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Marshall grabs the N.S.EXPO 2018 Coveted Bracelet

Rolling back the years, ex-professional Snooker player Robert Marshall won the Black Heart Snooker Classic Open at the inaugural National Snooker Expo.
After two days of intense group stage matches and high drama on the green-baize, players were either sent home packing while others fell to the way side and some due to fatigue. This was a test of not just skill but also stamina and endurance.
Our Champion overcame the stubborn challenge and gutsy performance of runner up Steven Thomas from North Wales to win 3-2. But the real drama came in Thomas’ best of 5 semi-final clash with Stratford-Upon-Avon’s Stuart Watson. With the score level at 2-2 Watson found himself in a tricky situation and trailing by 40 points. Although he could clearly hit a red Stuart attempted a very difficult safety shot.
Having missed his attempted shot twice World Snooker Referee, Ms Małgorzata Kanieska had no alternative but to remind Wilson of the Three Miss Rule (Failure to hit a ball "on" three times in a row, if the player has a clear sight of the ball. The referee will warn a player after a second such miss that a third miss will mean that the opponent will be awarded the frame. This rule does not apply if the player is snookered.) and warn him that if he failed to hit a red on his third attempt he would forfeit the frame and subsequently lose the match.
After long deliberation, Wilson attempted to play the more difficult two cushion safety shot again; rather than aim and hit the visible red. Stuart failed to hit a red by a millimetre and in turn lost the match and a place in the N.S.EXPO final.
On his way to winning the Black Heart Classic Open, Robert also secured the highest break prize of £100.00 by making a century break of 106 including the top first prize of £350.00.
On presentation of the Championship Bracelet with the inscription ‘NSEXPO-2018-CHAMP’ Marshall was informed that all future N.S.EXPO Championship Bracelets will thereafter be known as the ‘Robert Marshall Bracelet’ upon which Robert replied “WOW. Your kidding… Your joking right?”
But this was no joke and Robert Marshal has now cemented his place in history for which we hope will be for many generations to come.
However, Roberts journey towards glory was nearly lost to a delayed flight-path from Poland.  Tournament Director Ms Kanieska was delayed on Friday evening by over three hours with uncertainty that she would be allowed to board her second flight of a gruelling journey that night from Amsterdam.
Founder, Jason Lawrence said “Gosia was due to arrive at Manchester Airport around 9.30pm, Friday night. With all logistical set-up I was unable to pick Gosia up personally as originally planned. Thankfully we had a great Taxi operator who met Ms Kanieska and drove her to her hotel room at around 12.30am. She is a dedicated professional and despite this unfortunate flight journey, she was ready for action that same morning and took charge of our first N.S.EXPO with ease and confidence. She is a great asset, that’s for sure.”
Throughout the two days vendor Cue & Case showcased their products to players, the general public and customers. “Being that this is our first ever National Snooker Expo, we had to expose and educate the players, and public to what this is all about. That said, Cue & Case came, they sold cues and that’s the name of the game.” Added Lawrence.
Mr. Lawrence also announced “We are now looking ahead to the National Snooker Expo 2019. There is a lot of hard work ahead for this project and that has already begun. I can proudly confirm that for the 2019 
National Snooker Expo, Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips will again be the Principle Partner and we are very confident of naming others in the near future.
We’ve now got a very strong team of professionals who all performed to an outstanding level throughout the event and gave the players an exciting experience that many are not use too. On behalf of the National Snooker Expo I should like to thank Małgorzata Kanieska and Sarah McManus for carrying out their Directive and Refereeing duties to the highest level. They are now part of a team.”
“Today we have a clear indication of what works, what does not work and what we can improve. This (holding the expo) was important.” Jason added.
The National Snooker Expo 2018 was also raising money for charity and confirms raising £72.50 in support of Prostate Cancer UK.
Lengthy match play meant that time was extremely limited to successfully execute the planned 9Ball Amateur Open. We had to alter our original plans from a three day event down to a two day event. Players who registered were instead fully refunded and treated to engage with newly launched cue shaft products as well as competing in a few arranged, race to 9 matches. Everyone was happy!
Final Standings
Champion:       Robert Marshall
Runner-Up:      Steven Thomas
3rd Place:      E. Lott and Stuart Watson
4th Place:      Danny Connelly, David Holcroft, Paul Taylor, Lewis Walsh.
Finally the National Snooker Expo 2018 should like to thank Hazel Grove Snooker Club for hosting our event and running all operations smoothly and efficiently. Thank you Dino and Pam who were excellent throughout 
the weekend and their staff who are second to none!
We should also like to thank the Principal Partner of this project, Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips along with all our official sponsors:
TWEETEN FIBRE CO., INC. – Official Tournament Chalk
SHOOTERSPOOL.NET – Official Online Gaming Host
POOLDAWG.COM – Official Online Retailer
COACH’S EYE – Keynote Sponsor
International Media affiliates:
All in support of Prostate Cancer UK. Thank you for all contributed donations.
The National Snooker Expo will return in 2019.
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Pride Of Scotland Victorious In Challenge Tier II

The first ever Tier II final in the Challenge Cup saw two players both relatively new to GB9, Chris Fraser and Dave Evans, do battle for the title. This tier was designed especially for players looking to develop their games whilst playing tournament standard pool, and these two players have shown their worth in taking their games to the next level.
Scotsman Fraser opened his account in the Challenge Cup with a 9-7 victory over London’s Paul Taylor, a result that saw him face Simon Gardner in the last 16. he stepped his game up a gear in dispatching of Gardner by 9 racks to 4. This put him into a quarter final match against Devon’s Jamie Graham. The two players couldn’t be much further apart in terms of residence, but the scoreline couldn’t have been much closer on the day, Fraser winning through once again by 9 racks to 7 and pitting him against Luke Rollison in the final four. It was another 9-4 scoreline that saw Fraser past the finishing post and into his first ever major final on the GB 9 Ball Tour.
Evans opened up his campaign against namesake Dave Simmonds in the first round, himself another long time servant of the tour. Evans came out on top by 9 racks to 5 to have him face Joni Holden in the round of 16. Both players served up an excellent match, but Evans came home winner 9-7 to book a place in the quarter final. Here he faced GB9 Chairperson Andy Warden, himself in his best ever finish at a GB9 event, but the Chair was dethroned in a match that Evans won by 9 racks to 6. In the semi-finals he faced Aslam Abubaker, who must be given credit for becoming the first wheelchair player ever to make the semi-finals in any GB9 competition.
His dream run was brought to an end by Evans, however, and Evans took the match 9-5 to secure his place in what was also his maiden final.
With both players fired up for the first ever GB9 final, a close scoreline was expected. However, Fraser stepped his game up another gear to win his first title on the GB 9 Ball Tour, winning the final by 9 racks to 2.