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Pao & Fox Tear It Up in NJ: J.Pechauer Cues Joins Andy Cloth Women’s International Pool Championship

Edison, New Jersey – Sunday November 23, 2014 marked the day that several cue toting women would come out to Sandcastle Billiards from various states ranging from Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and even as far as Virginia to compete in an attempt to qualify for a spot in the largest and most prestigious women’s event being held in the United States, the inaugural Andy Cloth Women's International Pool Championship ! 
This prestigious 10-ball event will be bringing world class women’s pool to New York City for the first time in over 12 years,  benefiting the pool world with another fantastic event!  Dragon Promotions is bringing big time, world class women's pool back to the United States with this new event that is also featuring qualifiers all over North America. The main event takes place December 16-21, 2014 featuring 64 elite women from around the world and hosted by Steinway Billiards Cafe in New York City, the epicenter of American culture.  The Women's International Pool Championship format will be very challenging beginning with an 8 women round robin with every player playing a guaranteed 7 matches. The field is cut in half and then moves onto the knockout rounds in a race to 10. The quarter-finals goes to a race to 11, and then the semi-finals race to 13.  The WIP Championship Finals will be a race to 17. The eventual tournament winner will have played 12 world class opponents. The event is sanctioned by the WPBA and brought to you by Andy Cloth,  J.Pechauer Cues , Viking Cues,  Steinway Billiards.  , Olhausen Balls, Pool & Billiard Magazine & Focused Apparel . Patron sponsors include Dr. Greg Diehl, Tom Gleich, and Dr. Michael Frank.  Media partners include PKE Partners, IB Sports, NYC Grind, Gotham City Technologies, Nona Photography, and Charles Eames Photography.  7 days of live pool will be filmed and streamed by Inside Pool TV.   Pay per view on 
" J.Pechauer Cues is thrilled to be joining Dragon Promotions in putting a major championship on US soil. The Andy Cloth Women's International Pool Championship has created so much buzz already, and it's only going to get better. These kind of activities really help boost billiards, and we need to get people excited again", said Joe Pechauer, President of J.Pechauer Cues. While J.Pechauer Cues can meet nearly every price point of any customer or mass market, Pechauer Cues made it's name through custom cue making and till this day it remains a core part of their business.
In the Sandcastle qualifier, what would typically be the “hot seat” match in a double elimination tournament was actually a match for the first of two qualifier slots being awarded out. This brought two thus far undefeated ladies to the table. Caroline Pao and Jai Li would face off for the first slot. Caroline showed her true speed and tenacity at the table as she jumped out to a 5 game lead in the race to 6. As Caroline sat comfortably on the hill, Jia would put two games up on her side of the score beads before Caroline closed out the set at 6-2 and claimed the first spot! Jia would be sent west to await her next worthy competitor and a second chance to earn a spot into the Women’s International Pool Championships. Already happening on the west side of the charts, the ladies were battling for survival.
Listed below are all the match-ups and results of those that participated this past Sunday:
Julie Ha -vs. – Diana “Snooky” Rojas; 5-6
Caroline Pao –vs. – Andrea Shiffman; 6-0
Dawn Fox -vs. – Amy Acera; 6-2
Pam Ogarek -vs. – Denise Reeve; 6-4
Samantha Barrett -vs. – Debra Pritchette; 6-3
Jia Li -vs. – Cheryl Pritchard; 6-5
Round Winner’s Side Results 2nd
Pao vs. Rojas; 6-2 Ha vs. Shiffman; 5-2
Ogarek vs. Howell; 5-2 Pritchard vs. Pritchette; 5-3
Fox vs. Rios; 6-0 Acera (bye)
Li vs. Barrett; 6-3 Reeve (bye)
Round Winner’s Side Results 3rd
Pao vs. Ogarek; 6-3 Barrett vs. Reeve; 5-0
Li vs. Fox; 6-3 Rios vs. Ha; 5-3
Both 4th round matches were a nail biting hill-hill melee with Samantha Barrett victorious over Annie Rios 5-4 and Amy Acera victorious over Cheryl Pritchard 5-4 as well.The next round of competition was not nearly as close as the last round with a well rested Dawn Fox shutting out Samantha Barrett 5-0 and Amy Acera keeping her momentum going after exchanging the first 4 racks back and forth until then pulling away with a 5-2 victory over Pam Ogarek. Round 6 brought Dawn and Amy to yet another hill-hill battle as the two ladies exchanged racks the whole way and fatigue started setting in. Ultimately it was Dawn Fox taking the final rack in that set ending Amy’s great run and sending herself to face off once again with the patiently waiting Jia Li who had sent her west earlier.At first it seemed as if the in-stroke Fox would run away with this final set of the 
tournament as she jumped out to a 4-1 lead to get on the hill against the cold Li and avenge her loss from their fist set this day. Jia would not let it be that easy as she then won the next 2 racks cutting Dawn’s lead down to one at 4-3. Unfortunately it was not enough to put Dawn on ice as she won a very tough safety battle in rack #8 to claim the 
other of the 2 slots being awarded into the main event. 
 A very well deserved congratulations goes out to Caroline Pao of New Jersey and Dawn Fox of Pennsylvania as we wish them luck and good shooting in the inaugural Women’s International Pool Championships next month. 
Thank you to all the ladies that came out to compete on Sunday. We wish you luck in the future qualifiers and perhaps we’ll see you after all in New York!
From Seattle to Quebec, and Tampa to New York City, there was a multitude of opportunities for players to qualify. The ones who won will get to play a guaranteed 7 matches in the round robin! Not bad for a $50 entry fee and taking a crack at the $14,000 1st place prize. A very big opportunity for up and comers looking to gain experience on the women's pro tour scene.
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Main event Dec 16-21, 2014 in New York City at Steinway Cafe-Billiards. Special PPV Pro Event Invitational on Dec 14th.

