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Worldwide Billiard Industry Comes Together to Support the New USA Blackball Pool Association

Blackball Pool is a very similar variation of English 8-Ball which produced American Pool champions like Jayson Shaw, Darren Appleton, and Chris Melling all from Great Britain.  Now for the first time the USA will attempt to enter the world of Blackball by sending a team of five American pool players to compete in the 2022 World Blackball Championships in Tangier, Morocco October 8-15, 2022 in the Senior Division.  This world class event is sanctioned by the World Pool and Billiards Association (WPA) under their Blackball International (BI) division.  Other WPA divisions include Artistic Pool (WPA-APD), Pyramid Pool (IPC), and Chinese Pool (ICEA).

The President of BI and World Blackball tournament promotor MYcherif Zine Elabidine nominated, with BI board approval, Steve Lillis to be the first President and Founder of the USA Blackball Pool Association (USA BPA) and also to occupy a seat on the (BI) Blackball International Board of Directors as General Secretary.  Steve served as the first Chairman of the WPA (APD) Artistic Pool Division back in the early 2000’s when WPA Artistic Pool was just starting out under the direction of founder Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman.  Steve Lillis has played professional tournament pool for almost 50 years and has traveled the world as a professional trick shot artist with Gospel Trick Shot for the past 25 years.  Mike Massey won the first of many WPA World Artistic Pool Championships back in 2000 with Tom Rossman eventually won the world title as well.  Both Mike and Tom appeared many times on ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic and the World Cup of Trick Shots and won numerous titles while Steve served as Chairman of the WPA APD.    Tom, Mike, and Steve have been partnering for decades doing Artistic Pool tournaments and Gospel Trick Shots in 30 countries and are once again united on the USA Blackball Pool team in the Senior Division.

This first USA Blackball team has four American WPA Artistic Pool players, a French translator, and a top coach from South Africa who will not play but will coach and manage the USA team.  Other USA players that were considered will be competing at the same time in the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships in Atlantic City, NJ with Matchroom Pool under the WPA banner as well.  Co-Captains of this USA Blackball team will be BCA Hall of Famers Mike Massey and Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman.  Steve Lillis and Michael Hewitt a good player from the Midwest who has experience in both pro Artistic Pool and pro tournament 9-Ball make up the first four players on the USA Blackball team.  Local pool player from New Jersey Phil Ball will serve as the 5th player and the team’s French translator as the language of business in Morocco is French.  Top Blackball pool player Wayne Parker from South Africa has been selected as the team’s coach and manager.  Coach Wayne Parker also has many international connections and experiences in the World of Blackball.  All five of the USA Blackball team players are 50 and over and will play in the seniors (over 40) and the masters (over 50) divisions. 

A host of USA and International sponsors have stepped up to help launch the USA (BPA) Blackball Pool Association.  The main sponsors are McDermott Cues, CSI USA Pool Leagues of California, and Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc.  Other sponsors include the Tweeten Fibre Co., Inc. of Chicago, IL, and the Buzz Magazine of Phoenix, AZ, Accu-Stats Video Productions of Pheonix, AZ, United Pool Tables of Johannesburg, South Africa, Corsair Custom Cues of Fountain Valley, CA, Meucci Cues of Byhalia, MS, Good Times Family Billiards of Lakewood, CA, Anaheim Senior Center and of Anaheim, CA, Indiana Wesleyan University of Marion, IN, Dr. Cue Promotions of Cloverdale, IN, Chino’s Billiards of Riverside, CA, Mega Pool of Tangier, Morocco, and of Lisboa, Portugal.  In addition to the WPA and BI we have also partnered with the South African Pool Union (SAPU) which has under its umbrella Blackball South Africa, South Africa 9-Ball, Artistic Pool South Africa, and Chinese Pool South Africa.  We also plan to work closely with WPA (APD) Artistic Pool Division to help promote Artistic Pool using Blackball tables and equipment worldwide. 

