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Ted Garrahan beats Karen Corr in Finals

Garrahan got his second win of the season

Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour visited Rack'n'Roll Billiards in Stamford,Ct. This past weekend and the field was a strong one. Players like Ginky, Robles, Saez, Altomare, Hernandez and Zuglan were joined by local nine ballers and two women. Competing for the over $5K in prizes made for some incredible matches. On Saturday we had players like Zuglan and Altomare sent home early without cashing and matches that were pretty intense. Joe Korsiak had Karen Corr 8-4 in the race to nine. The Irish super player held her composure and took advantage of two crucial misses by Joey "K", got it to hill hill and then won the set 9-8 to remain undefeated for the day. Joining Karen with no losses was, Robbie Saez, Frank Hernandez and Ted Garrahan. On the one loss side we had George Sansouci, Scott Richardson, Tony Robles and Joe Korsiak.

Sunday saw Corr beating Saez, Garrahan win over Hernandez, Ginky got Richardson and Joey "K" winning a hill hill match with Robles. Garrahan beat Corr 9-7 to take the hot seat. On the one loss side we saw Sansouci and Hernandez settle for 5/6 as Corr determined to get to the finals won her match with Robb Saez to get there. The Final set between Garrahan and Corr was a great one. Back and forth with great safe play and shot making, The "Magic Man" was playing lights out as was Corr. When Karen played a great safety at 7-7, Teddy actually kicked two rail and made a carom to enable him to get out. At 8-7 he broke and got out to seal the victory. Garrahan went the two days without a loss and simply played great.
Not enough nice things can be said about Mike Flemming and his staff at Rock'n'Roll Billiards. Completely remodeled and great equipment made this a really fun weekend. Next week the tour goes to the Golden Cue in Albany,NY. This is where Mike Zuglan got his start as a pool player and the field should be great with the $2000 added to the kitty.

Francisco Diaz Wins

Levittown, NY Saturday and Sunday Nov. 17 & 18.2001. Dan DiDominici owner of Leisure Time Billiards played host to Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour. 43 Players showed to play for the almost $5000 in cash and enjoy one of the nicest pool rooms in the Northeast. Players from New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and even Spain showed. As always on the tour the competion was intense and the play was wonderful.

Saturday saw great matches including Zuglan and SanSouci meeting in the second round with Zuglan beating Ginky and then playing Robb Saez and winning to go undefeated for the day. US Navy Hospital Corpsman and great player Scott Richardson followed suit beating Ford, Lombardo and Lipsky to remain unscathed through Saturday. Joey "K" also beat everyone who got in his was as well as young Francisco Diaz of Malaga, Spain to round off the winner's side. On the one loss side we had Steve Gaikis, Robbie Saez, Danny Barouty and Jarrod Clowery.
With 8 players coming back on Sunday the great play even got better and no one player was a favorite this day. Joe Korsiak seemed to be on fire beating Diaz 9-3 and then besting Zuglan 9-6 to win the hot seat. On the one loss side it was all Diaz. This incredibly fast player with a great cue ball, a break that will never let him down played his heart out and beat Scotty Richardson and Mike Zuglan to win the one loss side of the chart. Playing with no fear and firing at everything he seemed to be unstoppable. In the true double elimination finals Francisco put on a show that all enjoyed. Unbelievable shot making and speed made these matches something to see. We clocked on game in 46 seconds and very few were too much longer. Jump shots, banks, combinations and more were coming from everywhere. Beating Korsiak 9-2 in the first match. In the second match Joey "K" undeterred by the Spaniards amazing play came out firing. Getting up 3-0 Joe broke and made nothing and the next thing you knew it was 3-3. Back and forth they won with Korsiak getting to the hill first. At 8-6 breaking Korsiak scratched and Diaz ran two and it was Hill Hill. Coming up empty on the break and the rack open Diaz could only sit and wait while Korsiak shot. But when Joey missed a tough 3-ball and scratched it was only a matter of a minute before Francisco Diaz had his first Joss win.
Many thanks to Danny and his great crew for a fine tournament. And if any of you get to this Part of Long Island, stop into Leisure Time and say hello. And while your in the area get over to Hicksville, NY and try a steak or dinner at Peppercorns restaurant. What a great place with great food and wonderful people. Long Island is a great place for pool and people and we had a great weekend. Thank you all.