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Josh Farris Racks Up Stop #5 of The Mezz LA 9 Ball Series

A strong field of amateur players made it out to Gladi8or Pizza & Billiards on May 1st for some competitive 9 ball on 9 foot tables, with Josh Farris (684) capturing the hot seat against Francis Lanag (607) 7-1. Francis made his way back to the final after defeating Stop #4 champion Jon Balan (658) on the losers’ side 5-3; he then won the first set in the double elimination final 6-3 against Josh, but was unable to overcome the second set, which went to Josh 5-2. This is Francis’ highest finish so far in the series but we expect many more high finishes from him!
The losers’ side had great advances by two of the newest players in the series Henry Gonzalez (547) and Cody Gragg (615), tournament director Rudy Torres (599), Al Garcia (591), and Rhino Lay.
Several new players have joined the series, including Abet Ng, Butch Barba, Linda Dugger, Jesse Palomares and John Venadas. The series continues to grow as players fight for critical points that will get them into the Season Finale in December, where the top 32 players will get to battle it out for free for all the cash!
A big congrats as well to Jeffrey Jamerson who won the Break&Run Raffle for FREE entry to Stop #6, and Ray Cruz who won the Holy Case Raffle!
Lastly, we would like to thank all our sponsors for their support of this series which promises to build up to a great Finale in December: Mezz Cues, ZAN Tips, Turtle Rack, Holly Cases, Salotto App, Jam Up Apparel, fast&loose designs, and the BCA Pool League.
If you missed it don’t worry – we have a full year left of tournaments every first Sunday of the month! Find out more at

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San Souci beats Hernandez in finals

George San Souci found the winners circle

The Golden Cue in Albany, NY one of the oldest and greatest pool rooms ever was host to Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tours 11th stop of the season. The Spinelli family along with a local Chevy dealer added $2000 to the pot and 51 players showed to claim their potion of the over $6000 available. In a room that is as much fun to play in as it is to get action in, the players went right at it from the start.

Play was tight all day as players like SanSouci, Tavernier, Thornly and Hernandez beat all that came their way and remained on the winners side for Sunday. On the one loss side keeping their hopes alive for victory was Kevin Ketz, Robb Saez, Mike Zuglan, Rick Matarazzo, Tom Accivatti, Ted Garrahan, Joe Tucker and Ray Cruz.
Of the 12 players returning Sunday, 8 were past winners on the Joss tour and 6 were multiple event winners, 10 of the 12 were top 3 finishers in previous events. On the winners side SanSouci beat Thornly and Hernandez to win the hot seat. Across the board we had Zuglan defeating Ketz and Saez only to fall to Tavernier after battling to hill-hill. Tavernier beat Thornley then fell to Hernandez to set up the all NYC finals.
In the first set Frankie had George down 8-2 when SanSouci caught stroke and came back to make it a respectable set. In the next set of the true double elimination finals it was nothing short of masterful playing by SanSouci that had him way out in front 8-0. Running rack after rack and playing great safety pool, you could see the determination on Ginky's face as he tried to get a 9-0 win. Getting out of line a bit on a ball in game 9, SanSouci missed and Frankie got out from the only offensive shot he had all set. In game 10 it was again all Ginky as he went on to win.
It would be very hard to find a better room to play in than the Golden Cue and the people in New York's Capitol are just downright nice, The Joss Tour looks forward to making this a regular stop and we would like to thank Rocky, Cathy, Catlin, Ben and the entire staff. An excellent tournament and a great week end.

Magic Man wins in Syracuse

‘The Magic Man’ Teddy Garrahan

Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour stop #7 was at Joe Speach's Salt City Billiards this past weekend. While 45 players shot for the $5100 in prize money, the great pool fans of the Syracuse, NY fans got to see some great pool and enjoy some of the best food you ever tasted at a sporting event. Sausage and peppers, tortalini soup, barbecue beef, macaroni and meatballs, carrot cake and more were on the menu. If you didn't cash at this tournament you could at least gain 5 pounds. Adding $1500 and playing on some great Gold Crown one tables with Simonis cloth and using centennial balls made this a really great event.

