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Appleton, Gorst, Shaw and Van Boening Advance at Derby City Day One

Darren Appleton (David Thompson – Medium Pool)

Diamond Derby City Classic XXIII, January 21-29, 2022

Caesars Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, IN

David Thomson

The Diamond BIG Foot Challenge

LIVE from the Accu-Stats TV Arena

Format: Race to 11, single elimination, alternate break, no jump cues. 10-Ball caroms and combos win. Mosconi Cup captains Jeremy Jones and Mark Wilson are in the Accu-Stats’ commentary booth, so enjoy and learn.

We welcome Spain’s Francisco Sanchez Ruiz to the Accu-Stats TV Arena in opposition with Cuetec sponsored, 2019 World 9-Ball Champion Fedor Gorst.

Ruiz’s Eurotour resume´ has celebrated success culminating with his back to back 2021 wins. Francisco confided that during his first confrontation on BIG Foot, finding his break was the utmost challenge.

Fedor, no stranger to the 10-foot experience or the Accu-Stats’ lights, capitalized on every opportunity and soon sped to an insurmountable lead sporting a world-class 900+ Accu-Stats Total Point Average. (TPA)

As Francisco’s debut at the Derby includes all 3 disciplines, we’re sure we’ll see more of him this week.

Match two featured, fresh from a UK 9-Ball title, the resurrected former World Champion Dynamite Darren Appleton. With a spectacular performance that reduced the 2017 WPA World Nine-ball Championship runner-up; Roland Garcia’s expectations.

Darren’s superlative composure facilitated run-out after run-out to the point where Roland’s exemplary sportsmanship demanded he applauded Appleton’s powerful performance.

The evening commenced with 3-time Big Foot champion Jayson Shaw and 2019 DCC Banks Runner-up Omar Al Shaheen.

Shaw’s confidence, compounded by his current accolades, proved unstoppable. Omar strived to keep up before succumbing to a simple scratch that allowed Jayson to close out the match at 11-4.

No strangers to BIG Foot, the Van namesakes, Shane Van Boening and Lee Vann Corteza had the Accu-Stats TV Arena audience at capacity.

Shane, disciplined, had grabbed every opportunity to get some BIG Foot table-time between matches. 15 minutes before break-off, the cool and casual Corteza showed up. Was this the reason that the 11-5 final score was so disparate?

Maybe. We’ll let Corteza decide.

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Short Rack. Race to 3.

457 entrants could not be restrained from returning to Indiana’s most treasured battlefield.

EFREN REYES, The 5-time DCC All-Around Champion and 6 time One-Pocket Champion, has one accomplishment missing from his DCC resumé; he has never captured the Bank Pool title.

With the DCC Buy-Back formula, after every round, entrant’s names are reshuffled and redrawn. As the DCC events are not seeded, that means that Efren could run into anyone.

It’s a potential minefield.

First round draw: Efren drew Victor Cobian. So far, so good. But not for Victor, yet surely it’s his most celebrated loss.

Efren’s 2nd match held a landmine: Michigan’s Tony Coleman.
The unrelenting, respected shortstop delivered Reyes his first loss.

Welcome to the buy-back booth. The resilient Reyes is scheduled to compete on Saturday.

Former Champs Billy Thorpe, Sky Woodward, and John Brumback are all still undefeated.

DIAMOND BIG FOOT 10-BALL CHALLENGE: Fri. Jan. 21 – Sun. Jan 23. 2022.

Diamond Derby City Classic BANK POOL Championship: Fri. Jan. 21 – Sun. Jan. 23. 2022. Semis and Finals in the Accu-Stats TV Arena: Tuesday evening, Jan 25.

Diamond Derby City Classic ONE-POCKET Championship: Sun Jan. 23 -Wed. Jan. 26. Semis and Finals in the Accu-Stats TV Arena, Thursday evening, Jan 27.

Diamond Derby City Classic 9-BALL Championship: Wed. Jan 26 – Sat. 29.

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Fedor Gorst vs Francisco Sanchez Ruiz: 11-6
Darren Appleton vs Roland Garcia: 11-7
Jayson Shaw vs Omar Al Shaheen; 11-4
Shane Van Boening vs Lee Van Corteza; 11-5
John Morra vs Roberto Gomez 7-11
Alex Kazakis vs Joshua Filler
Max Eberle vs Mika Immonen
Alex Pagulayan vs David Alcaide

2012 Derby City Classic Bank Ring Game