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Davis wins single-game shootout final to take Poison Tour Open/Pro event

Mike Davis

Mike Davis and Tommy Kennedy split two, double hill matches during the May 19 Open/Pro stop on the Poison Tour; Davis took the first, and Kennedy took the second. They played a single match to determine the event winner, and Davis won it to claim the title. The $1,000-added event, run concurrently with an Amateur event, won by Trevor Moore (the same way), drew 34 entrants to Cunningham Pool & Darts in Vero Beach, FL.

They met first among the winners' side final four, when Davis' double hill victory put him in the hot seat match. He was met by Raymond Linares, who'd finished second in the Amateur event, and defeated Adam Wheeler 6-4 in this Open/Pro matchup. Davis prevailed in the battle for the hot seat 6-2 and waited on Kennedy.
Kennedy moved over to pick up Anthony Meglino, who'd defeated Devin Brown and Jason Sheerman, both 5-2, to reach him. Wheeler drew Precott Buckwold, who'd eliminated Jessica Barnes, also 5-2, and Cal McGann 5-1. Kennedy and Buckwold met in the quarterfinals, once Kennedy had downed Meglino 5-3 and Buckwold had dispatched Wheeler 5-2.
Kennedy then chalked up two straight 5-3 wins, against Buckwold in the quarterfinals and Linares in the semifinals. He took full advantage of his re-match against Davis, battling him to double hill before prevailing in a first final set, which led to the single-game shootout. Davis won that single game and claimed the top prize.
Tour director Tony Crosby thanked the ownership and staff at Cunningham Pool & Darts, as well as sponsors Poison Cues, and Simonis Cloth.

Moore wins second straight shootout victory on Poison Tour

Raymond Linares, Tony Crosby and Trevor Moore

Last month (April), Trevor Moore won a stop on the Poison Tour (Amateur) by winning a single-rack shootout, necessitated when his loss-side opponent in the finals (Jason Richko) won their first meeting in those finals. On the weekend of May 18-19, Moore did it again, this time against Raymond Linares. The $1,000-added Amateur event, run in conjunction with an Open/Pro event (on-going as this report was being filed) drew 62 entrants to Cunningham Pool & Darts in Vero Beach, FL.

From among the winners' side final four, with Linares at work on the six-game, loss-side winning streak that would take him to the finals, Moore met up with Sam Kantar, who'd sent Linares over. Carlos Torres and Cal McGann squared off in the other winners' side semifinal. Moore downed Kantar 6-1, and Torres sent McGann west 6-4. Moore got into the hot seat with a 6-1 victory over Torres and waited on the return of Linares.
In the meantime, Linares was working on his streak. He got by Chip Dickerson 5-3 and shut out Chris Gentile to pick up McGann. Kantar drew Felix Luna, who'd survived a double hill match against Jason Sheerman and defeated Marcus Shenandoah 5-3.
Linares earned his quarterfinal rematch against Kantar with a double hill win over McGann, as Kantar was busy ending Luna's day 5-3. Linares took advantage of that re-match, defeating Kantar 5-1, and moving on to defeat Torres in the semifinals, 5-1.
Linares chalked up his third double hill win in the opener of the finals against Moore. Moore, though, for the second time in a little over a month, took the single rack shootout to claim the event title.