Saturday started with some very tough matches Ron "Julio" Casanzio had to beet Chuck Altomare, Ryan McCreesh and Mike Zuglan to go through the day unscathed, Rochester's Lyn Wechsler had to win over Raphael Saldana, last weeks winner Ray Cruz and have an incredible comeback from an 4-8 deficit to win on the hill against Bob Levandowski. Joining Casanzio and Wechsler on the winners side for the day was Teddy Garrahan and Jim Forsythe. On the one loss side we had Tim Parisian, Mike Zuglan, Gary Empey and Bob Levandowski. Making the cash line but not returning Sunday was Time Allen, Mike Hurley, Ryan McCreesh and Claude Spence.
Sunday Started with Teddy Garrrahan beating Wechsler only to lose to Julio for the hot seat. Casanzio had beaten Forsythe and now had to wit for the play on the one loss side.Wechsler upset Zuglan 9-7 and then lost to Gary Empey. Garrahan beat Empey for the losers side and got a chance to meet Ron Casanzio in the finals. In the finals the people got to see why we call Ted Garrahan the Magic Man. Garrahan won the first set of the true double elimination 9-5 including an incredible out from the hill that included a jump shot a table length combination and a carom. In the second set it was 6-0 by the time Casanzio got to shoot and when he did he played great. Playing safe and scratching his way to win 4 games Julio then proceeded to snap two 9's in a row to get to 6 and we all thought it was going to be a match again. But when Casanzio broke and made nothing Ted made the one and a 2-9 carom to win the match.
All the staff at Salt City did a great job and the fans got to see great pool with no admission charge. We look forward a returning next year and I personally am not eating a thing the week before this event. Many thanks to Joe and Judy Speach for a great job. Next stop on the tour is Nov. 17 in Levittown, NY(Long Island) at Leisuretime Billiards.

Ray Cruz wins in Rochester

Stop #6 on Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour was held this weekend at the Classic Billiards Club in Rochester, NY. Owner Jacky Vaccaro and GM Rich Warren added $2500 to the purse and 49 Players showed.

Play all weekend was nothing short of spectacular and almost every match was a nail biter. Saturdays action started right off great matches. Steve Tavernier and Dan Kolacz went toe to toe to the wire when Tavernier over stocked a safety on the 7 ball leaving Kolacz with a tough table length shot that he split the pocket with to win. Canadians Paul Thornley, Jeff Pillon and Ray Cruz went through the day untouched along with Dan Kolacz. On the one Loss side of the chart we had Ron Casansio, Lyn Wechsler, Frank Piasecki, Dan Smith, Rich Difulio, Rey Rendon, Mike Zuglan and Ted Garrahan.
Sunday came and the play really became intense for the day. Mike Zuglan came out smoking and drilled Teddy Garrahan 9-3 then Rey Rendon 9-3, then Jeff Pillon fell to Zuglan 9-5. Ron Casansio better know to all as "Julio" beat Wechsler, Smith and Kolacz to set up one of the greatest matches of the year so far against Zuglan. Back and forth all the way to the hill these two guys butted heads and in the 17th game Julio missed a makable 3 only to leave Zuglan with no shot. After making a great kick and a good hit Zuglan returned to the chair while Julio did it again on the next ball. Missing the four, he left Mike again with no shot. Ron only missed few balls in this entire match. Fortunately he missed them very well and was able to win the set 9-8 leaving Zuglan with a respectable 4th place. Casansio went on to beat up on Paul Thornley to get the right to meet Cruz in the finals. But this day belonged to Ray Cruz. This quiet unassuming fellow from Toronto showed all his talent and class for two days. Great shot making and good sportsmanship are the ways of this guy. Sitting in his chair when not shooting, never making any noise of movements, giving every player he played the best racks they could get was what he did all weekend long. And it really paid off for him.
In the finals after being close 5-4 Cruz, Raymond seemed to shift into high gear and get out from everywhere. When the dust settled it was 9-6 Cruz and his first Joss northeast tour victory.
It is hard to imagine a better place to play pool and socialize in the Northeast. Great equipment, knowledgeable fans and the friendliest people you could meet. Our thanks to them and our sponsors Joss Cues, Webb Custom Cues, Capone cues, Giuseppe cases and Simonis cloth for helping make this tour as successful as it is.

Robbie Saez wins in Glens Falls

Robb Saez with Mika Immonen

On one of the most beautiful weekends of fall, Mike Zuglan brought his Joss Northeast Tour into Glens Falls, NY for a $1500 added tournament at Adirondack Billiards. Host Joe Stanislowsky and Bob Talbot added the money and 41 players showed. Competition was great and the great fans got to see some great pool.

In front of packed house on both days play was exciting and surprising on both days. Players like Jim Rempe, Santos Sambajon and Edgar Acaba were knocked out early in some great matches. Going through the first day unscathed were Mike Davis, Robb Saez, Mike Zuglan and Canadian Ray Cruz. On the one loss side we had Chuck Altomare vs Ryan McCreesh, Jack Smith vs Lee French.
Mike Davis came out firing and beat Saez in their first match and then beat Ray Cruz to go to the hot seat. Cruz had just beat Zuglan 9-3 and was playing great when he and Davis went to the hill. Both players in the hill match missed key shots and when Cruz tried to cut a seven ball the length of the table he jawed it and Davis won. Robbie Saez went through the one loss side Beating McCreesh on the hill, then Mike Zuglan and Ray Cruz. In the finals Mr. Saez was not to be denied. Winning both sets he took home the beautiful trophy and the cash.
Thanks to Adirondack Billiards and their staff. We look forward to returning again next year for another great event.