. Spain’s Amalia Matas Heredia, who, in February, chalked up her first win on the European Ladies’ Tour, faced Canada’s Brittany Bryant.

Kelly Fisher had kept her no-third-match streak going through the opening round against Heather Cortez, whom she defeated 4-1, 4-0 before drawing Angeline Ticoalu, who took the opening set against Fisher 4-2. Fisher came back to win the second set 4-1 and then, in something of a nail-biter, the “spot shootout” 6-5. Ouschan, who got by Kaylee McIntosh 4-0, 4-1 in the opening round of Phase 2 had her own nail-biter in the second round, where she won two straight double hill fights against Kyoko Sone to draw Kelly.

Advancing to the other semifinal, Bryant had played 24 games against two opponents, eliminating Woojin Lee 4-2, 4-1 and then Ashley Burrows 4-2, 4-3 to advance. Heredia proved to be Allison Fisher’s downfall in the opening round of Phase 2. Fisher took the opening set, double hill, but Heredia came back to win the second set and the “shootout,” double hill. Heredia went on to down Mary Tam 4-1, 4-3 to pick up Bryant.

Kelly Fisher downed Ouschan 4-2, 4-1 in their semifinal matchup. She was joined in the finals by Bryant, who’d defeated Heredia 4-2, 2-4 and 4-2 in the “shootout.” 

It’s not hard to imagine Fisher’s “I’ve got this,” and Bryant’s “Uh, oh, trouble right here in Sin City” when Fisher shut Bryant out in the opening set of the final. It’s also not hard to imagine the spectator’s rooting for Bryant in the second set when she and Kelly finished the 6th game, tied at 3 apiece. Fisher, though, completed her undefeated run by winning the second set to claim the event title.

Tour representatives thanked the ownership and staff at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, as well as sponsors and partners the WPBA, Alfa Coin, CueSports International, Predator Group, Kamui, Seybert’s, Medalla Light, Rums of Puerto Rico, BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League.

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The Lion Rules Scotty Townsend Memorial. Larson Takes The Ladies.

Alex Pagulayan (Pool Action TV)

West Monroe, LA was the place to be this past week for the 5th Annual Scotty Townsend Memorial Pool Tournament. It was hosted by owner Josh Hoff at Arena Billiards. 

Boasting $15,000 added, this year’s tournament had several events – one pocket, a 10 ball mini, open 9 ball and ladies 9 ball. Produced by Cue & A Promotions, local sponsors included James Hanshew of Hanshew Jump Cues, Interstate Dodge, Joe Long Attorney at Law, Magic Grill, Tommy Semmes Surveying, Simonis Cloth and Diamond Billiards. 

There were lots of heavy hitters in the building including John Morra, Scott Frost, Sky Woodward, Tony Chohan, Chip Compton, CJ Wiley and Aloysius Yapp as well as Filipino stars Alex Pagulayan, Carlo Biado, Roland Garcia, Roberto Gomez, Lee Vann Corteza and young gun Robbie Capito.

Other well known names included Sharik Sayed, Can Salim, Shane McMinn, Shane Wolford, Sergio Rivas, John Gabriel, Chuck Raulston, Justin Espinosa, Tommy Medina, Kenny Loftis, Rickey Anders, Derek Fontenot, Shane Winters, Troy Jones, April Larson, Emily Sumrall, Nicole Keeney and Ricki Lee Casper.

The six-day poolfest started Tuesday evening with an auction and players meeting for the $7000 added Pro One Pocket event. Although the field only had eleven players, there wasn’t a lightweight in the bunch! Each paid $1000 to compete in this double elimination race to four event. Finals was to be one set – race to six.

Garcia, Calderon, Corteza, Chohan and Pagulayan drew the coveted byes. Frost and Morra, Biado and Woodward plus Compton and Gomez all battled down to the wire with Frost, Biado and Compton claiming victory 4-3.

Second round matches saw Frost edging out Garcia as did Calderon over Biado – each match also 4-3. Pagulayan defeated the always tough Chohan 4-2 and Compton skunked Corteza 4-0.

Down to four on the winners side, Frost pummeled Calderon and Pagulayan did the same to Compton with identical scores of 4-1. Compton and Calderon headed west while Frost and Pagulayan awaited the hot seat match.

Working their way through the one loss side of the chart, Woodward and Biado emerged to play each other. Carlo easily defeated Sky 4-1 leaving him with a fourth place finish. 

The following day, fighting tooth and nail, Frost and Pagulayan battled it out in the hot seat match. Scott emerged the victor 4-3 locking up his seat in the finals. Alex had to play Carlo for the other berth. 

