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2017 Mosconi Cup – Team USA standings after eight events

Shane Van Boening

Once again, it was Shane Van Boening who took the honours as the eighth event on Team USA Mosconi Cup qualification took place in Oregon. The tournament was the Pac West Invitational and it was Van Boening who triumphed beating Filipino Ramil Gallego in the championship match to take maximum points.
High finishers included Dennis Hatch who is chasing a fifth Mosconi Cup appearance nine years after he made his MVP-winning debut at the MGM in 2009. Other contenders harvesting the points included Oscar Dominguez, a team mate of Hatch in 2009, and Skyler Woodward who enters the top ten for the first time.
The name of the game is to finish inside the top ten of the ranking once the 17th and final event has concluded in early September. Following that, Team USA supremo Johan Ruijsink will be making his picks from the top ten finishing players. To give himself some leeway in this make or break year for Team America, Ruijsink will be selecting four players from the top ten plus another whose final ranking won’t be of significance. 
Ranking after 8 events
1 Shane VAN BOENING                140
2 Dennis HATCH                             104
3 Oscar DOMINGUEZ                    76
4 Rodney Morris                          56
5 Billy Thorpe                                  55
6 Donny Mills                                40
7 Hunter Lombardo                   39
8 Skyler WOODWARD                  37
9 Johnny Archer                           35
10 Earl Strickland                      30
11 Brandon Shuff                        28
12 Josh Roberts                            27
13 Russell Cearley                        26
14 Shaun Wilkie                            25
15 Corey Deuel                              23
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2017 Mosconi Cup Team USA Ranking – Next Events
July 12/16 – World Pool Series Event 3 (Darren Appleton) – New York
Table: 9 ft
Players: 128
Added: $16,800
Grade: One
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