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International 9-Ball Open Final Sixteen Set to Compete Today

Max Lechner (Karl Kantrowitz)

The International 9-Ball Open is now down to just sixteen players in the final single elimination bracket. The final sixteen undefeated players in the first stage of the event were redrawn into the single elimination stage, with each of those players being randomly drawn to face one of the final sixteen players with one loss from stage one. All of those players had one match on Wednesday night and that leaves the event with sixteen players. 

That first round of single elimination matches spelled the end of the line for sixteen players, including reigning champion Jayson Shaw, Mosconi Cup Team Member Earl Strickland, Alex Pagulayan, Ralf Souquet, Young Gun Nathan Childress and World #1 ranked Aloysius Yapp. Yapp’s elimination was a quick and painless one, with Austria’s Max Lechner scoring a decisive 10-4 win in the final feature match of the night. 

Second round matches lined up Thursday include Lechner vs Mika Immonen, Albin Ouschan vs Joshua Filler, Shane Van Boening vs Wiktor Zielinski and Fedor Gorst vs Dennis Orcollo. 

In addition to the eight matches today in the Open 9-Ball event, the Junior Invitational Championship kicks off today, with sixteen of the top male and eight of the top female juniors in the country competing. 

Follow all of the action with Live Scoring and online brackets for the 9-Ball, Boys Junior 9-Ball and Girls Junior 9-Ball. AzBilliards is working along with to help put those brackets online.

The International 9-Ball Open will continue play all of this week and can be watched as part of the online PPV for this event at For the first time in the history of this event, fans can watch action on any table as part of the PPV coverage.

Quarterfinals set for 2 p.m and 5 p.m. at American 14.1 Straight Pool Championships

Ruslan Chinahov

Defending champion, Ruslan Chinahov, still in hunt for second straight title.

As the 15 ladies in the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championships prepared for their second day of round robin competition, the final 16 competitors opened their battles for advancement to the event quarterfinals, scheduled for 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. today (Friday, Oct. 22).

An ‘old school’/’new school’ matchup between defending champion Ruslan Chinahov and Ralf Souquet drew a growing crowd as they moved into the 100s, bound for 150. Chinahov kept his title defense intact with the third-lowest differential of the eight matches, eliminating Souquet 150-107. Chinahov is scheduled to play again at 5 p.m. against Max Lechner, who defeated the Iceman Mika Immonen 150-104, in a match that was tight going into the 120s.

The tightest game of the second, single elimination round went to the battle between Wiktor Zielinski and John Morra, who were separated by 22 balls when the match went to Zielinski 150-128. Zielinski will play again, also at 5 p.m., versus Mieszko Fortunski, who defeated Aloysius Yapp 150-53 to advance.

One of the more highly anticipated matches will see Albin Ouschan and Joshua Filler square off in a 2 p.m. match that is minutes away. Ouschan eliminated Konrad Juszczyszyn 150-118, while Filler downed Alex Kazakis 150-75. 

Shane Van Boening was eliminated 150-95 by Oliver Szolnoki, who’ll face Fedor Gorst in the other 2 p.m. quarterfinal matchup. Gorst downed Mario He 150-90.

Free streaming is available on the American 14.1 Facebook page, the AZBtv Facebook page and from Istreampool on Youtube. Online brackets are available at All matches are played on Diamond Pro-Am tables with Simonis 866 cloth and Predator balls. Corner pockets are 4.5” and the sides are 5”.

Filler Runs 213 At American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship Day Two

Joshua Filler (Courtesy Predator Group)

Day 2 of the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship featured rounds 3 & 4 of round- robin competition. Saturday’s at golf tournaments are commonly referred to as “moving day”. The matches on Wednesday had a similar feel to them. Players were either cementing their chances to move into the 24 man single elimination phase, or fighting for the opportunity to keep those chances alive heading into the 5th and final round on Thursday afternoon. There are 7 players currently sporting a 4-0 record: Shane Van Boening, Alex Kazakis, Wiktor Zielinski, Aloysius Yapp, Max Lechner, Albin Ouschan and Earl Strickland.

The highlight of today’s action was provided by Joshua Filler. Filler, who yesterday lost a tight match to Alex Kazakis 125-114, started his day by defeating Mathias Arnold 125-9 and moving his record to 2-1. Next up was Alex Pagulayan, who was also 2-1. Then in less than 65 minutes, Filler produced a 213 ball run and defeated Pagulayan 125 to -1. The run easily outdistanced a 182 ball run posted earlier in the day by Mario He and it also bested the tournament high run of 210 posted yesterday by Van Boening. The run ended on a delicate, almost perpendicular cut on a ball located on the head rail. The object ball came to rest inside the jaws and deep on the shelf of the pocket. Shortly thereafter, Joshua displayed his versatility by teaming up with his wife Pia to provide the commentary on the final streamed match of the evening. Quite a day for the Filler’s.

The following is a breakdown of the advancement scenarios for each Group heading into Thursday’s final round-robin matches. The top 3 players in each flight head to the single elimination phase with the 8 flight winners receiving a 1st round bye. Head to head results break any tie between two players.

Group 1: Shane Van Boening has won the Group. Dennis Grabe (3-1) advances. Ralph Eckert advances with a win vs SVB. Otherwise Bader Alawadhi will advance with a win over Lee Van Corteza. If they both lose, tiebreakers will determine who advances amongst the 3.

Group 2: Ruslan Chinahov and Oliver Szolnoki (both 3-1) face off to determine the Group winner. The loser potentially faces tie breakers with John Morra, Hunter Lombardo and Abdullah Alyousef.

Group 3: Alex Kazakis has won the Group. Josh Filler (3-1) will advance. Alex Pagulayan advances with a win vs Mathias Arnold.

Group 4: Mario He wins the Group with a victory over Alan Duty, otherwise the winner of the Thorsten Holmann/ Mieszko Fortunski match will win the group. However all 3 players advance regardless of tomorrow’s results.

Group 5: Wiktor Zielinski has won the Group. Fedor Gorst and Mika Immonen will also advance.

Group 6: Aloysius Yapp has won the Group. Darren Appleton and Corey Deuel will also advance.

Group 7: Max Lechner has won the Group. Ralph Souquet also advances. Shawn Wilkie and Mohammad Ali Berjaoui face off for the final spot.

Group 8: Albin Ouschan and Earl Strickland (both 4-0) face off to determine the Group winner. The loser will also advance. The final spot will be awarded to the winner of the Konrad Juszczyszyn/Michael Yednak match.

On Thursday, for the first time in the history of this tournament there will be a Women’s division of the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championship. It is being presented by the PREDATOR GROUP with 15 contestants competing for a purse of $12,000. The field features BCA HOF’s Kelly Fisher and LoreeJon Ogonowski. 3 groups of 5 players will compete in a round-robin format, leading to a single elimination format.

Free streaming is available on the American 14.1 Facebook page, the AZBtv Facebook page and from Istreampool on Youtube. Online brackets are available at All matches are played on Diamond Pro-Am tables with Simonis 866 cloth and Predator balls. Corner pockets are 4.5” and the sides are 5”.

Diamond Las Vegas Open Day Three Underway

Wiktor Zielinski (File Photo Courtesy EPBF)

Day three at the Diamond Las Vegas Open is underway at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino.

Day Two was another day with very few real upsets to report on. The biggest upset may have been Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski’s match against BCA Hall of Famer Alex Pagulayan. Zielinski played great in the first set, while Pagulayan seemed to be struggling with cue at the table. Zielinski won that first set 4-0, but Pagulayan had a plan for the second set.

Pagulayan changed up his break, intentionally leaving more balls clustered together, apparently thinking that his experience at the table would allow him to out-move his younger Polish opponent. That strategy was enough to get Pagulayan a 4-2 win in the second set, and the spot shot shootout was on.

Zielinski had won the lag so he got to choose whether he wanted to shoot first or second in the race to 4 shootout. He chose to shoot first, hoping to put the pressure on Pagulayan to stay with him. That strategy worked perfectly. Both players made their first three shots, leaving them each needing one. Zielinski made his 4th shot, leaving Pagulayan in a position where he had to make his 4th shot or lose the match. Pagulayan missed the ball and Zielinski advanced. He will face Masato Yoshioka – who defeated Mika Immonen yesterday – in a match today at noon. Pagulayan will face Mario He on the left side of the board today.

Today’s match card is full of great matches. Fedor Gorst had already defeated Naoyuki Oi at the time of this writing and other matches on the schedule for today include Corey Deuel vs Joshua Filler, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz vs Edgie Geronimo, Roland Garcia vs Albin Ouschan, Dennis Orcollo vs Thorsten Hohmann, Shane Van Boening vs Chris Reinhold, Alex Kazakis vs Carlo Biado, and Omar Al Shaheen (on his birthday) will face Jayson Shaw.

Fans can follow this event online with online brackets at and free streaming coverage of select matches at

Filler Over Hohmann In All-German Clash

Joshua Filler and Thorsten Hohmann

In an all-German clash of two World Champions at the Dynamic Billard Antalya Open 2019, Joshua Filler (GER) ousted his fellow countryman Thorsten Hohmann (GER) with 9:3.
When the draw was done and the match between Filler and Hohmann was on the board, the expectations grew pretty high from the audience. Both players are former or current World Champions and have both dominated the youth in their respective generation. Today, more experienced Hohmann entered the ring against young Filler who is on fire for quite some time now. Experience against youth, precision against audacity. Who would remain the upper hand in this classy match?! To the liking of Filler, the match completely went for him. His break shot came good, he had decent layouts and ran the table when needed. Hohmann did not play bad but Filler was just better today. Therefore, the end result of 9:3 in favour of Filler is a true display of the course of this match. While Hohmann now has to settle for 17th, Filler will play against Mark Gray (GBR) tomorrow morning at 10:00 local time. Gray ousted Tomasz Kaplan (POL) with an impressive 9:2 tonight. Other remarkable results from that round include Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (ESP) ended the road for Albin Ouschan (AUT) with 9:2. Sanchez-Ruiz will now meet Wiktor Zielinski (POL) who stood tall against Tim De Ruyter (NED) tonight with 9:5.
Earlier today, one of the biggest oddities in a Euro-Tour event ever happened in Antalya. Darren Appleton (GBR) who defeated Mark Gray yesterday, did not show up for his winner’s qualification round match. After Gray, he also defeated Mohammadhossein Noori (IRI) 9:5 this morning in the 09:00 round. Then he did not show up for this winner’s qualification match against Albin Ouschan (AUT) and forfeited the match. On top of that, he also did not show up for his next match, the loser’s qualification match against Mark Gray again. The worried organisers tried to look for him and in the end it turned out that Appleton simply overslept! „Decided to take a nap around 11-12pm after my match this morning as I’ve slept terrible since I arrived and even worse last night,Set my alarm for 2pm but fell back asleep ! I was due to play at 4.30pm didn’t make that match and 6pm losers Q but didn’t wake up until 6.30pm so got forfeited both matches!! Shit happens!!“ stated Appleton on his facebook page. „Thanks for everyone’s concern that was worried about me and good luck to everyone left in the tournament!“
In the loser’s qualification round, Thorsten Hohmann (GER) went up against Mario He (AUT). Both players are known to be „heavyweights“ in European pool and it was impossible to predict the outcome of that match. So the match went along, confirming that assumption. The tide turned several times in the match. Hohmann was up 6:3 at some stage but Mario He went on the hill first with 8:7. Hohmann struck back and made the match a hill-hill thriller at 8:8. In rack #17, Mario He had the break shot. He pocketed three balls but had a tough shot on the 2-ball. Mario He decided to play a safety on the 2-ball, leaving nothing for Hohmann to capitalise from. The German came up with an even better safety shot, creating a huge problem for He. He put the cue ball in the jaws of a pocket, leaving the 2-ball in the middle of the opposite short rail with several object balls blocking the path. Mario He played a jump shot and hit the 2-ball but left an open shot with a clear layout for Hohmann. Thorsten Hohmann used that chance and ran the rack, winning the match with 9:8 over an unlucky Mario He.
The Dynamic Billard Antalya Open 2019 will continue tomorrow morning at 10:00 local time with matches from the last 16 players single elimination.
Every day, up to two matches will be streamed LIVE over the EPBF Facebook page and on the EPBF YouTube channel. Check for updates and announcements.
The Dynamic Billard Antalya Open are played in the Limak Atlantis Resort in Belek, Turkey, on up to 20 tables which are all streamed LIVE throughout the whole event. In order to be able to follow all the action LIVE, premium membership can be obtained at Once a premium membership is held, all events for the respective period of time can be viewed LIVE. Additionally, a huge video gallery is contained in the website.
The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or visit us on Facebook for regular news clips or contact our press office