The USA Blackball Team has already begun training under the leadership of USA Blackball Pool Association President Steve Lillis with the help and guidance of Coach Wayne Parker of South Africa.  The first training site was set up in the home of John English of Downey, CA, owner of the CSI CA USA Pool League and Good Times Family Billiards in Lakewood, CA, in August 2022 with the first known Blackball table made in America by Chino’s Billiards of Riverside, CA.  Tom Rossman and Steve Lillis used 9 mm McDermott Blackball/Snooker shafts on their McDermott cues with Mike Massey using a 10 mm custom Blackball cue made by Meucci.  Training sites will also be in New Jersey where a Blackball table will be delivered to Steve Lillis from Tangier, Morocco compliments of Mega Pool and MYcherif Zine Elabidine the President of Blackball International (BI).  Another training site will be at the Rising Hope Church in Muncie, IN which has three 7-foot pool tables and a set of Blackball Pool balls in their recreation center and where USA Blackball team player Michael Hewitt now resides and ministers as a pastor.  Two other churches are involved in supporting and hosting Blackball players and assisting with rides and accommodations when and where needed.  Steve Lillis, who also serves as the President and Founder of Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc., has his home church the Hawthorne Gospel Church hosting in New Jersey and in South Africa the Acts Church in Johannesburg where Coach Wayne Parker attends, stands ready to assist as well in the future.  With all these partners, sponsors, and supporters, we are hoping for success in the USA for Blackball Pool as we become part of the more than 25 countries that will be represented at the 2022 World Blackball Championships in Tangier, Morocco October 8-15.        

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Sharing The Light – Steve “Leapin” Lillis Testimony

Steve Lillis

Are you searching for peace and satisfaction? Do you long to find a joyful reason to wake up and greet the new day? Do you desire to have purpose and meaning in your life and to know where your destiny lies?

These were the major issues of life that I wrestled with for many years.  Having been raised in an upper middle-class home, educated in outstanding public schools, and having unlimited opportunities, only fueled the fire of my desire to find meaning.  After throwing away many opportunities for success, my temporary contentment came in my search for meaning and purpose through the financial freedom afforded me in the life of a professional pool player.

My odyssey started in 1971 after dropping out of my third college in three years.  In the next four years I was to become a notorious bar room pool hustler who slept by day and made his money by night.  Drugs, alcohol, and women all accompanied that lifestyle.  I was on a path of destruction but was blinded by apparent success.  I rejected God because I felt that my destiny was in my hands, the cue stick, and winning.  Fame and fortune seemed around the corner as news spread of an up and coming young pool player named Steve “Leapin” Lillis.  That nickname came and stuck because of my unpredictable behavior.  I went from bar room hustler to top professional pool player to United States Navy Champion in a matter of three years from 1974-1977.

I then traveled the United States in search of a World title in the arena of professional billiard competition.  Over a three-year period, I logged 85,000 miles by car from 1978 through 1980.  I played in almost every state and played almost every top player in the country.  My only purpose and desire became the next game.  I was trying to fill a huge hole in my soul with pool.  A broken marriage and strained family relationships developed.  I was obsessed with only one thing, the next game.  Deep down I knew something was missing.  From 1981-1985 I began to intensify my search for meaning and purpose.

A shoemaker in Chattanooga, Tennessee showed me a verse in the Bible, Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but…”  This revealed to me that there was more than just what was seen.  Deep down I knew this but now I realized I had God’s Word, the Bible, to help answer my questions about meaning and purpose.  For almost four years I searched the Scriptures and found answers that all my travels and experiences could not supply.

Then in 1985 after many difficulties with family, career, and self, I knelt beside my bed and asked Jesus Christ to be the Lord of my life.  Even though I knew in my head a lot about Jesus, it was time to surrender and let Him fill that hole in my life that only He can fill.  He created you and me to have fellowship with Him.  We were designed and created in His image to commune with Him.

