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Feijen takes the Main Event @ Deurne City Classic

A.Moussati, M.Sawicki, N.Feijen and H.Charalampidis

Saturday morning we started off with the MAIN 9ball EVENT…
1st four groups of 24 started off at 09:00h. All went well as nobody got sanctioned with a penalty, neither did anyone forfeit or no-show. 

Group A saw one of the favorites Ivo Aarts sail through to the 2nd Winners round with wins over Kaylash Persad, Olivier Vandenbohede. In the 3rd round however he got beaten by UK’s Tony Burton who did not lose a match to qualify for the last64. Marek Derek, Serge Das and Tobias Hoiß all did the same thing by defeating Kadir Turku, Hoa Nguyen, Nicolas Georgopoulos and Tom Penrose. Three of them eventually qualified for the Knock-Out stage themselves by winning their subsequent matches. So did Ivo Aarts in the end.

Group B’s 2nd Winners Round had some strong matches and some surprises as Luxemburg’s Sebastian Beuel beat German 1.Bundesliga playing Klaudio Kerec 8-4 and Karl Boyes did the same thing to Sixpocket’s admin Florian Scholl. Both losers redeemed themselves in the 3rd Losers Round by defeating Joerie van den Broeck and Stefan Sprangers, the latter one not being as slouch. Through the winners side Daryl Peach, Karl Boyes, Bartek Skoniecki and Konrad Juszczyszyn qualified for the Last64 without losing a match. From the Losers round Carlos Cabello, Raphael Keusen, Sebastian Beuel and Klaudio Kerec joined them. Unfortunately some good players went down, like: Alain Da Costa and Maurice Houben.

Group C had some strong players, winning their 1st matches with ease; Niels Feijen beat greek player Theodore Bitsaxakis 8-2, Wojtek Trajdos did the same thing to UK’s Tom Stavely. Aziz Moussati lost to strong playing Benji Buckley 3-8 and after that 7-8 to Peter Lau. This saw him drop out of the 9ball. He said he could not focus on playing because of all the things that went on regarding organization etc. I myself had the same problem. Further in this group’s losers side Matthias Blehs got rid of Walter Hottgenroth and Benjamin Baier. On the winners side Niels handed a donut to Trajdos and Stephan Cohen beat Marcel Fortunski to both qualify for the Last64. Tobias Bongers and Benji Buckley sent Kyle Van den Bosch and Martin Steinlage to the last losers round. 4 players took their last chance to qualify; Trajdos beat Peter Lau 8-4, Bitsaxakis – Steinlage 8-3, Fortunski did the same thing to Del Sim. Matthias Blehs handed out the second donut of the group to Kyle van den Bosch.

Group D featured some strong playing German Bundesliga players; Stefan Nolle and Valery Kuloyants who got rid of their opponents Gijs van Westebrugge and Edward Werlemann pretty quickly in the 1st round. 2nd Winners Round matches went pretty quickly as well when Mieszko Fortunski beat Lex Wellens 8-0, Tony Drago vs. Jan Van Lierop 8-1. Mieszko continued his strong form by winning 8-0 again in his following match against Michael Kasper. Other favorites did not have that same luck as Tony Drago lost to strong youngster Francisco Sanchez Ruiz. Ralf Souquet showed Stefan Nolle who’s boss with a score of 8-5 and Valery did the same thing to Konrad Piekarski. From the losers round the following players eventually went on to qualify for the Last64: Tony Dargo over Sean Dennis with a score of 8-1, Stefan Nolle beat Jan van Lierop 8-2, Konrad Piekarski against Lex Wellens 8-4.

In the afternoon the last 4 groups started their matches, some of the previous groups had to qualify the next morning some of them were done..

Group E surprised a bit when Micha Beuriot beat Guy Buss in the first round and one of the favs Imran Majid got beaten by Nicolas Baumanns. I got my donut handed to me by Noel Bruynooghe.. Couldn’t focus on my game with all the stuff happening around me and had to get comfortable with my new cue as well. Noel played a very good match though, missing maybe 1 ball the entire match. He later on went and qualified for the Last64 by beating Sebastian Fuhrmann. One of the other strong favorites Mateusz Sniegocki sailed through with a score of 8-0 in his 2nd and 3rd match as well. Fast playing Marko Vogel struggled a bit but in the end got through with a hill-hill against Mario Stahl, who himself also eventually got through by beating Lennaert Speijker 8-1 in the losers round. Imran Majid, Robin Cripps, Anthony Wever also went on to qualify winning their matches in the 4th losers round.