International 9-Ball Open Day Two Complete

Nguyen Phuc Long (Erwin Dionisio)

Matches began on day two of the International 9-Ball Open Tuesday at 10:30 AM and the  featured match was  between 3 time VNEA National Champion Danny Olson and European Mosconi Cup member Alex Kazakis. The match went back and forth until the score was 4-4 and then Kazakis caught a gear that took him to  a 10-5 lead, needing only one more rack for the win. Olson then found his momentum and soon brought the score to 10-8, but the comeback  was not to be. In the final rack Olson stumbled on the three ball and Kazakis ran the rack for the win. Another match of note was between our defending champion Jung-Lin Chang and Che-Wei Fu. This one saw Fu controlling the first half of the match and Chang fighting back in the second half. It came down to a nail-biting double-hill finish with Chang sinking the final ball for the win. 
The second round saw Alex Pagulayan using his pixie dust on Josh Roberts for an 11-4 victory while Ko Ping-Chung got past Brandon Shuff 11-5. Meanwhile, Ping-Chung’s younger brother Ping-Han was gathering experience playing Dennis Orcollo on the TV table. Experience is all he would earn as Orcollo took him down 11-6. Chris Robinson shot an amazing match to overpower Naoyuki Oi 11-4 and Marco Teutscher won over Wu Kun Lin 11-8.
The third round of day featured Corey Duel and Max Eberle both competing in the same round. They are battling for the last spot on the Mosconi Cup team. Deuel defeated Jani Siekkinen 11-5 while Eberle fell victim to David Alcaide 11-5. Other matches of interest saw Denis Grabe winning over Earl Strickland 11-8 and Darren Appleton over Tyler Styer 11-5. 
Coming back from the dinner break, play shifted to the winner’s side and the arena was filled with marquee matches. On the TV table, Nikos Ekonomopolous faced Lee Van Corteza. The match changed complexion in a hurry at 5-4 Ekonomopolous when he won a rack, broke the 9-ball and then shot an early 9-ball in the next rack. Suddenly, it was 8-4. Corteza fought back to 9-8, but couldn’t get over the hump as Ekonopolous won the match 11-9. 
The comeback of the day belonged to Vietnam’s Nguyen Phuc Long against Niels Feijen. Feijen looked to be cruising to an easy win at 7-2, when things turned in Nguyen's favor. Nguyen combined a couple of good rolls with a four pack to keep Feijen in his chair as he won nine straight racks for the 11-7 win. 
Play then shifted back to the one loss side to finish out the night. The 8:30 round saw very little as far as surprises with Albin Ouschan, Naoyuki Oi, Donny Mills, Billy Thorpe and Roberto Gomez all advancing. One other match of note saw Aloysius Yapp hand the youngest Ko brother, Ping Han, his second loss in a row and eliminating him from the event. 
The final match of the night featured Skyler Woodward against an unusually subdued Earl Strickland. Having just faced each other in a challenge match earlier this month, both players were familiar with each other’s games. The players battled to 9-9 before Woodward notched the win to eliminate Strickland. Other players being eliminated at night’s end were Tyler Styer, Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski, Ernesto Dominguez and Frankie Hernandez.
You can follow the action all week long, with our online brackets and real time scoring. Select matches will also be streamed online as part of Accu-Stats PPV coverage of the event

Hohmann chalks up final, double hill thriller to capture 7th Steinway Classic

Tony Robles, Thorsten Hohmann, Manny Stamatakis and tournament director John Leyman (Erwin Dionisio)