Dawn Fox Wins Sandcastle Billiards USA Qualifier: OB Cues Official Cue of Yalin Women’s World Championship

Dawn Fox

Edison, New Jersey-  Some of New Jersey’s top female players along with others from surrounding states came out to Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ to compete for an incredible opportunity of an invitation and paid entry into Yalin Billiards prestigious event, the Women’s World 10 Ball Championships being held in Manila, Philippines . Dragon Promotions is pleased to announce the fifth installment of the greatest women's tournament in the world, the 2013  Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship.  This year's edition will take place October 28th – November 4th,2013  to luxurious Resorts World Manila, an upscale hotel and casino adding onto the dynamic atmosphere of the coveted championship. Final Stage 1 Qualifiers will be held at Star Billiards Manila on October 28-29th and the pre-event press conference on October 30th. An elite 48 world class lady pros, the best of the best from 20 countries, will attend the event to decide who is the World Champion. This year's event is again title sponsored by Yalin Tables, one of the premier billiard table manufacturers of the world with #1 all American made OB Cues joining as the Official Cue of the World Championship.
Amongst the first round victories were Dawn Fox over Pam Ogarek with a score of 6-1, Sandra Stevens 6-4 over Alex Calabrese, and Jenn Bogan 3 games over Judie Wilson. Denise Reeve also advanced to round two on the winners’ side and went on to send Jenn Bogan over with a loss after a tight battle that ended 6-4.On the west wing of the charts, Pam Ogarek had two very commanding wins over Alex and Jenn, only giving up a single rack in each set against those two worthy competitors.
Back on the winners’ side, Sandra Stevens made a fierce showing in her first competition in over 7 years, tearing through the field with a 6-2 win over Dawn Fox sending her over  to the one-loss side, and an intense hill-hill victory over Denise Reeve for the hot seat! Denise went west to await her next match as it was Dawn Fox who showed great tenacity and focus on the table as she ripped through the one-loss brackets defeating Judie Wilson 5-1, Pam Ogarek 5-2 and then the ever ready, Denise Reeve hill-hill to make it back over to the finals.
The “Hot Seat” proved to be more like “The Chiller” as a cold, Sandra Stevens fell victim to a dead punch, Dawn Fox, 6 to 1. The second set in this true double-elimination format was a see-saw battle at first as Sandra was just starting to get back in stroke and exchanged racks with Dawn who was still on fire and reached the hill first. The inferno continued to burn in the final rack of this qualifier ending the set 5-3, Dawn Fox taking the scenic route and victorious over Sandra Stevens twice in the finals.
This qualifier wound up being the break of a new Dawn, granting her the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in one of the most prestigious and publicized women’s pool events in the world! Look for Dawn Fox as she represents the USA in the 2013 Yalin Women’s World 10 Ball Tournament this October 31st  – November 4th in Manila, Philippines!
"OB Cues is excited to be the Official Cue of the Women's World Championship. The coverage of this tournament is incredible and we know that the anticipation of this event with the fans and players is tremendous, so we look forward to adding to the excitement. Having the hands down best female players in the world at the most elite women's title in pool is exactly the kind of fit for OB Cues", says Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales and Marketing for OB Cues.
The Yalin World Championships will be live streamed on and sponsored by , Official Table YALIN, Official Cue OB Cues, Official Balls by Aramith, Official Cloth Championship, Official Chalk Master by Tweeten Fibre, Official Magazine Pool & Billiard Magazine, Star Paper Corporation,, and .
The Women's World Championship is produced by Dragon Promotions and filmed by ABS-CBN Sports airing on BALLS, Studio 23, and a dozen other networks in countries worldwide. With massive media and global networks covering the Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship, it will continue as still the biggest and most watched women's billiard event in the world.
Players from around the world will join the event. The reigning World Champion Ga Young Kim of South Korea will be defending her title against all comers. The comers will be hailing from countries such as Russia, Iran, China, Germany, Japan, Netherlands,  Korea, Belgium, Australia, Taiwan, France, Philippines, Singapore, Poland,  the United States and many more.
OB Cues first introduced the revolutionary Low Deflection OB-1 Shaft in 2005. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, OB Cues now has a High Performance shaft line that consists of four different Playing Shafts and a Break Shaft to fit all styles of Players. In 2008 they introduced the J-Line Cues and then in March of 2012 launched the New 2012 OB Cue Line manufactured exclusively in the OB factory in Texas. With an ongoing effort to constantly improve the performance and feel of their products, OB Cues is now recognized as an industry leader in High Performance Billiard products. OB Cues encourages Pool Players to Get serious about their game by experiencing the OB Technology that will help Pool Players to be more consistent and more accurate when using OB products. For more information on OB Cues and OB Shafts, visit or contact your local billiard retailer.  Follow OB Cues at