Group F consisted of some great players like Oliver Ortmann and Juan Carlos Exposito, who met each other in the latter stages. Oliver first beat fellow countryman Michael Heinz with a big score of 8-0. Think Michael couldn’t get his rhythm going as he normally played way better than that. Norman Bakker surprisingly beat JCE 8-1, Greek fury Xrhstos Davetas beat Thomas Aschauer 8-4 and strong playing Marc Bijsterbosch beat Sven Wenkheimer with easy and a final score of 8-2. In the 3rd Winners round some big matches emerged like Ramazan Dincer vs. Ortmann (8-6), Elliot Sanderson vs. Marc Bijsterbosch (8-5) and Adrian Borowiec vs. Davetas (8-4). So now the losers qualification had some great thrillers going where Exposito met with Ortmann and beat him 8-5, which caused a bit of an upset. Also Hector del Amo Garcia who lost his 1st match got through to the last round and bear Sven Pauritsch to qualify. Marc Bijsterbosch also redeemed himself and beat Waikit Kwok after a hard battle. Davetas was the last one to set his score and got through.

Group G featured some big names like Mario He, David Alcaide and Phil Burford. But also strong formed Joshua Filler who had made a name for himself at DCC by winning the 9ball Banks against Nick v/d Berg in the final. 1st round saw no surprises and all big names went through to the next one. Then we had a big match-up when Mario He drew David Alcaide in the next round and beat him on the hill. David eventually got through to the last round and got through. Joshua showed that age does not matter and shot his way through Phil Burford at the arena with a score of 8-6. Marco Teutscher also went through over Jimmy Worung (8-5). In the 3rd winner round more surprises came when Daniel Kandi beat strong favorite Mario He. Furthermore Mark Lunn beat OC Chan, Teutscher beat Jelle Kijlstra and Joshua Filler knocked his countryman Clemens Phillipen to the losers round. Last chance to qualify for the Last64.. Phil Burford, Julian Kortüm, previously mentioned David Alcaide and Ralf Mrnka did so.

Group H was the final one and had 2013 Champion Nick Van Den Berg starting his journey to defend his crown. Started off with a bye and then went on to qualify for the Last64 by beating German Bundesliga player Kevin Becker and Belgian WCOP player Moritz Lauwereyns in his 3rd match. More strong players started off well; Huidji See beat Female player Vivien Schade 8-0, Jakob Belka vs. Olivier van Loteringen went down with 8-2. 2nd round winners side had some good matches when Dennis Jansen beat Hanno Bröcker on the Hill, Wojtek Szewczyk knocked his countryman Jakob Belka to the losers-side and youngster Aaron Vancoppenolle did the same thing to strong Female Chantal Manske. Last winners round saw all the favorites go through; NvdB, Szewczyk, See and Dennis Janssen, all with ease. Losers side saw Lars Kuckherm, Belka, Becker and Mauwereyns go through.

So that was it for the groups.. Now on to the Last 64 of the 9ball MAIN-EVENT and the 9ball DROP-OUT Challenge.
Around 10:00h on Sunday some matches of the Knock-Out stage began early, but most started around 12:00h. 
Some noticeable wins were Moritz Lauwereyns beating his former WCOP team-mate Serge Das with a score of 9-5. Phil Burford beat his countryman Karl Boyes 9-7. Ivo Aarts beat Mateusz Sniegocki 9-8 after trailing 8-6. Konrad Piekarski beat Noel Bruynooghe with an easy 9-4. Norman Bakker got close with Matthias Blehs but beat him on the hill. Raphael Keusen beat strong playing Daniel Kandi on the hill as well. So did Carlos Cabello vs. Mark Lunn.

On to the Last32 where more surprises came along when Wojtek Szewczyk beat Huidji See with ease, final score of 9-5. Moritz Lauwereyns kept his form and beat last year’s Runner-Up Marek Derek 9-6. Konrad Juszczyszyn also shocked everyone when he kept his nerve on the hill against Phil Burford and beat him. More strong play by Ivo Aarts, Imran Majid, Ralf Souquet, Konrad Piekarski, Joshua Filler, Nick van den Berg, Niels Feijen, Tobias Hoiß who all went through to the Last16.