Not to be denied another shot at Frost, Pagulayan defeated Carlo 4-2 leaving Carlo in third place.

As mentioned previously, the finals would be one set – race to six. Taking no prisoners, Alex smoked Scott 6-2 to claim the title! 

Continuing his winning ways, Alex and Lee Vann split the top prize in the $1,000 added 10 Ball Mini!

The next day, 150 players put up their $100 entries for the $6,000 added Open 9 Ball event.  Being played on bar boxes, the format was alternate break, rack your own and races to 9/7. 

In dead punch, Alex Pagulayan continued on the warpath dispatching opponents Jeff Davies 9-1, James Jordan 9-0, Monroe Jones 9-3 and Jonathan Martin 9-0. 

Running into Roberto Gomez, they battled it out but licking his wounds, Alex took him down too – final score 9-7. Not getting any easier, Singapore’s Aloysius Yapp was next. He fell too – 9-4! Then, Hong Kong’s Robbie Capito fought hard but he lost also – 9-7. Alex had arrived at the hot seat match.

Meanwhile, on the lower portion of the bracket, Joe Keith of Dyersburgh, TN, was slowly working his way through the mine fields! After initially drawing a bye in the first round and having a no-show in the second, Joe defeated Ceza Mungal 9-5, Eric Alcinena and Mark Krech – both 9-2 –  before meeting Lee Vann Corteza. 

They went down to the end but Joe pulled out a 9-7 victory! Sergio Rivas was next and Joe won 9-6. He had arrived at the hot seat match!

Hot seat action was pretty much all Alex as he sent Joe west with a score of 9-3. Joe headed west to await the results of the Capito-Rivas match.

This was a tough one too but when the smoke cleared, it was Robbie over Sergio 7-5. Capito and Keith were to cross swords to see who’d face Alex in the finals!

Joe Keith’s Cinderella story was not to be…Robbie Capito defeated him 9-3 to move into the finals against Alex. Joe finished in a solid third place for the event. 

Only twenty years old and a former junior champion, Robbie would have to defeat the Lion twice to take the title. 

The match started out neck and neck until Capito pulled out to an 8-3 lead! He was on the hill and breaking!

Robbie broke the balls but had no shot. Alex won the next two games to make it 8-5. Robbie broke the balls and made five balls on the break! Left with a long straight shot on the four, he fired it in, ran out the remaining few balls and forced a second set – final score 9-5.

Having won the flip, Alex won the first two games but Robbie tied it up. Alex went ahead the next two games and Robbie tied it up again. Alex pulled ahead to 5-4 and again, Robbie tied it up! Alex got to the hill first and Robbie tied it up! 6-6! WOW! One game for it all! To Robbie’s disappointment, Alex broke and ran out for the title!!! Good tournament, Robbie! So close…

What a great finals! Congratulations to Alex for taking both the nine ball and the one pocket events as well as splitting the 10 ball mini!

While the Open 9 Ball was in progress, the $1,000 added Women’s 9 Ball event began. Twenty eight ladies posted their $100 entry fees into this double elimination, alternate break event – races were also 7/5.

April Larson (Pool Action TV)

April Larson took top honors leaving Nicole Keeney in runner-up position & Janeen Lee finished in third place. Good job, ladies!!!

Thanks again to owner Josh Hoff and his staff for going the extra mile to make everyone feel at home while Tournament Director Jason Hill kept things running smoothly. would  also like to thank Jeremy Jones, Larry Schwartz, Alex Pagulayan, John Gabriel and Ray Hansen for their expert commentary.

We’d also like to thank our sponsors and fans for another fantastic event! Our sponsors include Lomax Custom Cues, JB Cases, Durbin Custom Cues, StraightPoolEye, Hanshew Jump Cues, Aramith, Simonis, Diamond Billiard Products, the Action Palace of Dayton, OH and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX. 

Our next stop is the Midwest Open Billiards Championships at Michael’s Billiards in Fairfield, OH. Dates are March 15th-20th. Hope to see you there!!!

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Wolford & Keeney Make Sweet Music at Music City

Shane Wolford

The 34th Annual Music City Open was once again hosted by JOB’s Billiards in Madison, TN – a suburb of Nashville. Played on seven foot Diamonds, $7,000 was added to the event. Owner Ricky Gamble and his staff went all out to welcome all the players and fans.

Kicking off the event on Wednesday evening was a single elimination open 9 ball mini tournament. Sixty four players joined the fray – format was races to seven, winner breaks.