Maybe today you are trying to fill that spot in your life with something other than Jesus Christ.  Maybe you are filling that hole with a lot of “good things”.  Maybe you work 60 or 70 hours a week.  Maybe it’s a hobby, or a relationship.  I had a wrong relationship with pool for many years.  The first commandment says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  If anything else fills that spot meant for God, it is an idol.  What is filling that spot in your soul today?  I pray that today would be the day of salvation for you.  Put away that idol and put your trust in what Jesus Christ has already done 2,000 years ago.  He died for all your sins.  He wants to be Lord of your life.  Tell him right now that you want Him to be your Savior and Lord and to forgive you for all your sins.  Thank Him right now that your destiny is secured (Rom.10:9; John 3:16) and your purpose fulfilled (Mt. 6: 33).  If you have done this it is between you and the Lord Jesus Christ and it is a done deal.

Visit or call a Bible believing, Bible teaching church or ministry so that you can grow in your faith! 

Steve Lillis is currently 69 years old and has been playing pool since he was 11 years old and was raised in a Christian home but decided to get serious with God at the age of 35 years old.

Spain Brothers Are 2020 Joss Junior 9-Ball Champions

18 & under, Frank Spain III and 12 & Under D’Angelo Spain

Congratulations to our new 2020, Joss Junior 9-Ball Champions Frank Spain III in the 18 & under division and D’Angelo Spain in the 12 & under. Both players dominated their respective divisions to claim their titles. Also congratulations to our second place finishers, Amber Kolchew (18 & under) & Alena Hahn (12 & under). Both of these young ladies were very impressive players as well. Frank Spain III and his younger brother D’Aangelo both went undefeted to earn their championships. Our formats for both divisions this year were, round robin group play with the final four playing off in single elimination play to determine the champions. Once again Tim Berlin deserves much thanks for allowing us the use of his beautiful Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sposrt Pub in Amsterdam NY.

It was a fun day of pool watching these 32 talented youngsters compete with some as young as 8 years old. There were 18 in the 18 & under division and 14 in the 12 & under. Most were playing in their first tournament ever. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even though they were very serious in trying to win. Some even made a long weekend out of it by having a pizza, wings & pool (swimming) party at their motel! All players were treated to a table full of donated items to choose from, plus free raffles for the larger items. Many thanks go out to the many people and companies that generously donated products and their time to help. Our generous sponsors are, in no particular order: Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sports Pub (Tim & Julie Berlin), Joss Cues (Debbie, Dan & Stephen Janes), James Sinclair (Rhythm Custom Cues), CJ & Peggi Wilkinson (Baltimore City Cues), Don Kerns, Iwan Simonis (Ivan Lee), Aramith (Ivan Lee), Phil Capelle (Billiards Press), Mark Kulungian, Andrea Duvall (Utica Billiards On The Boulevard), Matt Tetreault, Steven W. Smith, Dave Dreidel, Bill Cote, Josh Burbul, Don Kennedy & Steve Lillis. And thank you to anyone I may have missed and everyone else involved. Hopefully we will be doing this for years to come. I am now accepting donations for our 2021 Joss Junior 9-Ball Championships. Product and monetary donations can be made by contacting Mike Zuglan at 518-356-7163.
Here are the official results for both events:
18 & Under:
1st Frank Spain III (Joss Cue & case, trophy)
2nd Amber Kolchew (trophy & Rhythm Cue & case – raffle)
Also competed – in no particular order
Tim Svitak (Alex Kazakis autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
Dalton Johnson (Shane Van Boening autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
Samantha Given (Nick Varner cue & case – raffle)
Andrew Wolanske (Nick Varner cue & case – raffle)
Anthony Wolanske (Simonis Crest Banner autographed by top 8 at Turning Stone XXXIII event – raffle)
Michael Floyd (Shane Van Boening autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
Joey Berlin (Mizerak Cue & case – raffle)
Ulysses Taylor Jr. (Mizerak Cue & case – raffle)
Winter Dempsey (Simonis Crest Banner autographed by top 8 at Turning Stone XXXII event – raffle)
Hunter Hallock (Alex Kazakis autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
Adrianna Henderson
Ava Lucas
Kailey Bombard
Courtney Wood
Evan Sternquist
Jeffrie Martinez
12 & Under:
1st D’Angelo Spain (Joss Cue & case, trophy, plus Alex Kazakis autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
2nd Alena Hahn (trophy)
Also competed – in no particular order
Jacob Sternquist (Rhythm Cue & case – raffle)
Makayla Lettieri (Mizerak Cue & case – raffle)
Olivier Payne (Jayson Shaw autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
Dominick Henderson (Shane Van Boening autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
Alie Thompson (Earl Strickland autographed Pro Cup cue ball – raffle)
Blake Bombard (Mizerak Cue & case – raffle)
Erika Barbera
Daishawn Witchley
Colin Given
Jeremy Wolfe
Logan Bombard
Paul Hahn