They were an odd couple, left standing on Thursday evening, October 17. Not . . . strange, or all that unexpected, or even odd enough to be characterized as a surprise, just . . . odd. In the 45-entrant field at the $7,000-added, 10-Ball 7th Steinway Classic, hosted, of course, by Steinway Billiards in Astoria (Queens), NY from October 15-17, Thorsten Hohmann and Fedor Gorst were unlikely to have been the two players deemed most likely to appear in the event final. In fact, the euphemistic spectator choices for the two most likely candidates were, as one might have expected, Shane Van Boening and Dennis Orcollo.
There were three members of the USA Mosconi Cup Team that were competing (Van Boening, Billy Thorpe and Tyler Styer), and two members of Team EUROPE – Jayson Shaw and Alex Kazakis. There was also, among others, Mike Dechaine, Lee Van Corteza, James Aranas, Jeremy Sossei, Tony Robles, Ruslan Chinakhov, Chris Melling and a boatload of serious local talent, like Frankie Hernandez, Joey Korsiak, Michael Yednak, Hunter Lombardo and Raphael Dabreo, to name just a few. Any one of them capable of winning the event on the proverbial “any given Sunday,” but this was mid-week, Tuesday through Thursday, and Hohmann went undefeated through the field, downing Gorst twice to claim the title.
Hohmann didn’t back into the title with a series of easy draws and just luck out. He faced the ‘meat’ of that entrant list and in spite of being occasionally off-stride in the early going of several matches, hung in to win it all, including a breathtaking comeback in an “all you could ask for” final match.
Hohmann did have something of an easy time in his opening match against local talent Elvis Rodriguez, but a shutout over him led to a nail-biting, double hill match against “Fireball” Mike Dechaine, which Hohmann won and followed with a 9-6 win over Venezuela’s Jalal Yousef. He then downed Greece’s Alex Kazakis 9-3 to draw Dennis Orcollo in a winners’ side semifinal; Orcollo having just sent Van Boening to the loss side 9-6.
Gorst’s path went through Chris Melling 9-3, local talents Michael Badstseubner and Zion Zvi, both 9-4, before arriving at a winners’ side quarterfinal match against Polish 18-year-old Wiktor Zielinski, the youngest player to ever win a Euro Tour event (the 2017 Treviso Open). Zielinski battled him to double hill before giving way and allowing Gorst to advance to his winners’ side semifinal match against Jeremy Sossei.
Hohmann and Orcollo locked up into a somewhat predictable double hill match that eventually sent Hohmann to the hot seat match. He was joined by Gorst, who’d sent Sossei to the loss side 9-6. Gorst took the opening rack of the hot seat match, but he and Hohmann battled back and forth to a 5-5 tie, before Hohmann broke out to win the next four and claim the hot seat. He waited in it to see how the youngster fared against Van Boening in the semifinals.
After his defeat at the hands of Orcollo in the winners’ side quarterfinal, Van Boening moved over and ran right into Mike Dechaine, who was working on a four-match, loss-side winning streak that was about to end and had included, most recently, a 9-3 win that took James Aranas out of the picture. Van Boening ended Dechaine’s streak 9-7 and then, in a double hill fight, ended Alex Kazakis’ brief loss-side run to draw Sossei. Orcollo drew the youngster, Zielinski, who, following his defeat at the hands of Gorst had picked up loss-side wins over Hsu Jui-An 9-4 and much (one would assume) to the surprise of Jayson Shaw, defeated him double hill to face Orcollo.
