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Shiflett goes undefeated to take DelMarVa Bar Box 8-Ball event in Delaware

Rocky Shiflett and Freddy Scott

Rocky Shiflett held off a loss-side challenge from Freddy Scott to remain undefeated and take the Saturday, March 14 stop on the DelMarVa Bar Box Tour. The $100-added, 8-ball event drew 20 entrants to Georgetown Billiards, in Georgetown, Delaware.
Shiflett and Kevin West were the hot seat opponents in this one. Shiflett had sent Stacey Sudler to the loss side in a double hill fight. West, who'd defeatEd Scott in a winners' side final eight battle, moved on to send Randy Foose to the loss side 6-2. Shiflett took the hot seat 6-3 over West and waited on Scott.
After downing Al Stambaugh and Charles Hudson, both 4-1, Scott picked up Sudler. Foose drew Mike Ketterman, who'd defeated Ronnie Zhao and Rodney McLamb, both 4-2. Scott survived a double hill fight against Sudler, while Foose eliminated Ketterman 4-1. Scott shut Foose out in the quarterfinals, and turned to his semifinal re-match against Kevin West, who, in the history of the DelMarVa Bar Box tournament, had never finished below second.
He finished third, this time, as Scott defeated him 4-2 and got a shot at Shiflett in the hot seat. Shiflett completed his undefeated run with a 6-4 win over Scott in the finals.

Tallent goes undefeated to take Stop 5 on DelMarVa Bar Box Tour

Roland Tallent and Josh Perry

Roland Tallent and Josh Perry fought twice to claim the DelMarVa Bar Box Tour title on Saturday, January 10. Tallent took both matches to claim that title. The event drew 30 entrants to Pockets Tavern in New Castle, Delaware.

They met first in the battle for the hot seat. Tallent had sent Rodney McLamb (#2 on the tour's ranking list) to the loss side 6-4, as Perry was busy doing likewise to Mark Gokey 6-2. Tallent claimed the hot seat 6-1 over Perry and waited for him to get back from the semifinals.
On the loss side, McLamb picked up Tom Kozloski, who'd shut out Bill Emory and then squeaked by Jamie Dula, double hill. Gokey drew Larry King, who'd defeated Stacey Sudler 4-2, and, like Kozloski, survived a double hill match; his, against Zachary Paitsel.
McLamb shut out Kozloski and Gokey eliminated King 4-1. Gokey chalked up another 4-1 against McLamb in the quarterfinals, before being shut out by Perry in the semifinals. Tallent completed his undefeated run through the field with a second win over Perry, 6-1 to claim the event title.
The next stop on the DelMarVa Bar Box Tour, scheduled for Saturday, February 7, will be a 9-ball event, hosted by Wyoming Tavern, in Wyoming, DE.