Austria’s Lechner, Finland’s Siekkinen and Spain’s Ruiz lead the pack at 14.1 Championships

Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (Erwin Dionisio)

Three of the 2019 American 14:1 Straight Pool Championships’ competitors made it through the event’s three-day Round Robin phase (Oct. 22-24) with undefeated (6-0) records. They were arguably not the names you might have expected from this particular field of 42 entrants, which included six former winners of the championship title – Mika Immonen (2007), Johnny Archer (2011), John Schmidt (2012), Thorsten Hohmann (2013), Darren Appleton (’14 & ’15), and Neils Feijen (2016). Two-time runner up Danny Barouty (to Ed Hodan in 2006 and Bob Maidhof in 2008) was competing, as were runner-ups Shaun Wilkie (to Danny Harriman in 2010), John Schmidt (to Archer, 2011), Archer (to Hohmann, 2013), Hohmann (to Schmidt in 2012, Darren Appleton in 2015 & Klenti Kaci in 2018), Immonen (to Feijen in 2016) and Dennis Orcollo (to Konrad Juszczyszyn in 2017).
Instead, Austria’s Max Lechner, Finland’s Jan Siekkinen and Spain’s Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz went undefeated through the Round Robin phase of the event and were awarded a bye in the 24-entrant single elimination phase which began today (Friday) and will continue through tomorrow (Saturday) at Q Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA. Lechner was paired in his seven-entrant round robin flight and won his six race-to-125 matches by an average of 102 balls. He gave up, in order, one to David Alcaide, 66 to Marc Vidal, 24 to Tom Walter, seven to Blair Levandowski and 41 to Don Polo
Siekkinen competed in what was arguably the event’s toughest group of seven and went through Thorsten Hohmann (43), Johnny Archer (81), Lee Van Corteza (59), Sean Morgan (21), Neil Gold (65) and Pascal Dufresne (44); an average of 52. Ruiz got by John Schmidt (66), Petri Makkonen (25), Bob Hunter (55), Mike Badsteubner (27), Reymart Lim (72) and Michael Frank (-1); average of 40.
The remaining five competitors to receive opening round byes into single elimination were all 5-1 in the round robin competition. Ruslan Chinakhov lost his opening round match to Neils Feijen, one of two matches that Feijen won by shutout, 125-0 (the other was against Bob Madenjian). Chinakhov went on to down Albin Ouschan, Ralph Eckert and deliver a second shutout to Madenjian, before defeating Holden Chin and Darren Frank. Dennis Orcollo lost his opening match to Darren Appleton in one of the round robin’s closest games, 125-116. Orcollo went on to meet and defeat Maksim Dudanets, Marco Teutscher, Danny Barouty, Earl Herring and Steve Matthieu.
Feijen was the only member of this year’s European Mosconi Cup team who competed in this event, and while he did chalk up two shutout victories, he did lose his opening match to Albin Ouschan 125-44. In addition to the shutouts, he defeated Ralph Eckert, Holden Chin and D. Frank. The sport’s acknowledged comedian, Alex Pagulayan opened the round robin proceedings against Mika Immonen, and together, they produced the round robin’s official closest game, won by The Lion 125-119. Pagulayan went on to defeat Max Eberle before losing his one match to Shaun Wilkie in another close match 125-104. He finished with victories over Michael Yednak, Steve Lillis and Jay McWorter.
As noted above, Immonen’s path to his 5-1 round robin record began with a defeat by Pagulayan. The Iceman would go on to down Eberle, Wilkie, Yednak, Lillis and McWorter.
Friday morning competition in the single elimination phase saw eight matches scheduled. Five of the 16 competitors had also logged 5-1 records in the round robin phase; tie breakers were head-to-head results and beyond that, total ball counts. John Schmidt was scheduled to face Maksim Dudanets, who finished the round robin phase with a 3-3 record. The marquee match was likely to be Albin Ouschan (5-1) against Johnny Archer (4-2), who closed out Thursday evening’s matches with a necessary win of Sean Morgan that gave him the record he needed to advance.
The Darren Appleton (5-1) and Shaun Wilkie (4-2) combination was garnering interest and was selected as the Billiard Sports Network’s Friday morning choice for live broadcast. Ralf Souquet, competing in the round robin flight with the 6-0 Lechner, advanced with his 5-1 match record to face Reymart Lim (3-3). Marco Teutscher (5-1) was scheduled to face Ralph Eckert (3-3). 
Remaining matches pitted Lee Van Corteza against Petri Makkonen, Thorsten Hohmann versus Marc Vidal, and David Alcaide squaring off against Max Eberle. 