Directed by our own Ray Hansen, the field was whittled down to four players. Manny Perez handily beat Josh O’Neal 7-0 while James Davee beat Jeremiah Petty 7-3 to move into the finals. Due to the late hour, Manny and James decided to split the pot.

The $6,000 added Open 9 Ball division began the following evening. 127 players paid their $100 entry fees into this double elimination event. Races were to eleven with winner breaks. Following the players meeting, a rousing players auction and draw, play began.

Notable matches in the first round action saw John Gabriel thump Chris Baskerville 11-1 as did Shane Wolford over Raed Shabib 11-3. Brian Bryant had a bit of a tougher time with cuemaker Mike Durbin – the final score was 11-7. Young guns Sergio Rivas smoked Tracy Blevins 11-2 while Manny Perez defeated Steve Legace 11-3. John Hennessee blitzed Bob Ferrell 11-0 and Dave Matlock notched a forfeit over Jesse Couch.

In the second round and still having a fairly easy time of it, Tulsa’s John Gabriel then defeated Dominick Iraggi 11-3. Shane Wolford, owner of the Wolf’s Den in Roanoke, VA made short work of Mark Nanashee 11-4 and Jeremiah Petty skunked Brandon Andre 11 zip. Manny Perez claimed victory over Chris Busby 11-5 and Hennessee spanked Michael Williamson 11-3. Robert Hall defeated Ron Frank 11-7, James Davee outran Andrew Stroup 11-8 and Mike Gann forfeited his match to Josh O’Neal.

Legendary bar box king Dave Matlock had his hands full with the straight shooting Sergio Rivas. Hoping for a flashback, Dave played well but Sergio took him down 11-7.

Third round action saw John Gabriel run into a buzz saw named Shane Wolford. Catching up to the great breaking Shane a couple of times, Wolford finally pulled away to a 10-6 lead. No slouch himself, John clawed his way back to tie it up at ten apiece! In a heartbreaker of a game, a relieved Shane finally edged him out.

Other matches from that round had Rivas easing past Tab Pranee 11-5 as Chuck Raulston eased past Steve Cruse 11-2. Seemingly unable to find his game, Manny Perez was smoked by Rusty Jackson 11-3 and Hennessee from Tennessee took care of Anthony Gunn 11-5. Joey Yarbrough was no threat to Robert Hall – he lost 11-2 while James Davee wrestled Lee Uhles for an 11-8 win.

With both the Open and Ladies event in full swing, Saturday night was ground zero for the Midnight Madness nine ball mini. Eight players put up a $500 entry fee. Format was single elimination with races to eleven and winner breaks. Shane Wolford and Hennessee were the last men standing – they also decided to split the pot.

After a scare in his previous match with John Gabriel, Shane Wolford cruised to an 11-2 victory over Scott Roberts and Rivas was in the zone with an 11-1 win over Gene Drerup. Raulston sent Kevin Ping packing – same score – 11-1.

After his big win over Manny Perez, Rusty Jackson had his hands full with Hennessee – he lost 11-7. James Davee also survived a tough one – he defeated Joey Yarbrough 11-9.

Playing great, Wolford swept past Chip Gaither 11-2. Same great play by Rivas got him past Chuck Raulston 11-6 while Hennessee sent Davee west 11-6.

As the Open 9 Ball played on, the $1,000 added Ladies Division began on Friday night. Forty two players entered this double elimination event – format was races to seven with winners break. As always, there was a players meeting and auction followed by the draw.

The ladies played down to the final four on the winners side. Nicole Keeney defeated Amanda Huff 7-3 and Amy Theriault was defeated by Edie Dean. Edie & Nicole advanced to the hot seat match where Nicole breezed through the match and locked up her berth in the finals 7-1. Edie headed west to await an opponent.

After losing her first match, Laura Kanov’s run to the finals was finally thwarted by Julie Skirpac 7-3. Laura finished in fourth place. Julie then went on to face Edie Dean but lost 7-5. She finished third – Edie would get another shot at Nicole in the finals.

Since this was a double elimination event, Edie would have to win two sets to claim the title. She won the first two games but Nicole came roaring back to win the next four. Edie managed to put two more games on the board but it wasn’t enough – Nicole took the match and the title 7-4! Fantastic tournament for both players!!!

Finally down to four on the winners side in the Open event, Wolford made short work of Brian Bryant 11-5 while Rivas outlasted Hennessee 11-7. Sergio and Shane headed to the hot seat match – their opponents slogged over to the one loss side of the chart.

The hot seat match was all Shane Wolford. He kept Rivas pretty much nailed to his chair and moved undefeated into the finals – 11-4.

On the other side of the brackets, Bryant and Mike Gann battled – Gann was eliminated 11-8. On the other table, Josh O’Neal and Hennessee took it down to the wire – Josh was eliminated 11-10. After escaping his previous match, Hennessee tortured Brian Bryant 11-1 – Brian finished in fourth place.

Fighting to claim the remaining berth in the finals and looking to avenge his previous loss to Rivas, Hennessee was taking no prisoners this time. Hennessee defeated Sergio 11-6 and headed to the finals. Sergio finished in third place.

As this was double elimination, Wolford would have to be beaten twice for Hennessee to win the tournament. By mid-match, it was tied at five apiece. Shane won the next three games – making it 8-5. Could he run out the set?!!!

Nope!!! Hennessee rallies and ties it up at eight!!! Wins the next game and takes his first lead of the match!!! His lead didn’t last long though as Shane tied it up again at nine games each but once again, Hennessee won the next game. He was on the hill – 10-9. Could he win this last game and force a second set?

Not so fast!!! He scratched on the break!!! A dejected Hennessee slowly walked back to the chair to watch Shane run out the rack making it 10-10!!!

Making the one on the break, he had a wide open rack! Methodically running the balls but leaving himself a little long on the seven, he took a deep breath and rifled it in to win the event!!! Great tournament for both players!!! would like to again thank Ricky Gamble and local sponsor Action 24/7 for another fabulous event. Tournament Director Jason Hill – ably assisted by Steve McDonald – did an excellent job coordinating the various events.

We’d like to thank commentators Larry Schwartz, Mary Kenniston and Jeremy Jones – great job!

We’d also like to thank our sponsors and fans. Our sponsors include JB Cases, Hanshew Jump Cues, StraightPoolEye, Lomax Custom Cues, Diamond, Durbin Custom Cues, Simonis, Aramith, the Action Palace of Dayton, OH and Fort Worth Billiards Superstore of Fort Worth, TX.

Our next stop is the long awaited Derby City Classic in New Albany, IN – dates are January 21st-29th. As always, we hope to see you there and in our Aramith Action Room!!!

Roberts wins 2nd Annual Meucci Classic 9-Ball, is runner-up to BJ Ussery in 10-Ball

Josh Roberts

Nicole Keeney takes two out of three over Jessica Barnes to win inaugural Ladies event

It was quite the weekend (Dec. 10-12) in Sandford, FL, with Racks Billiards hosting the 2nd Annual Meucci Classic, featuring $10,000 in added-money; $1,000 for an inaugural Ladies event, $4,000 for a Diamond Bar Table 9-Ball event and $5,000 for a Diamond 9-ft. Table 10-Ball event. Josh Roberts came within a game or two of winning both the bar table 9-Ball and the 9 ft. table 10-ball events. He went undefeated in the 128-entrant 9-ball tournament, but fell those one or two games short in the 56-entrant, 10-ball tournament to BJ Ussery, who finished undefeated in that event. 

The inaugural Ladies event, which drew 27 entrants turned out to be a “Barnes” burner. Nicole Keeney claimed the hot seat over Jessica Barnes, who returned from a semifinal victory over Jeannie Seaver to take the first set of a true double elimination final. Keeney took the second set to claim the first Meucci Classic Ladies title. 

The 9-Ball and 10-Ball tournaments began on the same day (Friday), while the Ladies launched their efforts on Saturday. The 10-Ball tournament finished on Sunday, while the 9-ball tournament lasted one half hour into Monday, Dec. 13.

Roberts’ path to the winners’ circle in the larger 9-ball event went through Joselito Martinez, Guy Jackson, Edwin Garcia, John Morra and Lee Heuwagen, bringing him to a winners’ side semifinal matchup versus eventual runner-up, Jesus Atencio. Jason Sheerman, in the meantime, met up with Justin Martin in the other winners’ side semifinal.

Sheerman got into the hot seat match 9-7 over Martin and was joined by Roberts, who, in their first of two, sent Atencio to the loss side 9-5. Roberts claimed the hot seat 9-3 and waited for Atencio to get back from a brief, three-match visit to the loss side.

On that loss side, Atencio ran into Daniel Schneider, who’d recently eliminated Frankie Hernandez, double hill and Julio Burgos 7-2. Justin Martin drew Justin Hall who’d shut out Alan Rolon and ousted Anthony Meglino 7-5 to reach him. Atencio got into the quarterfinals 7-2 over Schneider and was joined by Hall, who’d defeated Martin 7-4. Atencio made short work of Hall in those quarterfinals, downing him 7-1.