Van Boening and Sossei fought to double hill before Van Boening prevailed and advanced to the quarterfinals. Orcollo earned the rematch by prevailing 9-5 over the youngster Zielinski, whose performance and finish in this event is bound to increase his spectator popularity in events ahead.  Van Boening was picking up speed as he approached the finish line and eliminated Orcollo 9-3 in the quarterfinals.
It was clear from the outset that the much-younger Gorst was going to give Van Boening all he could handle in the semifinals that followed. It was something of a cautionary tale for Van Boening, as he prepares for the Mosconi Cup next month, as he went down to defeat against Gorst 9-7.
As had been happening, more or less throughout the tournament, Hohmann got off to a bit of a bad start in the finals; a five-rack bad start at the end of which he had failed to chalk up so much as one. But then, as though someone had flipped a switch, Hohmann settled in to win the next five racks. Gorst slipped a rack in to make it 6-5, before Hohmann came back to win two and take his first lead at 7-6.
Hohmann missed a chance to go ahead by two, rattling a 9-ball in a corner pocket and allowing Gorst to tie things up at 7-7. They traded racks to an 8-8 tie before Gorst chalked up rack 17. It was a critical juncture in the match, as Gorst got out in front by a first, second and then, a third, and a fourth rack to put himself on the hill at 12-8 for extending the race to 15 games.
Hohmann came back with some extraordinary shooting in the 21st rack to chalk up his 9th (12-9); the crowd reaction (including comments from the booth in the live stream broadcast) was muted, as though they were encouraging someone who’s doing their best in a losing battle. Gorst moved on and over the course of the next two racks, made two critical unforced errors, which Hohmann took full advantage of to pull within one at 12-11.
And suddenly, it was 12-12, and calm as you please, Hohmann chalked up the win in the final rack and claimed the 7th Steinway Classic title.
Silent Assassin Production’s Tony Robles (who competed, was sent to the loss side by Roland Garcia and eliminated by Tyler Styer) thanked Manny Stamatakis and his Steinway Billiards staff for their hospitality, as well as the event’s official director, John Leyman. He extended thanks, as well, to the usual members of his own staff, including his own “lovely wife, Gail,” and Irene Kim. He also acknowledged the work of UpstateAL and his broadcast crew for their streaming coverage of the event throughout the three days, the photograph work of Ernest Dionisio and thanked title sponsor Predator Cues, Ozone Billiards,, The DeVito Team,, Capelle (, AZBilliards, Pool & Billiard Magazine and Billiards Digest.
The next event, to be held under the auspices of Robles’ Silent Assassin Productions, scheduled to begin today (Saturday, Oct. 19) and continue through tomorrow will be the 6th Annual NYC 8-Ball Championships, sponsored by Dr. Michael Fedak and hosted by Steinway Billiards. The Predator Pro Am Tour will return to Steinway the following weekend (Oct. 26-27).