Turning Stone Classic XXX Underway

The Turning Stone Classic XXX is underway with a full field of 128 players. Returnng champion Billy Thorpe is joined by notables such as Jayson Shaw, Shane Van Boening, Earl Strickland, Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer, Brandon Shuff and Loree Jon Hasson


AzBilliards will have online brackets and real time scoring for the duration of the event, and Upstate Al is streaming select matches on his Facebook page. Links to all of this coverage are available on our live page for the event. 


Matches scheduled to be streamed on Thursday are…

4pm – Bruce Nagle vs Shaun Wilkie

6pm – Frankie Hernandez vs Randy Labonte

8pm – Steve Lillis vs Hunter Lombardo

10pm – Samoth Sam vs Petri Makkonen

Building Bridges with Billiards in the Middle East

Steve Lillis and Tom Rossman in Jerusalem

BCA Chaplain Steve Lillis with Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. and BCA Hall of Famer Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman with Dr. Cue Promotions toured the Middle East for over two weeks to help build bridges in the name of Jesus using the wonderful sport of billiards. Four war torn countries were visited including Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel. A total of 13 Gospel Trick Shot shows were performed with 2 teaching clinics that included national billiards teams. Shows were done on American pool tables, English and Canadian snooker tables, a carom table, and a Russian pyramid pool table. Also included in the trip was a Holy Land visit with Muslim, Jewish, and Christian tour guides.
Steve and Tom were special guest performers for the Arab Championships in Beirut, Lebanon which included national trams from 16 Arab nations. In Israel they did a live TV interview, a Gospel Trick Shot show, and a teaching clinic for members of the Israeli billiard team. They also spoke at a Messianic Christian Church and helped start two Billiard Bible study groups in two different billiard rooms which are now called RACK rooms (Recreational Ambassadors for Christ’s Kingdom) with one in Lebanon and the other in Israel. Travel was challenging as transportation was provided by 9 private cars, 7 taxies, 4 buses, 6 planes, all of which included
travel through 20 military security checkpoints.
Steve and Tom are also McDermott Ambassadors and McDermott cue sticks were brought and distributed as gifts to some of their special hosts and friends. Special thanks to all of our billiard friends across the region who helped build bridges across different cultural, religious, ethnic, and national backgrounds. Billiards is alive and well in the Middle East and is a strong bond to bring people together. Tom and Steve went as men of peace with cue sticks in hand with the message of Jesus who is the Prince of Peace!