Atencio made even shorter work of Jason Sheerman in the semifinals, shutting him out for a second shot against Roberts, waiting for him in the hot seat. Roberts and Atencio came within a game of double hill, battling for the title, but it was Roberts who pulled out ahead in the end to win it 9-7.

BJ Ussery

Roberts and Atencio meet again in the 9-ft. Diamond table 10-Ball, but neither gets by Ussery

There was a lot of crossover talent on display in both the 9-Ball and 10-Ball events; Josh Roberts, Jesus Atencio and BJ Ussery, among them. Ussery was shutout by Atencio in the third round of the 9-ball event and eventually eliminated in a double hill fight by Scott Tollefson to finish in the eight-way tie for 25th place. He more than redeemed himself in the 10-Ball event, of course, going undefeated to claim that title. 

Along the way, Ussery had to run through a number of strong contenders for the title, including Frankie Hernandez, Anthony Meglino (who forced a 17th deciding game in their match), Hunter Lombardo and, in a winners’ side semifinal, the Iceman – Mika Immonen – whom he defeated 9-7, advancing to the hot seat match. 

Meanwhile, Josh Roberts and Jesus Atencio were busy battling it out (for the first time) in the other winners’ side semifinal. Atencio sent Roberts to the loss side 9-4 and advanced to face Ussery in the hot seat match. Ussery claimed the hot seat 9-6 over Atencio and waited on the return of (guess who?) Roberts from a short, three-match stint on the loss side.

Roberts had first run into Oscar Dominguez on the loss side, as the Iceman drew Justin Martin. The Iceman/Martin duel went double hill before advancing Immonen to the quarterfinals. He was joined by Roberts, who’d eliminated Dominguez 7-5.

Roberts downed Immonen 7-4 in those quarterfinals and for their second meeting (of three, which included the finals of the 9-ball event), Roberts and Atencio staged a double hill match that eventually sent Roberts back for a second shot against Ussery, waiting for him in the hot seat. 

Ussery and Roberts almost got into a double hill final. In the end, though, Ussery pulled out in front to win it by two at 9-7 to claim the 10-ball title.

Event director Leah Nussbaum thanked the ownership and staff at Racks Billiards for their hospitality, as well as title sponsor Meucci Cues, Outsville, JB Cases, Carlos Sanchez Productions, Clutch Shot Apparel and Fort Worth Billiard Superstore.

Ty Blowers Goes Undefeated at the ViperKidz 14th Annual Colorado State Juniors 9-Ball Championships

Ty Blowers

The ViperKidz 14th Annual Colorado State Juniors 9-Ball Championships was held this past Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at Felt Billiards located at 101 W Floyd Ave, Englewood, CO. 
The youth event was open to any junior between the ages of 7-19 and was handicapped by three different age groups. 
Wyoming’s own Tyler Blowers (15) won 4-1 against Colorado’s own Owen Crispin (17) for the hot-seat match. Little Issac Garcia stole the show playing way-over-his-own-handicap beating this year’s 8-ball champion Aaron Krapes 3-1 and newcomer Andon Buck 3-0 in the quarter finals. 
Issac had a chance to make it the finals but ended up losing 5-1 to Owen to finish 3rd place in the championships. Owen being determined to keep the title here in Colorado made it to the finals and would have had to beat Ty twice to win the championships but in the end, it was Ty who won the final match 5-1 to win the championships… 
All the kids were awarded points for each event they participated in this year’s events and at the end it was Ty Blowers won two of the three titles and was awarded a special prize that will be given at the first event scheduled for 2019. 
We are super excited about next year’s schedule as it will include some additional bar table events. 
Congratulations Tyler!
Top finishers:
Champion Ty Blowers – Jacoby custom cue, Plaque, multiple gift bags
Runner-Up Champion: Owen Crispin – Plaque, Collectibles Package and gift bag
3rd Place finisher: Issac Garcia – Plaque and gift bag
4th Place finisher: Andon Buck – Plaque and gift bag
5th & 6th Place finishers: Aaron Krapes and Jerry Miller – Gift bags
7th-8th Place finishers: Amanda Campbell (Highest finishing female award and special gift bag) and Anthony Poitra – Gift bags
9th -12th Place finishers: Doug Moore, James Ballinger, Nick Macomber and Brandon Krapes – Gift bags  
Tournament director and creator of these prestigious junior’s events is WPBA touring professional Melissa Little Aka “The Viper”. She created her “Viper Juniors Program” back in 2004 and continues to support kids playing pool. 
She is also the creator of other great juniors’ programs like her Viper Kids Boot Camps, junior pool leagues, Kids open clinics and her popular after school program. For more information, photos, results, leader boards and future events please visit 
A special “Thank-You” to the events sponsors; 
Jacoby Custom Cues out of Nekoosa, WI, 
Felt Billiards in Englewood, CO, 
Bigge Construction Inc. in Englewood, CO
Gift bag sponsors Pro Player Mark Haddad and  
Other notable past Colorado State Champions:
2005 DJ Martinez – CO
2007 Nicole Keeney – CO
2008 James Fortin – CO
2009 Malek Haj Hussein – CO
2010 Ricky Smiley – CO
2011 Nick Weston – CO
2012 Randy Rodriguez – WY
2013 Nathan Diederich – CA
2014 Seth Krafczik – NE
2015 Kyle Chewning – CO
2016 Kyle Chewning – CO
2017 Jerry Miller – CO
2018 Ty Blowers – WY

