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APTSA Artistic Pool Tour Press Release

Event:  APTSA Artistic Pool Shootout


Primary Financial
Sponsor: Corner Pocket Billiards          


Secondary Financial
Sponsor:  Dr. Cue Promotions


Venue:          Corner
Pocket Billiards

Second Street Pike

PA  18966


Owner: Kevin Stier –
267.288.5940 /


Date:         June
16, 2012 (Saturday)


Player’s Meeting – 3:00PM

Play Begins – 4:00PM

Special Shots Demo By:
Steve Markle – 2:30PM


Drected By:  Steve Markle


Contact: Steve Markle





Additional Information:


     The APTSA experienced
8 highly successful Artistic Pool Shootout events in 2011 with 2 in IL directed
by Jeremiah Owens, 5 in TX under Curtis Robertson, and 1 in AZ with Dr.
Cue.   Steve “Triple C” Markle
has scheduled the 2nd APS event for 2012 under the APTSA (Artistic
Pool and Trick Shot Association) umbrella with its new and exciting tour
initiatives program.  The event
format will use APS
Program #2
with 8 designated challenges to test each player.  The field size will be a maximum of 16
players, and each player will receive prize money for their respective position
of finish.


      Corner Pocket
Billiards is the primary sponsor for this event and is adding $50.00 to the
prize fund with Dr. Cue Promotions adding $25.00 as part of the overall event
promotions. Everyone is welcome to enter for $10.00 and a $5.00 “green fee”.


     Anyone who is not an APS player member already
may join for $10.00 and earn “national” ranking points for the APTSA National
Artistic Pool Tour Rankings list found at APTSA.US. 


Special Note: The
exciting and creative APTSA National Artistic Pool Tour consists of 3 types of
Artistic Pool events – 1) Artistic Pool Shootouts with 8 challenges, 2)
Artistic Pool Room Cups with 16 challenges, and 3) Artistic Pool Majors with
40+ challenges.


Tom Kinzel, APTSA

  APTSA website: