Talk About Being Late

As I sit here today,Thursday August 25th, 2011, I am frustrated that after three weeks since Shannon and myself posted our press release letting the world know that all is well with the ABP and us, we still do not have the promised press release from the ABP.

It seems to me that a couple of days after our press release they should have gladly put out their own also saying that all is well and that the boycott has been lifted. As a matter of fact, on the ABP website it still says that there is a boycott. How's that for being late? Very late indeed.

My daughter and I worked very hard to come to a resolution with their attorney, Dennis Walsh, and it is very strange to me that nothing has come from them stating anything about the resolution.  I am sure a press release will be coming soon, but again I am not the only one being late. It truly bothers me that they have not done as promised.

We look forward to seeing everyone in 56 days and thank you all for your support.

Best Wishes,
Barry Behrman
Founder and Promoter
U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships.