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West punctuates second victory on DelMarVa Tour with a shutout final

Kevin West (on right), with Tournament Director: Brian Losh (on left)

Kevin West chalked up his second victory on the 2015 DelMarVa Tour on Saturday, April 25, going undefeated through a field of 26. The event was hosted by Georgetown Billiards in Georgetown, DE.
Not content, apparently, with just winning the tour stop, Kevin West upped his game in the finals with a shutout win over Jeff Holloway. They'd met first in the hot seat match, after West had sent Freddy Scott to the one loss side 7-4 and Holloway had given up only a single rack to Ashley Cartwright. West took the first of two over Holloway 7-4 and waited in the hot seat.
On the loss side, Cartwright picked up Rick Veller, who'd defeated Larry Yearsly, double hill, and Randy Foose 5-3. Scott drew Al Stambaugh, recent victor over Jamie Dula 5-3 and Rodney Mclamb 5-2. A pair of 5-3 victories by Scott and Veller sent them to the quarterfinals, where Scott prevailed 5-1.
Holloway and Scott battled to double hill in the semifinals, before Holloway finished it for a second shot against West in the hot seat. West, though, stepped up his game and won seven straight to claim his second 2015 DelMarVa title.

West picks up second win on Stop # 6 of DelMarVa Bar Box Tour

Wayne Hardee and Kevin West

Kevin West got by Wayne Hardee in two different ways to complete an undefeated run on the DelMarVa Bar Box Tour on Saturday, February 7. The event, the sixth on the tour, drew 29 entrants to Wyoming Tavern, in Wyoming, DE. 
West and Hardee met first in the hot seat match, after each had defeated an opponent 6-1 in a winners' side semifinal. West sent Josh Perry to the loss side, as Hardee was moving Rick Veller over. West took the opening match of the two versus Hardee in a shutout and waited on his return.
Perry and Veller moved to the first money round on the loss side. Perry drew Jeff Gibson, who'd given up only a single rack over his previous two matches, shutting out Rodney McLamb and giving up the one rack to Rocky Shiflett. Veller picked up Al Stambaugh, who'd given up only one rack to Zach Paitsel, and survived a double hill fight versus Scott Cannon.
It was Gibson and Stambaugh who advanced to the quarterfinals; Gibson in a double hill win over Perry and Stambaugh 4-1 against Veller. Gibson took the quarterfinal match 4-1, and had his loss-side streak ended 4-2 in the semifinals by Hardee. Hardee put up a fight in his second match against West, graduating from shutout to double hill, but West prevailed to claim the event title.

Kevin West wins fourth stop on DelMarVa Bar Box Tour

Mike Ketterman and Kevin West

Kevin West went undefeated through a field of 22 entrants, on hand for the fourth stop on the DelMarVa Bar Box Tour, held on Saturday, December 13 at the Riverside Grill in Millsboro, DE. As its name suggests, the tour is centered in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, and plays out on bar box pool tables. 
West had to get by Mike Ketterman twice to claim the event title. They met first in the hot seat match, after West had defeated Charlie DeHaven and Ketterman had downed Rick Veller, both matches ending 7-2. West claimed the hot seat, giving up only a single rack to Ketterman, who'd return to meet him in the finals.
Veller and DeHaven moved to the loss side and met up with Jamie Dula and Tim Sample, respectively. Dula had gotten by Mike Vitak 5-2 and Bill Wilson 5-3 to reach Veller. Sample had defeated Matt Treadway, double hill, and Rodney McLamb 5-2 to draw DeHaven.
Veller and DeHaven advanced to the quarterfinals; Veller 5-3 over Dula and Dehaven in a shutout over Sample. Veller and DeHaven locked up in a double hill quarterfinal, eventually won by Veller. earning him a re-match against Ketterman. Ketterman defeated him a second time in the semifinals 5-3, and then was himself defeated a second time by West, who shut him out in the finals to claim the event title.