November Billiards Buzz Released

AzBilliards has relased the October issue of the Billiards Buzz online publication.
Read our coverage of the International 9-Ball Open, EPBF Klagenfurt Open, Steinway Classic, NAPT Desert Challenge, Maryland State 10-Ball Chempionship and all of the Mosconi Cup updates.
Melinda Bailey has a great interview with Dan Louie and is once again joined by Jerry Briesath, Anthony Beeler and Dr. Chris Stankovich. We also have a new contribution from Steve Lillis and his Gospel Trick Shots. 
This issue, as well as every other issue, can be found online at

2017 Joss Junior 9-Ball Championships Results

Thomas Haas, Jim Romanowski and Brenden Croft​

Congratulations to our 2017 Joss Junior 9-Ball Champions, Thomas Haas won the 18 & under division and Zach Hemendinger prevailed in the 12 & under division. 
Thomas Haas made it to the finals undefeated rather easily but it was no easy task from there. Canadian Brenden Croft who had lost his first match to last years 12 & under champ Ivo Linkin 9-7, eventually avenged that loss by besting Ivo 9-8 to make it to the finals. As the event was played just like our regular Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour events, it was true double elimination in the finals. Brenden, with the momentum on his side took the first set 9-5 forcing another to determine the winner. Thomas was not deterred however and came back strong for the win by a 9-4 margin. Great play was witnessed by all of the 18 & under players and you will definitely be seeing their names rising to the top soon.
In the 12 & under division, it was Zach Hemendinger prevailing over Kailey Bombard 7-4. This division had a small field and it was decided to play a round robin format followed by single elimination. Each play had a chance to play every other player at least once until the single elimination rounds. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day playing some pool.
I would once again like to thank the many people and companies who generously donated products and their time to help. I would like to acknowledge and thank them all as it is because of them that each participant received some of their items. There were also 6 free raffles for the players for the larger items. Our generous sponsors were, in no particular order: Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sports Pub (Tim & Julie Berlin, owners), Dan, Debbie & Stephen Janes (Joss Cues), James Sinclair (Rhythm Custom Cues), CJ & Peggi Wilkinson (Baltimore City Cues), Don Kerns, Iwan Simonis, Aramith, Bruce Barthelette, Phil Capelle (Billiards Press), Mark Kulungian, Steve Lillis, Andrea Duvall, Matt Tetreault & John Babravich (RIP). A special thanks to Mike Renshaw & Jim Romanowski for filling in for me as I was unable to attend due to health reasons. And thank you to everyone else, who was involved. 
Our next regular season event will be Nov 4 & 5 at Hippo's The House Of Billiards for the "Al Conte Memorial". Also, I am currently taking entries for our $25,000 Added, "Turning Stone Classic XXIX 9-Ball Open" to be held on January 4-7, 2018. The event is now over 1/2 full so I suggest contacting me soon if you would like to enter this BCA, WPA, Mosconi Cup ranking event. I can be reached by calling 518-356-7163.
Thank You,
Mike Zuglan
The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour Is Proudly Sponsored By;
Joss Cues –
Turning Stone Resort Casino – 
Simonis Cloth – – –
Aramith –
Billiards Press –                 
World Class Cue Care –