Ty Blowers Wins ViperKidz Colorado Juniors 8-Ball Invitational Championships

Ty Blowers and Melissa Little

The ViperKidz Colorado Juniors 8-Ball Invitational Championships was held this past Saturday, October 27, 2018 at Felt Billiards located at 101 W Floyd Ave, Englewood, CO. 
The youth event was open to any junior between the ages of 7-19 and was handicapped by three different age groups. 
Colorado’s Jin Powell (8) beat Wyoming’s Tyler Blowers (14) for the hot seat 2-1 and then Tyler beat Jerry Miller for 3rd and came back to double dip Jin in the finals to win the championship.
The next ViperKidz event is the 13th Annual Colorado State Junior 9-Ball Championships and is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at the same location Felt Billiards. 
All the kids are awarded points for each event they participate in and at the end of the year one person will receive an extra special prize for winning the all-around title and crowned the best junior player in the state. 
Congratulations Tyler!
Top finishers:
Champion Ty Blowers – Jacoby custom cue, Plaque, multiple gift bags
Runner-Up Champion: Jin Powell – Plaque, Collectibles Package and gift bag
3rd Place finisher: Jerry Miller – Plaque and gift bag
4th Place finisher & Highest Finishing Female Award: Amanda Campbell – (2) Plaques, Special gift bag and multiple gift bags. 
5th & 6th Place finishers: Owen Crispin and Aaron Krapes
7th-8th Place finishers: Romey Grier and Michael Herera
9th -11th Place finishers: Issac Garcia, Aidin Sellers and Ryan Kojetin 
Tournament director and creator of these prestigious junior’s events is WPBA touring professional Melissa Little Aka “The Viper”. She created her “Viper Juniors Program” back in 2004 and continues to support kids playing pool. 
She is also the creator of other great programs like her Viper Kids Boot Camps, junior pool leagues, Kids open clinics and her popular after school program. 
A special “Thank-You” to the events sponsors; 
Jacoby Custom Cues out of Nekoosa, WI, 
Felt Billiards in Englewood, CO, 
Bigge Construction Inc. in Englewood, CO
Gift bag sponsors Pro Player Mark Haddad and  
Other notable past Colorado State Champions:
2005 DJ Martinez – CO
2007 Nicole Keeney – CO
2008 James Fortin – CO
2009 Malek Haj Hussein – CO
2010 Ricky Smiley – CO
2011 Nick Weston – CO
2012 Randy Rodriguez – WY
2013 Nathan Diederich – CA
2014 Seth Krafczik – NE
2015 Kyle Chewning – CO
2016 Kyle Chewning – CO
2017 Jerry Miller – CO
For more information, photos, results, leader boards and future events please visit

Jerry Miller Wins the Viper’s 13th Annual Colorado State Junior 9-Ball Championships & 2nd Event of the Year

