TAP – Additions to the Family Tree

Little River, SC, Sept. 18, 2009 :  In early 2009, TAP celebrated its 20th year in business.  Over the last several months, marketing efforts have been underway to promote the TAP product, processes and procedures have been reviewed, and the start of implementation of such.  Currently, the focus is on the TAP licensees.  Training programs are being used and developed, an updated manual, business management tools and reports through Pool Net along with support licensee to licensee will offer the TAP Licensee what they need to run a successful TAP operation.

Due to these efforts, TAP is expanding their operations by recruiting new licensees in states they are not available in and in current states, in which, several counties are still available.  

In the past few months, the following new TAP Leagues have opened up their doors of operations and look forward to bringing TAP to the players in their respective territories.
Midlands TAP in South Carolina by Wayne Hopper and Michelle Hammack.
Maine TAP in Maine by Debra Soucey, Patrick Soucey and Garik Thiboutot.
Newfoundland TAP in Canada by Lena West
Fayette County TAP in Pennsylvania by Layna Parenti
Tigerland TAP in Louisiana by Edward Jackson
Southern Tier TAP in New York by Michael McQuade and Denise Patelunas
Motor City TAP in Michigan by Robert and Janice Talford
Skylands TAP in New Jersey by Sherry Kooger

“We have the best product, now we need the best trained licensees to administer it” states owner and founder of TAP, LLC Loyd Schonter.  

Sam Rullo, VP of Sales has been fielding calls and email inquiries to start up new TAP operations.  Rullo who owns and operates Laurel Highlands TAP, has been experiencing his own growth within his operation.  

Celeste and Kristen Schonter, both VP's of the Corporate office provide initial licensee training and day to day support by the corporate office to the TAP Family of Licensees.  

Kelly Senior, VP of Operations, is a point of contact to help navigate the waters until the licensees get acclimated.   Senior owns and operates Keystone TAP and has also been experiencing growth in her operation.  “The product sells itself”, states Senior, “we just have to get it to the players and help our licensees with administration.”

TAP would like to welcome these new licensees and welcome inquiries on how to bring TAP to your area.  Check out our website at www.tapleague.com and view  LEAGUE LOCATOR to see what states/provinces TAP is currently in.  

If you have an interest in starting up a business, in the industry you love, please contact  TAP at 1-800-984-7665 Ext. 2.