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Espinosa and Chau Repeat on Poison Lone Star Tour

Manny Chau

Round Rock’s Justin Espinosa clenched his third, consecutive amateur 9-ball division title on the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour, defeating Hiro Nakahara in the second set of the true, double elimination final, 5-0. Espinosa now joins an elite list of fellow tour players whose game has drastically improved on tour, and have graduated to the tour’s prominent “Open Division Player List”. In the open 9-ball division, an undefeated Manny Chau racked up his second win of the year, overcoming Chase Rudder in the final set, 7-2.
On June 10th-11th, 2017, Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar in Houston, Texas,  along with tour title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, and sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls facebook@CyclopPoolBalls,  Ozone Billiards, APA of North Harris County facebook@APANorthHarrisCounty,, and Jimmy Jenkins Realty , facilitated another successful  event for Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour players. The tour would like to thank room owners David and Shannon Richardson, and their entire staff, for hosting another first-rate event.
In the 41-player, amateur 9-ball division, Justin Espinosa made his way to the final four winners’ side with wins over Tom Rehm, 5-1, Cody Smoke, 5-1, Robbie Salinas, 5-0, and Steve Williams, 5-2, while Jeff Chauncey ousted Will Felder, 5-3, Bill Fuller, 5-2, and Bob “Pittsburgh Flash” Guzik. Doug Gray ousted Gerald Holland, 5-4, Sonny Bosshamer, 5-2, and Robert Cooper, 5-0, while Hiro Nakahara overcame Dave DeVaney, Johnny Cope, 5-0, Robyn Haak, 5-0, and Jim McCary, 5-4.  After losing  his second round match to Bosshamer, 5-3, Pete Charles came back to win eight matches on the one loss side, including wins over Kevin Johnson, 5-4, Holland, 5-3, Joe Fagan, 5-3, Salinas, 5-0, and Robert Cooper.  Bill Fuller terminated Vic Sorto, 5-0, and Richard Hernandez, 5-3, before falling to Jim McCary, 5-3. In similar fashion, Felder sent home Brian Rosenbaum, 5-1, newcomer Red Hutch, 5-0, and Chris Ramoz, 5-3, only to be stopped short by Guzik, 5-3. Bosshamer made his play, ending DeVaney, Chris Rocha, 5-0, and Steve Williams, rounding out the final four on the one loss side. Winners’ side action witnessed Gray fall to Nakahara, 5-1, and Espinosa surge past Chauncey, 5-3. Espinosa was on a roll, and went on to secure the hot seat over Nakahara, 5-1. Back on the west side, it was Guzik over Bosshamer, 5-3, and Charles over McCary, 5-1. Following his seventh win, Charles slid by Guzik, 5-4, but fell to Nakahara, 5-3. This turn of events pitted a rematch for Nakahara, whose only hope to win this event, was to beat Espinosa two sets. Hungry for his first tour win, Nakahara overwhelmed Espinosa the first set, 5-1. Espinosa collected himself, bearing down and winning the second set, 5-0. Congratulations to Justin Espinosa on his third, amateur division title.
In the 39-player, open 9-ball division, Manny Chau began his trek with wins over Kevin Johnson, 7-6, Robyn Haak, 7-2, and Brian Rosenbaum, 7-2, while Waco’s Doug Young bested Robbie Salinas, 7-2, Hiro Nakahara, 7-2, and Jim McCary, 7-5. Chase Rudder defeated Paul Alderete, 7-3, Bill Fuller, 7-1, Justin Espinosa, 7-2, and Joey Torres, 7-3, while Sonny Bosshamer took care of Adam Gomez, 7-3, Jamie Polk, 7-5, and Richard Hernandez. Following a 7-2 upset at the hands of Hernandez, Ernesto Bayaua took charge, eliminating Chris Ramoz, 7-1, Tom Rehm, and Jim McCary, 7-4. Other one loss side action witnessed Espinosa take out Cody Smoke, 7-2, David Chow, 7-0, and Brian Rosenbaum, 7-1. Nakahara was on the comeback trail, blazing through Mike Robles, 7-2, Will Felder, and Hernandez. Guzik made his bid for the final four on the one loss side, logging wins over Fuller, 7-6, Haak, and Richie Richeson, 7-3, until he was halted by Torres, 7-2. Back on the east side, Rudder overcame Bosshamer, 7-5, and Chau made quick work of Young, 7-2. Thirsty for his second tour victory of the year and anxious to regain his number one ranking, Chau overcame Rudder for the hot seat, 7-5. Back on the west side, Espinosa took out Bayaua, 7-0, and Bosshamer, 7-0. Torres tamed Nakahara, 7-6, but fell to Young, 7-6. Young went on to defeat Espinosa, 7-5, only to be put out of commission by Rudder, 7-2. It was a hot seat rematch for the two, heavy hitters. Rudder, vying for his first title of the season, faced off with Chau, who was anxious to repossess his place in the rankings. Chau was focused, and his determination bled through to the table. Rudder was controlled and concise, but couldn’t keep up. Chau closed out the first set, 7-2, taking home his second victory, and enough points to regain his throne in the open division rankings.
Hopey Carter from Shreveport, LA, won the Poison Cue Raffle, taking home a VX Stroke Playing Cue, valued at $239. 
Serving pool players, pool rooms, and sponsors since 2009, the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2018 as the longest-running billiards tour in the south. A special 10th Anniversary Event will be held for players who compete in at least two events between now, and January 1st, 2018. The tour strongly encourages all players to meet the eligibility requirements, in order to gain entrance into this one-of-a-kind tournament. The next tour stop will be held on July 7th-8th, 2017, at Fat Racks Billiards in San Antonio, Texas. This event will feature one, open 9-ball division, open to all players (limited to 64), with the option to pre-pay, online. For more information, please visit 