Nico Rodriquez, Melissa Little and Jerry Miller

Colorado’s popular juniors event kicked off with its 13th Annual Colorado State Juniors 9-Ball Championships this past Saturday, October 28th, 2017 which was held at Felt Billiards located at 101 W Floyd Ave, Englewood, CO. 
The youth event was open to any junior between the ages of 8-19 and was handicapped by three different age groups. 
14-year-old Jerry Miller of Evans, Colorado successfully won this year’s title by defeating Pueblo’s 14-year-old Nico Rodriquez winning two straight matches 4-0 & 4-1 in the finals to win this year’s championships. 
Earlier in the year Nico won the 8-Ball Championship and Jerry won the 10-Ball event so there was no big surprise that these two were in finals of the end of the year’s State Championships. 
Other Top finishers:
Champion Jerry Miller – Jacoby custom cue, trophy, multiple gift bags
Runner-Up Champion: Nico Rodriquez – Trophy, huge Teddy Bear and gift bag
3rd Place finisher: James Ballinger – Trophy and gift bag
4th Place finisher & Highest Finishing Female Award: Amanda Campbell – (2) Trophies, Stuffed bear and multiple gift bags. 
5th & 6th Place finishers: Issac and Hunter
7th-8th Place finishers: Jin and Mackenzie
9th -12th Place finishers: Nick H, Michael H, Noah and Soren 
Tournament director and creator of these prestigious junior’s events is WPBA touring professional Melissa Little Aka “The Viper”. She created her “Viper Juniors Program” back in 2004 and continues to support kids playing pool. 
She is also the creator of other great programs like her Viper Kids Boot Camps, junior pool leagues, Kids open clinics and her popular after school program. 
Mark your calendars as Melissa will be hosting three additional juniors events throughout the 2018 year. 
A special “Thank-You” to the events sponsors; 
Jacoby Custom Cues out of Nekoosa, WI, 
Felt Billiards in Englewood, CO, 
Bigge Construction Inc. in Englewood, CO
Gift bag sponsors Pro Player Mark Haddad and Studio 54 Denver. 
Other notable past Colorado State Champions:
2005 DJ Martinez – CO
2007 Nicole Keeney – CO
2008 James Fortin – CO
2009 Malek Haj Hussein – CO
2010 Ricky Smiley – CO
2011 Nick Weston – CO
2012 Randy Rodriguez – WY
2013 Nathan Diederich – CA
2014 Seth Krafczik – NE
2015 Kyle Chewning – CO
2016 Kyle Chewning – CO
2017 Jerry Miller – CO
For more information, photos, results, leader boards and future events please visit

