Taiwan Army: Japan Dark Horse Heroes

Chinese Taipei's Pei Chen "Penny" Tsai is looking to improve on her Silver Medal from last year

Manila, Philippines-  If anyone thought Taiwan has lost any of its touch as one of women's pool dominating forces, you would be seriously mistaken. Out of the 9 players Taiwan started with in the Yalin World Championship group stages, a staggering 8 have qualified through. Taiwan had 3 spots into Stage 2, and sent a small army of 7 Chinese Taipei ladies to the qualifiers in Manila at Star Billiards. 6 of the seven ladies won their tournament to enter the final group stage of the main event. It is an incredible stat when comparing to Europe who sent 9 women into the main stage (not the qualifiers) and only 2 remain.

Twenty four players remain in the event making the halfway cut. The army of Taiwanese women is taking up 1/3 the field left includes : CHOU, Chieh-Yu; TSAI, Pei Chen; YUAN, Chun Lin; L. H. SHAN ; Y. T. CHAN - ; H. Y. TAN -; H. C. LIN ; T. C. WEI 

The Dragon Promotions produced 4th Annual Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship is the most followed women's event of the year. In the host country of the Philippines, it is the biggest female sporting event of the country. The event is supported by Asian table mammoth Yalin Billiards, advanced cue engineer OB Cues, long lasting Championship Tour Edition Cloth, top playing Aramith Balls, and #1 TV network broadcaster ABS-CBN. Star Billiards and Pool & Billiard Magazine are also proud supporters. This year's edition will take place August 20th-24th once again at Robinson's Galleria Mall, which has now become synonymous for creating the dynamic atmosphere of the coveted championship. Robinson's Galleria is connected to the host hotel Crowne Plaza Galleria. With massive media and global networks covering the Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship, it will continue as still the biggest and most watched women's billiard event in the world. 

Japan also hasn't escaped the attention of the event. Though not winning any of the top spots in the group stages, Japan has managed to maintain 3 players into the final cut of the event. Ironically, all three players are qualifier winners with Japan's top Stage 2 women eliminated early in the round robin stage. Kyoko Sone, Kimura Maki, and Akimi Kajitani will carry the Japanese flag into the final stage of the event. Kajitani is the most successful of the women left, a former Bronze finisher in the 2009 World 10-Ball Championship.

As of yet, no Japanese woman has ever won a World Championship in pocket billiards. These three ladies have earned their shot in changing that in the next 48 hours.

This is the biggest women's sporting event of the year in the Philippines, with the host country featuring the best players from Italy, Japan, China, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, India, Iran, Netherlands, Sweden, Venezuela, England, Norway, Taiwan, Austria, and Singapore.

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Results and brackets can be found at www.womensworld10ball.com   

An elite 48 world class pros and international women superstars are fighting it out in Manila. With the one goal in mind: to become the World Champion of 10-Ball.