Watson and Charlton Win Big on Poison Lone Star Tour

Eric Charlton, Pete Charles, Jacob Watson and Aaron Springs

Former Junior World Championship contender, Jacob Watson, came from behind to claim the 35-player open 9-ball division, his first-ever open division win on the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour. After losing the hot seat match to Eric Charlton, 7-6, Watson fought his way back, ousting Charlton in the finals, 7-0, 7-5. Watson reached yet another milestone in his short, but successful playing career, winning his first open division title which accompanies two amateur division wins, this year.  New on the scene, Eric Charlton mad a big splash in both divisions, taking home his first title in the 31-player, amateur 9-ball division, coming from behind to defeat Pete Charles in the finals, 5-4, 5-2. Charlton also finished second in the open, and took home $1,630 for his $80 investment!
On March 18th-19th, 2017, Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar (Houston, Texas), along with tour title sponsor Poison by Predator Cues, and sponsors Cyclop Pool Balls facebook@CyclopPoolBalls,  Ozone Billiards, APA of North Harris County facebook@APANorthHarrisCounty,, and Realtor, Jimmy Jenkins , facilitated another successful  event for Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour players. The tour would like to thank room owners David and Shannon Richardson, and their entire staff, for hosting another first-rate event.
In the open 9-ball division, Watson made his way to the final four winners’ side with victories over L.J. Johnson, Duane Bryant, 7-6, and Jerry Cook, 7-4,while Richie Richeson overcame Johnny Lawson, Doug Young, 7-5, and Will Felder, 7-3. Tour newcomer, Eric Charlton, bested Justin Pena, Doug Gray, 7-6, and Aaron Springs, 7-4, while Brian Rosenbaum defeated Ruben Montelongo, Mike Palowski, 7-5, and Steve Williams, 7-3. On the one-loss side, after a first round loss at the hands of Bryant, Pete Charles won six consecutive matches, including wins over Palowski, 7-1, Thomas Madison, 7-6, and Cook, 7-4. After a first round loss to Jake Polendo, Yoko Joe went on to eliminate Damion Manning, 7-1, Duane Bryant, 7-3, Robbie Salinas, and Steve Williams, 7-2. Charles overcame McCary, 7-3, while Springs ended Joe’s run, 7-6. On the east side, Watson sent Richeson west, 7-5, while Charlton made quick work of Rosenbaum, 7-4. Hot seat action witnessed an intense, showdown for the books, as Watson and Charlton met up once again, this time in the amateur 9-ball division. The set went hill-hill, and in the final game, Watson scratched on the 9-ball, losing 7-6. Back on the one-loss side, Charles eliminated Rosenbaum, while Springs sent Richeson packing, 7-2. Watson took out Springs, 7-5, for a shot at redemption. These two players developed quite a history in just one event. Each competing in both divisions, the score on total sets against one another, coming into this final, was Charlton with (2) two sets, and Jacob, with (1) one set. Watson’s drive was at maximum speed, and his intensity made for great spectating. He dominated Charlton in the first set, 7-0. In overtime, Charlton found his stride, but it was too little, too late. Watson secured the second set, 7-5, winning his third Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour title of 2017. Congratulations to Jacob Watson, who has now earned the right to become an open division player, exclusively.