Roberto Gomez Double Dips to Claim CWO 8-Ball Title

Roberto Gomez

Held March 9-11, 2017 at Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon, this installment of the Men’s Chinook Winds Open 8-Ball Championships, the 4th Annual, featured some of the biggest names in professional men’s Billiards.  There were a couple of past champions — Skyler Woodward and Rodney Morris.  You might also recognize some of the other contenders — Shane Van Boening, Dennis Orcollo, Billy Thorpe, Warren Kiamco, Amar Kang and Josh Roberts — to name but a few.  There were also some notable newcomers — Roberto Gomez, Joey Gray, Johann Chua, Jeffrey DeLuna and Manny Perez.  Some Western BCA players made their presence known as well, including — Randy Camantigue, Stan Tourangeau, Randy Baker and crowd favorite, Richie Geiler.  In all, there were 108 entered in the Men’s Division and and 28 in the Women’s.  
As always, the party started with a Calcutta auction on Wednesday evening (March 10).  It was a spirited affair overseen by CWO TD Bill Henderson and WBCA President Darcy Williams.  The Men’s Division Calcutta total was $24550 with $9600 the first place payout and the Women’s was $2010 with $820 the first place payout.
Then came the Late Night 10-Ball Invitational, a new event aimed at the professionals.  The format was $1000 entry, 16 bracket limit, race to 13, single elimination, winner breaks with a first place prize of $8000.  The “Late Night” referred to when the matches were played, starting Wednesday after the Calcutta, the final four playing Thursday after CWO play was finished for the day and the final on Friday night, again after CWO play was finished for the day.  The bracket filled with all the upper echelon pros ponying up a grand each for the big payout at the end.  By the end of play Wednesday, Jeffrey DeLuna vs Dennis Orcollo and Josh Roberts vs Shane Van Boening were all that survived.  Everyone was looking forward to a Orcollo/SVB final but up jumped DeLuna who beat Dennis Orcollo to move into the final against Shane Van Boening.  The final score was 13-11/SVB and was basically a clinic, with nine break and runs (including the winning rack), one 1-10 combo in game 2 and all the rest runouts following three dry breaks and the very occasional mistake on the part of one player or the other.  Jeffrey collected $4000 for 2nd place and Dennis and Josh received $2000 each for getting to the semis.  Fun format + great shooting + a large and appreciative crowd = a successful event. Look for it to be on the menu next time.
Thursday the main event got underway with many great match-ups for the spectators to watch.  By the end of the night, many of the serious contenders were on the back side of the bracket (Roberto Gomez, SVB, Jeffrey DeLuna, Ramil Gallego, Johann Chua, Taylor Anderson, Dennis Orcollo, Warren Kiamco and Alex Olinger) and only one could fight his way to the final.  Tough bracket.   The marquis matches included Rodney Morris vs Dennis Orcollo (7-6 Rodney), Rich Geiler vs Jeffrey DeLuna (7-4 Rich) and SVB vs Marc Vidal (7-6 SVB just after Marc took out Johann Chua 7-4).
Friday was a new day and everyone, especially the back side dwellers, hoped it would be a good one for them but, unfortunately, many of the top guns would be up against each other before the end of the day with many eliminated.  Before the end of the day, Skyler Woodward, Amar Kang, Rodney Morris and Billy Thorpe would also find themselves on the back side, nearing extinction.  By the end of play, only 9 would be left in. 
Saturday began with Roberto Gomez sending Amar Kang home as he began his single-minded quest for the final.  He went on to eliminate Josh Roberts, Rodney Morris, and crushed Billy Thorpe’s hopes for a rematch with Joey Gray after losing the hot seat to Gray 7-6.  Shane Van Boening looked to be on his way to a shot at another big pay day until he ran into Rodney Morris, who had another plan, winning 7-5.  Dennis Orcollo seemed to be on a collision course for SVB but he was derailed by former Champ Skyler Woodward 7-6.  As we already know, Roberto Gomez would not be stopped on his way to the final with Joey Gray, taking out his final two obstacles (Morris and Thorpe).  The Gray/Gomez final was on, but before we get to that, it should be said that the hot seat match was one of the best of the event, with Joey and Billy trading break and runs and run outs all the way to the decider.  Joey broke dry and Billy marched through the rack until leaving himself a delicate shot on the 4-Ball to get on the 8.  He missed the 8 and walked away from an open table and gave the game and the match to Joey.  So close yet so far.
In the first set of the final (yes, a possible double dip materialized), Roberto was warmed up and ready to go.  Joey was a little cold and never really got into the match, winning only two games.  Roberto, with four break and runs plus three runouts following a Gray dry break, a missed shot and a foul on the break took the first set 7-2.  Joey doubled his win tally in the second set but there was no stopping Roberto.  His near flawless play continued as he closed out the match and claimed the title with his 8th break and run of the two set match. 
Roberto collected $10,000 for his performance over the three days of the CWO and Joey Gray went home with a respectable $6400 for his efforts.  Complete results and payouts follow.
All the while the men were in action, there was also a small Women’s Division (28 entrants) playing for a first place prize of $4000.  Former champion Nicole Keeney was on hand with a few other notable out of towners (Brittany Bryant, Emily Duddy, Kelly Isaac and Bernie Store among them) as well as some of Western BCA’s finest (Liz Cole, Kim Jones and Cindy Sliva).  Brittany Bryant and Bernie Store made it through the front side undefeated to the point match, with Bernie winning 5-4 to get to the final.  Cindy Sliva, after taking out both Keeney and Duddy, met up with Bryant in the back side point match.  There Cindy met up with a determined Brittany and was shut out and finished in 3rd place.  Brittany went on to the final and another shot at Bernie.  Brittany had to beat Bernie twice and she got off to a great start, shutting Bernie out 5-0 and the double dip was on.  Often the first set is just warm up for the winner of the hot seat and this proved to be the case here.  Bernie played much better the 2nd time around.  The ladies traded games until the got to the hill-hill decider.  Bernie had won the lag, so she had the break.  It was a good break until the cue ball found a pocket.  The table was wide open and Brittany never looked back as she ran out to claim the title.  Complete results and payouts follow.
There were 2nd chance tournaments for both the men and women, with 28 men and 6 women not ready to call it quits.  Lake MacKay beat out Danny Smith for first and $1400 in the Men’s and Kathie MacDonald prevailed over Myra Cables for first and $450.
That brought the festivities to a close.  None of the spectators went away in any way disappointed.  The pros put on quite a display of prowess on the table and were very approachable.  We cannot thank enough our great sponsors — Chinook Winds Casino Resort, Western BCA and Bud Light.  The Western BCA staff — TDs Mike Jensen and Bill Henderson, Tournament Registrar Darcy Williams, Referees Darryl Farley and Dwayne Payne, Graphic Design/Advertising/Photographer Robbin Iredale, Podium Manager Pam Carraway and Payout Supervisor Cathy Dunford — all worked long hours to make these events a success.  Lenny Marshall of OnTheRailTV streamed and recorded many great matches that will soon be available for viewing (a link will be provided on  Many thanks to Bad Boys Billiards Production who provided the 7-foot Diamond tables and bracketing.  Chinook Winds again provided a great and welcoming venue for all the players and spectators.  Mother Nature was the only negative, causing interruption of internet service, but that’s March on the Coast, nothing to be done about that.  
If you came to play, we thank you and hope you come back next time.
If you came to watch, we’ll try to put on an even better show next time.