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EPBF European Championship – 8-Ball Golds For Wirsbitzki And Moscetti

Cristina Moscetti and Reiner Wirsbitzki

The penultimate discipline of the 2021 EPBF / Dynamic Billiards European Seniors Championships – the 8-ball – played out this evening at the BHR Treviso Hotel in Italy and there were gold medals for Reiner Wirsbitzki in the men’s division and Cristina Moscetti in the ladies.

In the ladies’ division, Italian Moscetti defeated Finland’s Tuuliina Panula 5-4 in a terrific comeback victory, while Germany’s Wirsbitzki defeated Gianluca Capella of Italy 7-5 to take his third medal of the championship after a bronze in straight pool and a silver in the 10-ball division.

In the men’s final, the match stood at 2-2 with both players having a break and run as well as taking a rack off their opponent’s break. The German took the next with his break to restore his lead. In the sixth game, Capella missed a cut on the 2-ball with just one other solid remaining on the table. Wirsbitski ran through his balls smoothly and deposited the 8-ball into the centre pocket to take a 4-2 lead in the race to seven match.

Wirsbitzki let fly with his two-feet-off-the-floor power break but left a messy table. He took the solids but was unable to dislodge the red stripe from the 1 ball so played safe but running out of time, he scratched and presented an opportunity to Capella, who grabbed it with both hands to reduce arrears to 4-3.

A bad kick, going for the 7-ball derailed Capella’s comeback, but Reiner missed a straight orange stripe to hand the table back to his opponent. Eventually Wirsbitski gained the initiative, though and took the rack to lead 5-3.

Capella got back to within a rack of his opponent including an excellent three ball finish when the black with tied up with two of his opponent’s balls. With the balls in the open following his break, Capella made an unforced error to scratch and hand Wirsbitzki a golden chance to reach the hill. There was nothing difficult in front of him and he cleared up to be breaking for the title.

Staring victory in the face, Wirsbitzki missed a relatively easy 9 ball and Capella got himself back in the match at 5-6 down with the break. The German potter however, got chances in the next to end the Italian’s great escape as he pocketed his way to a marvellous 7-5 victory.

Wirsbitzki was naturally thrilled with his win; “I lost the final in the straight pool then I lost the semi-final in the 10-ball and so I really wanted to win the 8-ball. It’s my third title at the European Seniors and I wanted it. I break with my hand open, normally it’s a closed hand and it’s difficult to control. Breaking softly is not good for my brain, I need the power! I played five matches today and the break was constant, really good.”

In the ladies’ final, Panula had steamrollered her way into a 3-1 lead and when Moscetti missed a difficult orange 5-ball down the rail, the Finnish lady cleared the remainder of her balls, including a pressure black to reach the hill at 4-1.

Moscetti got to the table, looking to save the match, but could only play safe. She missed the pink 4 ball to allow the straight shooting Panula back to the table but a poor positional shot gave the Italian an opportunity which she gratefully accepted to keep herself alive.

A dry break from the Italian when she least needed it put the Finn back in command and with her solid potting game, she tried to get home. Again, a poor positional shot let Moscetti back in but there was nothing on for her. The rack got a little scrappy with several visits from both players but Moscetti got the 8-ball down to get with one of Panula and put the pressure back on her opponent,

With the table looking good, Moscetti didn’t quite get the correct position with two of her balls left and played a containing safety. Panula managed to fluke an impossible snooker, trapping the cue ball between the red solid and the centre pocket and the Italian fouled. Panula missed two pocketing attempts, but try as she may Moscetti couldn’t negotiate the table with just two of her balls left.

Panula had a long 8 ball for the match but wasn’t even close. Moscetti then slammed home her remaining stripe but left the 8 ball on for Panula who promptly missed it again. The Italian didn’t though as the match went to 4-4.

They went back and forth in the decider, before an amazing jump shot by Moscetti from some distance kept her run going. Nothing was easy at this stage but the opportunity for gold was there and instead of the tentative play of early, she showed full confidence to take her remaining balls and then the 8-ball for the championship.

The win completed a full set of gold medals for Moscetti, having won 9-ball and 10-ball titles previously.

“It feels so good as I was missing the 8-ball gold – it was the only one I didn’t have and finally I’ve got it. At 4-1 I was beginning to think I was going to lose the match but then she gave me some chances and I’m like a diesel – I power up!

“Then I started to play good and with the score at 4-4 I made a miracle jump shot and a very good shot after that and I took the title. I’m looking forward to the 9 ball tomorrow so why not? It’s the European Championship’s in my home country and I really wanted this 8-ball title.”

Medals – Men’s 8-Ball

Gold –          Reiner Wirsbitzki (GER)
Silver –        Gianluca Capella (ITA)
Bronze –        Timo Hofmann (GER)
Andrea Grosso (ITA)

Medals – Ladies 8-Ball

Gold –          Cristina Moscetti (ITA)
Silver –        Tuuliina Panula (FIN)
Bronze –        Ulrike Andersson (SWE)
Karin Michl (GER)

Play concludes on Sunday with the men’s and ladies’ 9 ball divisions.

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