Surely now at this stage you would think only the strong favorites would emerge.. but no, Moritz Lauwereyns continued his form and beat Tobias Hoiß 9-7. Konrad Piekarski being the underdog against Ivo Aarts showed who’s who and beat him 9-5. Mario He did not disappoint and beat Juszczyszyn 9-5 as well. But the biggest surprises of them all was Wojtek Szewczyk taking his revenge on Nick van den Berg from last year at the quarter-finals. After trailing a couple of games Wojtek in the end prevailed and beat the struggling Nick 9-7. Fair to say Nick was dealing with some personal issues on the side. Nevertheless a great performance by the young Pole. More names that went through to the Last8 were Filler, Majid, Feijen and a player I would like to call the new ‘DARK HORSE’ ; Marcel Fortunski. Did not know Marcel had so much in him.. he went through to this stage by beating some big names in my book; Ramazan Dincer (5x 1.Bundesliga Champion), Normal Bakker (strong Dutch player), Elliot Sanderson (GB9 Tour) .. Well DONE!

At this stage our well prized DROP-OUT Challenge began, this tournament was created to let players have another change at some good prize-money and to let them enjoy our venue some more. Where at other tournament after losing twice you didn’t have a chance to redeem yourself.. @ DCC players still did! The Tournament had the same format and rules but shorter races and single knock-out.. so fast play and surprise results were expected. When people found out that the tournament was opened to more than 64 players, whey immediately signed up and the final field was 80.

Here are the results:

Last 16 and onwards:

Klaudio Kerec 6 vs 5 Benjamin Baier 
Mateusz Sniegocki 6 vs 1 Stefan Nölle 
Sigi Hegde 6 vs 3 Chantal Manske 
Tony Drago 6 vs 3 Sebastian Fuhrmann 
Raul Martin 6 vs 3 Cyriel Ledoux
Thomas Aschauer 6 vs 3 Marc Glatz
David Alcaide 6 vs 1 Ramazan Dincer 
Can Salim 6 vs 3 Christos Davetas

Quarter finals 
Klaudio Kerec 6 vs 4 Mateusz Sniegocki 
Tony Drago 6 vs 0 Sigi Hegde 
Raul Martin 6 vs 0 Thomas Aschauer 
David Alcaide 6 vs 1 Can Salim

Semi finals 
Tony Drago 7 vs 2 Klaudio Kerec 
David Alcaide 7 vs 2 Raul Martin

David Alcaide 8 vs 2 Tony Drago

Quarter Final TIME of the MAIN-EVENT!

Moritz again shocked everyone on the TV Table and beat strong favorite Mario He. Feijen showed who boss against Majid by beating him 9-5. Piekarski went on 6-1 against Marcel Fortunski in about 20 minutes but then lost focus and let the young player get back at him a little bit but in the end closed it off with a final score of 9-7. Joshua Filler kept cool against Szewczyk to beat him 9-5.
Semis both played on the TV tables, the match-ups were; Feijen vs. Lauwereyns and Filler vs. Piekarski. Both matches quickly showed who the better players was on Sunday. Even through the youngster match had a bigger score it was over pretty quick cus of fast run-outs and no safety battles. Niels and Moritz took a while longer as tactics came into play. Niels finally closed the deal with a 9-2 win.
So Holland vs. Germany in the FINAL! Niels quickly showed that the break in 9ball ET Style is mastered by those who regularly play the format and broke and ran most of his racks. Joshua struggled to get runs round because he lost his cue-ball a lot. Niels in front is unstoppable, I knew that from the get-go. Proved me right by winning and becoming the NEW 2014 ‘PREDATOR’ Deurne City Classic® CHAMPION !! Congrats Niels Feijen
Though "MASTER OF THE TABLE" title goes to Joshua Filler ! Winning the 9ball banks, 14.1 Shootout and becoming Runner-up in the 9ball MAIN-EVENT!


Impressive Victory For Jentsch

Dominic Jentsch (GER) Foto: EPBF/DK

Ortmann, Ederer, Drago and Grabe also on their way into the last 64 player’s field

Friday, 23 March 2012: Dominic Jentsch (GER) has eliminated Evgen Novosad (UKR) from this year’s 10-ball Dynamic European Championships. He defeated Novosad with 8:4.

Both players showed really good pool and played extremely strong in the beginning of the match. They both had only one problem: The break shot! Jentsch won the lag, broke, came up dry and Novosad ran out. Then the other way around, Novosad broke dry and Jentsch ran out. That was repeated until the 7th rack. There, Novosad missed a ball and Jentsch took the lead for the first time making the score 4:3. The next rack provided the first useable break shot, executed by Novosad. Two balls went in the pockets but he did not have a shot on the 1-ball. This time, Jentsch missed the 1-ball and Novosad started pocketing balls until he found himself snookered on the 5-ball.