2nd Joss Junior 9-Ball Championship This Weekend

The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour will be hosting its 2nd "Joss Junior 9-Ball Championship" on Oct 21 & 22, 2017. The event will take place at the beautiful Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sports Pub in Amsterdam NY –  At Sharp Shooters there is something for everyone. From a friendly game of Pool, Foosball, or Darts to meeting friends out for some great food, drinks & to watch the game – Sharp Shooters has it! And now they even have professional Bocce Ball courts downstairs. A fun and friendly atmosphere for all ages! Tim & Julie Berlin have been most generous to our tour having 3 regular season events both at Sharp Shooters and Trick Shot Billiards & Sports Pub, and now donating the use of their room for our Junior event. Many thanks to them for their continued support of the game.
Many people and companies have generously donated products and their time to help. I would like to acknowledge and thank them all as it is because of them that each participant will receive some of their items. There will also be free raffles for the players for some of the larger items. Our generous sponsors are, in no particular order: Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sports Pub, Joss Cues, James Sinclair (Rhythm Custom Cues), CJ & Peggi Wilkinson (Baltimore City Cues), Don Kerns, Iwan Simonis, Aramith, Phil Capelle (Billiards Press), Mark Kulungian, Steve Lillis, Andrea Duvall, Matt Tetreault & John Babravich (RIP). A special thanks to Mike Renshaw & Jim Romanowski for filling in for me as I will be unable to attend due to health reasons. And thank you to everyone else, who has been, or will be involved. Any top or Pro players are encouraged to drop by if you have the time and are in the neighborhood. I'm sure the kids would love to meet you!
The event will consist of 2 divisions that will run concurrently. There will be an 18 and under plus a 12 and under tournament. Entry fees are $25 per event. Doors will open at 10 am Saturday October 21 and final registration is at Noon. The format will be: races to 9, double elimination, on the 9 foot Diamonds for the 18 and under group and races to 7, double elimination, on the 7 foot Diamonds for the 12 and under kids. Please keep in mind that due to attendance, some things could change. FYI, I have run hundreds of tournaments but this is only our 2nd Junior event. The ultimate goal is for everyone to have a great time!
For more information or to let us know of your intention to come (which is encouraged), please contact one of us. Tim Berlin – 518-944-6797, or Mike Zuglan – 518-356-7163
For those in need of accommodations, there are 2 nearby motels with a special rate for us. Super 8, 5502 Rt 30, Amsterdam NY 12010 – 518-843-5888 ($70 plus tax) & Valley View Inn, 1351 NY Rt 5s, Amsterdam NY 12010 – 518-842-5637 ($59.99 plus tax). Mention Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sports Pub to receive the special rates. Other motels may be found by searching the Schenectady NY area.
On another note, I am currently taking entries for our $25,000 Added "Turning Stone Classic XXIX 9-Ball Open" to be held on January 4-7, 2018. I strongly suggest entering now to avoid being shut out as it is currently over 1/2 full. Contact me at 518-356-7163 for entry info. 
Thanks everyone and I hope you all come to Sharp Shooters to see the youth of our game in action.
Mike Zuglan
The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour Is Proudly Sponsored By;
Joss Cues –
Turning Stone Resort Casino – 
Simonis Cloth – – –
Aramith –
Billiards Press –                 
World Class Cue Care –


Eklent Kaci and Jim Hayden win Joss Tour Stop at Union Station Billiards

Nelson Oliviera, Union Station Owner Phil Harju, Guy Bouthot and Eklent Kaci

Albanian youngster Eklent Kaci added another win to his American resume with an undefeated run through the field of 36 players at the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour stop at Union Station Billiards in Portland, Maine on April 29th – 30th. 


Fresh off his win at the World Pool Series' Aramith Masters in early April, the 18 year old sensation swept through the winner's side on Saturday with four straight dominating wins. Kaci beat Dave Fernandez, Mike Bourque, Bruce Nagle and Jim Hayden by a combined score of 36-13. Matching Kaci on the right side of the board was American Guy Bouthot. Bouthot took advantage of a first round bye, but then scored wins over Sarah Preston, Paul Cormier and Mark Stewart


Kaci started his Sunday with a 9-6 win over Nelson Oliveira (the closest he had allowed an opponent to get to beating him all weekend), while Bouthot scored a 9-2 win over Samoth Sam. From there, Kaci scored a 9-2 win over Bouthot to take the hot-seat. 


After defeating Oliveira 9-6, Bouthot was right back looking for another shot at Kaci in the finals. In the first set of the finals, Bouthot was able to double his number of games won against Kaci the first time they played. Unfortunately, the was still just four games. Kaci took that first set 9-4 for the undefeated win. 


In the second chance tournament, Jim Hayden bounced back from a 3-0 loss to Steve Lillis for the hot-seat, to eliminate Jamie Garrett 3-2 and then double dip Lillis 3-1 and 3-1 in the finals. 


The lucky winner of the $1500 custom engraved Joss Cue was Darrell Heroux.


The next stop on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be another $1500/$500 added event, at Snookers in Providence, RI on June 3rd – 4th. That stop will be the last regular season stop before the Turning Stone Classic XXVIII on August 31st – September 3rd.