Kazakis wins Klagenfurt Open and Makes Mosconi Cup Team 2019

Alex Kazakis

Alexander Kazakis (GRE) just won the Dynamic Billard Klagenfurt Open 2019 with an impressive 9:8 victory over Marc Bijsterbosch (NED).
Bijsterbosch had already two 9:8 victories to survive today to make it to the final match so he was actually on a marathon. His opponent Kazakis had wind underneath his wings since making the final match meant his nomination to this year’s Mosconi Cup Team. The final match was packed with drama and excitement and was as thrilling as it could have been.
Kazakis opened the final match with a powerful break. He had 3 balls down and a perfect layout. Being in the top form that he has shown throughout the tournament, especially having the Mosconi Cup Team nomination in his pocket by making this final, Kazakis started and seemed to be unstoppable. He cleared the table quickly and got to a 1:0 lead over his Dutch opponent. Bijsterbosch however did not seem to be too impressed and returned the table to Kazakis after having run a rack himself, tying the match at 1:1. Rack three displayed again 3 balls down for Kazakis. He really had a perfect break in the early stage of the final match. Another clearance followed for a 2:1 lead for Kazakis. In rack four, Bijsterbosch had 2 balls down but a very long shot on the 2-ball and came up with a safety attempt. He left a tough shot for Kazakis who had to execute a jump shot. The outcome was lucky for the Greek since he left no clear shot for Bijsterbosch. However, Bijsterbosch fired a one bank shot in and ran the rack to get to 2:2 including a fluke shot on the 8-ball. The quality of the final match was unbelievably high. The first mistake happened in rack #5 when Kazakis lost the cue ball on the break shot and scratched. That brought Bijsterbosch to the table with ball in hand. He cleared the rack and got to a 3:2 lead with his own break shot coming up next. At that stage, the odds were in favour of Bijsterbosch winning the match. But Kazakis hung in there and managed to get back to a one-rack-lead himself at 5:4. Rack #10 was fiercely fought over. Kazakis stood tall and for the first time in the match got to a 2-rack lead at 6:4. He has won 4 consecutive racks which left an impression on Bijsterbosch. Race #11 saw again Kazakis performing a break shot. But this time he only had 1 ball down and 1 ball crossing the head string which meant the break shot was illegal. It brought Bijsterbosch to the table who consequently ran the table and added another point to his score. The next rack was a break and run for Bijsterbosch which tied the match once more at 6:6. Once more, the tide turned in the match and Bijsterbosch also won rack #13 to get to 7:6 over Kazakis. The match heated up with both players wanting the victory very much. Bijsterbosch’s break shot in the next rack was not ideal. He had a ball down but no shot on the lowest numbered ball. He somehow managed to solve the situation and again ran the whole rack, getting on the hill with 8:6. The pressure was on Kazakis whose break shot was up in the next rack. He played well until the 6-ball where he fell out of position. Kazakis attempted a jump shot but he did not pocket the 6-ball. A safety duel followed with Kazakis coming out as the winner. The Greek once more used his chance and got to 7:8. Rack #16 was again determined by safety play in the beginning. None of the two wanted to commit any mistake and they both played rather defensive. Kazakis replied a push out from Bijsterbosch with a good safety and gained control in the rack. This gave him the upper hand and he won the rack to tie the match at 8:8. At hill-hill, everything is possible. Kazakis had the deciding break shot and he had a great break in rack 17. Two balls were down and he had a good layout in front of him. He fell out of position for the 3-ball but came up with a great safety. Bijsterbosch had no answer for it and Kazakis capitalised, making the balls and winning the match and the tournament with 9:8. „A miracle happened today“ said Kazakis after the award ceremony, „I was trying really hard to get in the Mosconi Team the whole year. It could not have gone any better for me, winning also this tournament to make the team“.
Top Eight Finishers
1. Alexander Kazakis GRE
2. Marc Bijsterbosch NED
3. Denis Grabe EST
    Mats Schjetne NOR
5. Joshua Filler GER
    Miguel Silva POR
    Wiktor Zielinski POL
    Fedor Gorst RUS
That concludes the coverage of the Dynamic Billard Klagenfurt Open 2019. We will be back with more Euro-Tour action from Antalya, Turkey, in November 2019.
The Dynamic Billard Klagenfurt Open were played in the Sportpark Klagenfurt Arena in Klagenfurt, Austria, on up to 20 tables which were all streamed LIVE throughout the whole event. In order to be able to follow all the action LIVE, premium membership can be obtained at Once a premium membership is held, all events for the respective period of time can be viewed LIVE. Additionally, a huge video gallery is contained in the website.
The event was hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or visit us on Facebook for regular news clips or contact our press office