Suddenly something funny happened: He seemed to have forgotten his jump cue and asked Jentsch whether he could borrow his. Jentsch agreed with a smile and Novosad pocketed the 5-ball and ran the rack. Both players smiled about that. The score was even again, 4:4. Then Jentsch broke and Novosad played a strange safety which Jentsch handed back. Novosad left a shot for Jentsch and the German ran out. The next rack, Novosad came up dry again and Jentsch ran out again, now leading 6:4. The next two racks went into Jentsch’s account in a similar way and Jentsch proceeded to the round of the final 64 players. Novosad’s dreams have been shattered for this year’s 10-ball competition.

Other notable results include Oliver Ortmann (GER) winning over Noel Bruynooghe (BEL) with 8:3. “The Tornado” Tony Drago (MLT) defeated Portugal’s Manuel Gama with 8:4. Manuel Ederer (GER) whitewashed Predrag Sovic (SRB) 8:0 while Denis Grabe (EST) terminated Sam Wetzel (LUX) 8:2.

In the women’s division, Oliwia Czuprynska (POL) defeated Marika Poikkijoki (FIN) with 6:3. Ana Gradisnik (SLO) and Darya Sirotina (RUS) both won their matches with 6:0 and will join the other winners from today’s last round in tomorrow’s single elimination stage.

The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website , follow us on twitter @EPBF_News or contact our press office.

2012 Mosconi Cup – Melling back to No.1 position

Chris Melling

Chris Melling, who finished atop of the 2011 European Mosconi Cup rankings, is at it again, as his semi-final finish at last week’s World 8 Ball Championship saw him move to the top of the pile as the race for 2012 Mosconi Cup spots takes off.
After two events the Yorkshireman leads England’s Mark Gray by four points and is 11 points ahead of Oliver Ortmann of Germany in third spot. Melling made his Mosconi debut in Las Vegas last December and looked outstanding as he helped his side to a convincing 11-7 win.
“It’s great to be back up to No. 1 on the list as I had the best experience ever in Vegas. It’s hard to explain the pressures involved until you have played in it but I definitely want more of it,” said Melling.
“I’ve started the year well and hopefully I can stay there as I’m playing well and I’m confident – you just need a bit of luck to go with it. Hopefully I’ll be at York Hall and battling it out again with the Americans in December. That’s my goal!”
Melling, who heads to the next qualifying event on March 1st – the Bosnia Open in Sarajevo, also revealed that he and his business partner have just started up a company to promote younger players who are less fortunate.
“It was something that I never had and I coach them and try to help them improve,” he said.
The European Mosconi Cup Ranking consists of 11 events – six Euro Tour events and five ‘World’ events. The ‘World’ events will carry approximately 50% more points due to the international strength of the field.
Only players finishing in the last 32 of each event will be allocated points and at the conclusion, after the 2012 US Open, the top two players will automatically gain entry to the Mosconi Cup side.
The remaining three players will be Matchroom Sport wildcard picks although the ranking will play a part in this.
The Ranking
1. Chris Melling (GBR)                       29
2. Mark Gray (GBR)                            25
3. Oliver Ortmann (GER)                    18
4. Nick Van Den Berg (NED)               17
T5. Karol Skowerski (POL)                   16
T5. David Alcaide (ESP)                       16
7. Huidji See (NED)                             15
8. Darren Appleton (GBR)                   12
T9. Mika Immonen (FIN)                     10
T9. Thorsten Hohmann (GER)             10
T11. Mario He (AUT)                          9
T11. Noel Bruynooghe (BEL)               9
T11. Radoslaw Babica (POL)               9
T14. Imran Majid (GBR)                     8
T14. Serge Das (BEL)                          8

Babica Through to Treviso Open Quarter-Finals

Radoslaw Babica (Foto: EPBF/AMM)

After a tough match against Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE), Radoslaw Babica (POL) secured a seat for himself in the quarter-finals of the Eurotour’s Treviso Open by winning the match 9-6.