In the amateur 9-ball division, Jacob Watson took no prisoners on his way to the final four winners’ side, defeating Brian Rosenbaum, 5-2, Yoko Joe, 5-0, and Eric Charlton, 5-0, while Justin Pena bested Tom Rehm, Aaron Springs, 5-3, and L.J. Johnson, 5-1. Richard Hernandez was on a roll, securing wins over Gerald Holland, Steve Williams, 5-2, and Mike Palowski, 5-2, while Pete Charles ousted Joey Hatch, 5-1, Doug Gray, 5-3, and Bobby Garcia, 5-2. On the west side, after losing his first match to Aaron Springs, Tony Scott won six consecutive matches, eliminating Jim McCary, 5-2, Hatch, Joe, 5-2, Will Felder, 5-1, Garcia, 5-1, and Palowski, 5-1. Charlton eliminated Chuck Adams, 5-2, and L.J. Johnson, to reach the final six. Back on the east side, it was Pena over Watson, 5-1, and Charles over Hernandez, 5-3. On the one-loss side, Watson took out Scott, 5-2, while Charlton eliminated Hernandez, 5-1. Once again, Watson and Charlton found themselves face to face. This time, the saga played out a bit different, with Charlton dominating Watson, 5-1. In the hot seat match, Charles overcame Pena, 5-0, who was in turn eliminated by Charlton, 5-0. After securing five back-to-back wins, no doubt, Charlton was pumped for the finals. In the first set, a back and forth battle between Charles and Charlton ended in a 5-4 loss for the undefeated Charles. In the second set, Charlton came on strong, dealing Charles his final blow, 5-2. Congratulations to Eric Charlton on his first-ever win on the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour.
There were a number of players at this event competing on tour for the first time.  The tour would like to thank all those players and invite them back at every opportunity. Also, congratulations to Jason Harris who won a Poison VX Break/Jump Cue, and J.C. Torres who took home a Poison VX Jump Cue, in the regular event raffle, and free raffle, over the weekend. 
The tour would like to recognize its 2017 sponsors and venues: Poison by Predator Cues, Cyclop Pool Balls, Ozone Billiards, APA of North Harris County, Outsville Billiards, and Realtor, Jimmy Jenkins. This year, the tour welcomes back Texas venues Bogies Billiards and Sports Bar (Houston), Bogies West (Houston), Skinny Bob’s Billiards (Round Rock), and our brand new venues, Fat Racks Sports Bar and Billiards (San Antonio), and CK Billiards (Dallas). 
Without the nearly 300 players who attend Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour events, annually, production of this tour would not be possible. The tour would like to thank each and every player for their participation, whether it’s one event, or every event year round. It is because of your patronage, that the Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour celebrates its 9th birthday this year, serving players across Texas and in surrounding states.  The tour welcomes everyone back for the next event, to be held on April 1st-2nd, 2017, at Bogies West, located at 9638 Jones Road, in Houston, Texas. The full 2017 schedule is published at The Poison Lone Star Billiards Tour encourages everyone who loves to play pool and compete in a friendly atmosphere, to attend an event. “Like” us on Facebook @LoneStarTour and “Follow” us on Twitter @LoneStarTour09.