Bad night for Austrian Team at Klagenfurt Open

Clockwise: Kazakis, Kaci, Filler and Dudanets

In the round of the last 32 players single elimination of the Dynamic Billard Klagenfurt Open 2019, all remaining three Austrian players have been eliminated,
Albin Ouschan (AUT) was up against young Wiktor Zielinski (POL). The Polish youth player has demonstrated last year when he won the Euro-Tour in Treviso, Italy, how strong he can perform. That also happened tonight. he succeeded in playing his A-game, using his chances and keeping Ouschan always at a distance. After 2:2, Zielinski dominated the match and did not allow Ouschan to get back into it. He made no mistakes while the Austrian struggled and could not find a recipe to break Zielinski’s run. 9:6 was the clear result in favour of Zielinski which leaves a 17th rank finish for Ouschan.
Ouschan’s teammates Mario He and Max Lechner had even worse experiences in the same round. Both of them lost with 1:9. Mario He fell against Eklent Kaci (ALB) while Lechner was overpowered by Ruslan Chinakhov. Having three top class players in the round of the last 32 players with all of them losing more or less clearly is definitely not the result that the Austrian organiser would have wished to see at the end of this day.
Loser’s Round 2
The day started with most matches displaying „business as usual“. Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS) seemed to be back on track and eliminated Adam Stankiewicz (POL) 9:4. Wiktor Zielinski (POL) handed a doughnut to Marco Schmitt (GER) winning his match 9:0. The first small upset was provided by Pierfrancesco Garzia (ITA) when he ousted teammate Fabio Petroni (ITA) surprisingly with 9:5. Another interesting result was Marcus Chamat (SWE), the captain of the European Mosconi Cup Team, winning with 9:5 over Imran Majid (GBR). The next round however brought a huge surprise. Ralf Souquet (GER), multiple World, European and Euro-Tour Champion, was kicked out by Michael Huetter (AUT), local player from Austria. That exit came completely unexpected for Souquet and does also not help him to advance in the rankings. While Souquet was out, other high profile players on the loser’s side such as Tomasz Kaplan (POL), Thorsten Hohmann (GER) and Darren Appleton (GBR) continued their quest through the loser’s rounds.
Loser’s Round 3
The next capital casualties were recorded in loser’s round 3. Thorsten Hohmann fell to the sharp blade of Alex Montpellier (FRA) with 7:9. The same round saw Pijus Labutis (LTU) fall to Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE) with 0:9. Francesco Candela (ITA), dark horse from Italy ended Darren Appleton’s journey here at the Dynamic Billard Klagenfurt Open 2019 with an impressive 9:7 victory over the former World Games Gold Medallist.
Loser’s Round 4
This round saw the end of Europe’s Mosconi Cup captain Marcus „Napoleon“ Chamat (SWE) who was defeated by Konstantinos Koukiadakis (GRE) with 9:8. Karol Skowerski (POL) took down „The Terminator“ Niels Feijen (NED) with 9:6 in the same round.
Last 16 players single elimination
Joshua Filler GER v Oliver Szolnoki HUN
Wojciech Szewczyk POL v Marc Bijsterbosch NED
Miguel Silva POR v Mark Gray GBR
Maksim Dudanets RUS v Denis Grabe EST
Sanjin Pehlivanovic BIH v Wiktor Zielinski POL
Damianos Giallourakis GRE v Mats Schjetne NOR
Ruslan Chinakhov RUS v Fedor Gorst RUS
Alexander Kazakis GRE v Eklent Kaci ALB
Tomorrow, the Dynamic Billard Klagenfurt Open 2019 will continue at 10:00 CET with matches from the round of the last 16 players single elimination. The final match is scheduled for 18:00 local time.
Every day, up to two matches will be streamed LIVE over the EPBF Facebook page and on the EPBF YouTube channel. Check for updates and announcements.
The Dynamic Billard Klagenfurt Open are played in the Sportpark Klagenfurt Arena in Klagenfurt, Austria, on up to 20 tables which are all streamed LIVE throughout the whole event. In order to be able to follow all the action LIVE, premium membership can be obtained at Once a premium membership is held, all events for the respective period of time can be viewed LIVE. Additionally, a huge video gallery is contained in the website.
The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or visit us on Facebook for regular news clips or contact our press office

Europe Announces 2019 Atlantic Challenge Cup Team

The European Pocket Billiard Federation today announced its team to face the Americans during this year’s staging of the Atlantic Challenge Cup taking place 28th to 30th November 2019 in Treviso Italy at the BHR Premier Best Western hotel.  
The European team this year consists of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Sanjin Pehlivanovic, Netherlands Jan Van Lierop, Poland’s Wiktor Zielinski, and making up the final boys spot this year is Germany’s Christian Froehlich. On the girls’ side representing Europe this year are Sweden’s My Nguyen and the Ukraine’s Darya Siranchuk. The European players are selected on their results at the European and World championships along with the highest ranked U19 player on the professional men’s Eurotour. Jan van Lierop received his spot on the team through the Eurotour rankings while the other five team members won at least one gold medal at the European Championships in 2018 to make the team.
After last year’s win, the EPBF youth sports director Tomas Brikmanis said, “It’s another amazing team that has been assembled for this year’s event in Italy. I am quietly confident of another victory, but I will not let my guard down. I know the Americans are hurting from last year’s result and I am aware of the potential of an upset. My players are as hungry as ever and will be ready when November comes.”
Team USA and both team captains will be announced soon.  
Launched in 2015, the Atlantic Challenge Cup features the best youth players from Europe and America in a Mosconi Cup style event for the U19’s age category. Six players on each team, four boys and two girls, battle it out on an annual basis to see who has bragging rights across the Atlantic. The event is the result of a joint venture between the European Pocket Billiard Federation and the Billiard Congress of America. 
Stay tuned to for continuous updates on the 2019 event.