It was a wire to wire victory for Babica. He took control of the match from the very beginning and Ekonomopoulos was always trailing behind. It seemed that Babica found the better safety shots and tactics that made the difference in that match. After the 12th rack, Ekonomopoulos was able to tie the match at 6-6. Then Babica went for his time out and obviously gained new strength. When he came back, Ekonomopoulos broke the rack but no ball went down. Babica played as cold as ice and ran the rack, taking a 7-6 lead. The next rack, Babica failed to pocket a ball on his break shot. Ekonomopoulos had a shot at the 1-ball and started pocketing balls but ran out of position for the 4-ball so he had to play a safety shot. Babica found the right answer for that and also won that rack, leading 8-6. The 15th and final rack turned out to be a bit unlucky for the Greek. He broke the rack, a ball went down but he had no shot on the 1-ball. He played a safety shot which Babica answered by playing a great safety shot himself. After thinking a while about the upcoming situation, Ekonomopoulos played an excellent safety shot and it looked very promising for him in that rack. Babica tried to fire the 1-ball in into the side pocket, missed it but got lucky since he fluked it in the side pocket on the opposite side of the table. He ran the rack from there, taking the match with 9-6. “It must be about two years ago that I have made it to this final stage of an event”, said Babica when asked after the tournament about his performance, “I practiced hard before this event since I will have to play two more events within the next two weeks. I also took a week off and spent it with my family. Sometimes that helps you generate new energy.”

Other notable results include Chris Melling (GBR) just making it to the quarter-finals 9-8 over Andreas Gerwen (SWE). Mario He (AUT) eliminated “Napoleon” Marcus Chamat (SWE) 9-4. Below are all results and matchups for the quarter-finals:

Final SIxteen Player Results:
Marcus Chamat vs Mario He 4-9
Dimitri Jungo vs Darren Appleton 5-9
David Alcaide vs Thomas Engert 9-4
Christian Reimering vs Noel Bruynooghe 3-9
Nick van den Berg vs Karl Boyes 9-8
Radoslaw Babica vs Nikos Ekonomopoulos 9-6
Mark Gray vs Karol Skowerski 9-5
Andreas Gerwen vs Chris Melling 8-9

Quarter Finals:
Mario He vs Darren Appleton
David Alcaide vs Noel Bruynooghe
Nick van den Berg vs Radoslaw Babica
Mark Gray vs Chris Melling

The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website , follow us on twitter @EPBF_News or contact our press office.

Appleton Makes it to Treviso Open Semis

Darren Appleton (Foto: EPBF/AMM)

Darren Appleton (GBR) defeated Mario He (AUT) 9-8 in an incredible thriller at the Eurotour’s Treviso Open. 

The whole match was determined by the different playing styles of the two contestants. Appleton was the experienced and calm player while He played aggressively, being the young gun in this match. It seemed like Appleton would be able to come out on top of He without any problems. He was already on the hill with a very comfortable lead of 8-5 over He, but then the young Austrian player demonstrated coolness and refreshing aggressiveness in his performance. In the 14th rack, Appleton had the break shot and made some balls on the break. However, he had to start with a combination shot 1-ball on 6-ball and missed it. Mario He got to the table and played without showing any nerves. That was really amazing, having in mind that He just got out of the junior’s division. He ran the balls and another rack, making the score 8:7 for Appleton. In the 16th rack, Appleton tried to pocket a ball over one cushion but failed. Mario He ran out and made it a hill-hill match; 8-8. The 17th rack had to decide who made it to the semi-final and who had to go home. And it became a dramatic finish. Mario broke the rack and made the 1-ball but the 2-ball was hiding behind the 3-ball. Everybody expected He to play a safety shot or a push-out. But He pulled out his jump cue and fired the 2-ball in, getting perfect position for the 3-ball. The audience went wild and applauded and everyone thought the match was over now with Mario He being the winner. But all of a sudden he missed an easy 4-ball. He could not believe what he had just done. Appleton got to the table and pocketed the 4-ball and 5-ball but got no good position for the 6-ball. The screenplay for the final rack could not have been written any more thrilling. Appleton missed the 6-ball and left a tough position for He. The Austrian decided to play a safety shot and rolled the 6-ball behind the 9-ball. Appleton took a very close look at the balls and played a kick-shot combination into the 6-ball, firing the 9-ball in the side pocket. Appleton won 9-8 and will now face David Alcaide from Spain in the semi-final.

Quarter Finals:
Mario He vs Darren Appleton 8-9
David Alcaide vs Noel Bruynooghe 9-6
Nick van den Berg vs Radoslaw Babica 9-4
Mark Gray vs Chris Melling 9-8

Darren Appleton vs David Alcaide
Nick van den Berg vs Mark Gray 

The semi-finals will be Alcaide starts at 14:30 local time while the match between v.d. Berg and Gray commences at 16:00 local time.

The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website , follow us on twitter @EPBF_News or contact our press office.